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Kev Payne

Kev is an author, illustrator, poet and primary school teacher. He was inspired to become a writer through his own teachers at school who gave him a real love of learning, reading and writing. As a teacher for 17 years, Kev can offer schools a range of workshops that he knows can be linked to objectives in school and how to present them. Kev is happy with any age group from KS1 to KS2. Kev is based in Devon but willing to travel anywhere!

Kev has illustrated several books and his clients include The Guardian, The Science Museum, Virgin Atlantic, Igloo Books, Parragon and Maverick to name a few. Kev has also exhibited in Exeter Museum and as part of Arts Week Exeter.

Kev’s own non-fiction picture book ‘B is for Blobfish’ is being published by Stan Lee’s Kids Universe. Combining education with writing and illustration is a real passion and Kev got the idea for writing the book when planning a Science lesson!

A man of many talents, Kev is also a ukulele player, town crier and Punch and Judy professor so can offer schools a wide range of opportunities. Kev come with bags of energy, ideas and love to help bring learning to life!

Schools Visits

Workshops Kev can offer include:

  • poetry performance and poetry writing workshops, talking through rhythm and patterns of poetry, how to generate ideas for poems and using children’s own experiences as a basis for writing.
  • non-fiction writing based on animals and Kev’s book ‘B is for Blobfish’. How to take notes, skim reading and formal language to create their own class book.
  • illustrators workshops, taking the children through the process of receiving a brief right through to a finished product. How to draw in simple steps!
  • Victorians – the role of the town crier and Punch and Judy puppet show, puppet making and performance

A visit would normally consist of a whole-school interactive assembly for 30/40 minutes to get the children buzzing followed by 3 or 4 class workshops lasting between 45 minutes to an hour. Kev is also happy to take Gifted & Talented groups as part of this.


Kev’s Books

Think you know your A, B, C?

Take a unique journey around the animal kingdom meeting creatures that are often overlooked and under-loved.

Which animal likes to take sand baths?

Which has a pot belly to help digest leaves?

Which creature has tentacles for a nose?

Find out the answers to these, and more, in ‘B is for Blobfish’ written and illustrated by Kev Payne



Have you ever covered a baby in ketchup?

Have you had to sit on the naughty step?

Have you got a magic bike?

Have you ever swallowed a fly?!

Poet, illustrator and teacher, Kev Payne, has. Join him as he presents a collection of over 50 poems about sausages, school, science, balloons, long car journeys and exactly what teachers are thinking when they are stood up at the front.

“Sock it to me is a laugh-out-loud extravaganza of poetry for children!

Kev Payne has created a book which is funny, exciting and endlessly entertaining. Kids will love the humourous slices of school life (Assembly Shanty), the toe-curlingly embarrassing tales (Wrong Identity) and the delightfully rhythmic rhymes (Can’t Catch Me, Secretly Wild). Teachers and parent too will enjoy the brilliantly playful reflections on education (Apostrophe Catastrophe, On A Mat Up ‘Ere).

All beautifully accompanied by his hilarious illustrations, Kev Payne’s first collection rivals poetry luminaries such as Michael Rosen, Alan Ahlberg and Roald Dahl. Grab your own copy now!”

Dan Metcalf, Author of Codebusters, The Lottie Lipton Adventures, Jamie Jones and Dino Wars.


This is a video of Kev performing his poem ‘Benches’

“A poem for any child who will be leaving primary school. I’ve been a primary school teacher for 17 years and will soon be leaving the profession. This is one way I intend on saying goodbye.” – Kev Payne on the inspiration for Benches.


Recommendations & Reviews

“An inspirational fun day had by all involved. The children were enthralled to have a real author visit the school and pupils were captured by his funny well-drawn illustrations. They particularly enjoyed the quiz in assembly and loved learning about animals they had not heard of before.

Kev brought learning to life by sharing his journey with us. We look forward to inviting him along to run creative writing workshops as this was well received.”

S.Chauhan, Deputy Headteacher, North Tawton Primary School


“Kev Payne ticks all the boxes when it comes to an author visit. He is a true wordsmith, a talented illustrator, an IT wizard and an experienced teacher. He is an excellent communicator and is in his element interacting with a hall full of children. A visit from him is guaranteed to enthuse and inspire both reading and writing opportunities in your school.”

Kate McKeon (Year 6 Teacher and Reading Coordinator, Landscore Primary)


“We were lucky to get Kev in for World Book Day. His quirky, engaging illustrations and subject matter really captivated our children. I plan to get him back to run some workshops for us and hope he’ll oblige when he’s rich and famous!”

Gary Read, Executive Headteacher, Whipton Barton Federation


What a way to end teaching and start a career as a visiting author!

To Make a Booking

To make an enquiry about Kev Payne, or any of the other authors, poets & illustrators listed on this website, please phone Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at

Kev Payne