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Martin Barnabus Noutch

All About Martin

Martin Barnabus Noutch is the author of the Steam Highwayman gamebook series. He uses interactive fiction writing to engage young writers in schools and as a mentor, allowing them to take full control as writer and reader. He is passionate about championing the author inside everyone and has written the teacher’s resource ‘Write Your Own Adventure: Choice-Based Fiction in the Classroom’.

He has a background in teaching, theatre and music and loves to tell stories. He enjoys performing interactive readings that get an audience involved – however old or young. He has written plays for school performances, including ROM 1.0 and Juli E.T: In Love But the Stars Say No! and other adaptations of Shakespeare and is a champion for drama in class.

Martin also writes poetry inspired by the natural world, buildings and history. He enjoys walking, gardening, singing and playing games.

Martin began writing in Primary School and never stopped. He was inspired by his own class teacher, who taught him how to create gamebooks and interactive fiction, as well as by the authors of countless fabulous stories and adventures he has read since then.


Martin’s School Visits

Martin’s school visits can include:

– Whole-school interactive readings (in assembly or longer) with audience in role
– Author in costume
– Writing workshops for historic, adventure, Steampunk and choice-based fiction
– Write Your Own Adventure in as little as an hour, suitable for classes in KS2 and above, producing an entire class-written gamebook that can be themed to your class’s topic or area of study (titles include The Maze of Madness [Ancient Greeks], Escape From Vesuvius! [Romans / Volcanoes], Discover Vinland! [Vikings] and others)
– Planning individual gamebook projects
– Teacher CPD sessions in using Interactive Fiction in the classroom (at additional charge)

Martin’s workshop and writing sessions can accommodate up to 32 children at a time and he can work with multiple classes in a single visit.  A typical workshop lasts 1 hour 45 minutes and will require the school to print some materials.  As an experienced teacher, Martin particularly enjoys tailoring his inspirational and practical sessions to suit  a class’s current area of study.

Example time-table:

9:15 Whole-School Assembly with performed Interactive Reading

9:45 Class Workshop 1 – Creating a whole-class gamebook

11:30 Break

11:45 Time with a writer – questions / interview session / reading from books

12:30 Lunch

1:15 Class Workshop 2 – Creating an individual gamebook

3:00 Finish


Martin’s Books

Steam Highwayman Series

Who is the Steam Highwayman? YOU are the Steam Highwayman! Steam Highwayman is a Steampunk Adventure Gamebook series in which you take on the role of the ruthless and charismatic rogue who terrifies the rich and prosperous with his daring exploits. You will decide how the Steam Highwayman is remembered: a Robin Hood for the Steampunk age, a feared criminal or a revolutionary!


Write Your Own Adventure: Choice-Based Fiction in Schools


Write Your Own Adventure: Choice-Based Fiction in Schools is a complete teacher’s resource to equip the class teacher to use choice-based fiction writing to engage and challenge their students.  Containing plans, photocopiable resources and an entire customisable class gamebook, it will set your class off on an adventure of authorship that will never end!




Steam Highwayman: Smog and Ambuscade – Critics’ Reviews

” a never-ending adventure”, “impressive”, “grand open-world adventuring”
“You need to get your hands on Steam Highwayman”Jonathan Green
“Top-notch work “David Morris
“An eminently explorable world”Paul Gresty


Steam Highwayman:Smog and Ambuscade – Amazon Reviews

“We love this book. Both my sons (age 12 and 8) have been enthralled by this. Wonderful storylines, expertly crafted to lead you on new adventures with an array of possibilities.” – T

“A great example of modern interactive fiction, set in a unique and exotic steampunk world. There’s tons to explore, and the excellent writing will draw you into reading for hours. Whether you’re a fan of gamebooks of old, or just appreciate an evocative open-world adventure, don’t miss this one.” – Michael

To Make a Booking

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Martin Noutch