Alan Durant publishes his 101st book - Quill Soup


Congratulations to Alan Durant on the publication of his 101st book, ‘Quill Soup’ which has just been published in South Africa in all 11 official languages.

Quill Soup

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Noko, the porcupine, is very hungry. On arriving at a village, he asks the other animals for some food and shelter. But, despite their full bellies, all the animals say they have nothing to spare. Never mind: he’ll just have to make do and cook a pot of soup from the quills off his back – a soup so tasty even the king likes it. Once the villagers hear of his plan they offer just enough ingredients to make a soup worthy of them all…

This African version of Stone Soup celebrates generosity and kindness - and the message that we can all benefit if we share our resources.


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