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Kate Williams

Kate is a children’s poet based in Cardiff, Wales. She has contributed to numerous children’s poetry anthologies, as well as to national curriculum material.

Her poetry zooms up close to all sorts of subjects from all sorts of angles, through a rainbow of tones and moods and often with underlying humour too. Her aim is to set minds ticking and imaginations roaming, while ensuring that her poems are accessible and meaningful to youngsters. She employs rhyme, rhythm, riddles and wordplay, as well as colourful, vivid imagery, to draw in her readers and share with them the fun and fascination of poetry.

Kate is keen to lift poetry off the page at every opportunity, with the help of art, music, movement and drama and encourages this approach in her workshops. She was involved heavily in an innovative project, in which school children prepared a bonanza of poems with which to festoon Caerphilly Castle, as part of the Arts Olympics celebrations in 2012.

Kate has provided nearly 2,000 workshops for children of all ages and abilities and is a tutor for the Able Writers’ scheme.

Kate’s School Visits

Kate provides poetry workshops for schools across England and Wales. She works with children between the ages of 3 and 13 (ish), her aims being to fire imagination, inspire ideas, stretch language skills and spur creative writing. Her sessions focus on expressive, rich, imaginative language, as well as poetic techniques.

Input stage: Kate uses pictures, props, discussion, word challenges, physical movement and accompanying poems in her 30 minute preparatory inputs, plus acting-out and a song with ukulele for KS1, after which children are geared up ready to write.

Writing stage: Kate provides her own tailored, graded and illustrated poetry frames as starting points from which children can take off. During the writing stage every child is given individual guidance and encouragement and the session ends with a celebratory reading-out event in which each member of the group receives a congratulatory comment. If time permits, Kate rounds off with a class word-game.

Timetable: Kate normally provides four class-size sessions in a day, though this is flexible. Group sizes are also adaptable, with options of double classes in the hall at junior level, or 30 min input-only sessions for infants with follow-on sheets for teachers, if required.

Kate’s Books

Kate’s poems feature in a range of children’s anthologies by national and international publishers such as Macmillan, Oxford University Press and A & C Black. Her poetry has also been included in National Curriculum material. She is a regular contributor to Australia’s The School Magazine, also writing for the USA’s Cricket Media Children’s Magazines and other publications for children.


Kate is offering schools copies of four new poetry anthologies to which she has contributed. Price at her events: £7 – £10 each. Here are two of them:



Poems about Families – chosen by Brian Moses, Wayland, hardback, colour-illustrated – Contributor.

£10 Kate’s events. (Retail price £12.99)



Poems about the Seaside – chosen by Brian Moses, Wayland, paperback, colour-illustrated – Contributor.

£7 at Kate’s events. (Retail price £8.99)

Samples of Kate’s Poetry

What are families for?

For giving, for caring,
for lending and sharing,
for pass-me-down-wearing,
families are for.

For telling, for hearing,
for clapping and cheering –
and sometimes oh-dearing!
That’s what they’re for.

For pulling together,
come fair or foul weather.

Yes, that’s what they’re for –
and more!
Published in Poems about Families, chosen by Brian Moses, Wayland Press. 2017. (Book available at events.)

If Feelings were Flavours

Anger would be burning curry,
sizzling with hot spice.

Calm contentment would be sweet –
fudge and all things nice.

Sorrow would be sharp and sour,
fear – cold as ice,
worry – tepid,
horror – putrid,
boredom – bland as rice.

And happiness?
That’s so delicious,
you could eat it twice!

Published in Poems about Emotions, chosen by Brian Moses, Wayland Press. 2017. (Book available at events.)

Recommendations & Reviews

“Thank you again for doing the poetry workshops with our children. They loved it! Your workshops were fun, interactive, inspirational and differentiated for the different age groups.”  – Head of English, Cameron House School, Chelsea

“Just another thank you. You inspired and developed our children today.” – St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary School, Swansea.

“Thank you so much for your brilliant sessions! All of the children are still talking about it and using the words from their sea song… It was fantastic!” – Leagrave Primary School, Luton.

“The lesson was very exciting. I liked it when we got to write about the jungle. I would really like to do it again.” Simeon, Ysgol Pont Sion Norton, Pontypridd.

“These poems move quickly down the page like animals might, unleashing rhymes and rhythms everywhere.” – Ian McMillan (poet, broadcaster, journalist and playwright)

“Kate Williams finds a subject, gives it a twist and hey presto, that little bit of magic a poem needs is conjured up.” – Brian Moses (poet)

To Make a Booking

To make an enquiry about Kate Williams, or any of the other authors, poets & illustrators listed on this website, please phone Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at


Kate Williams
'Kate empowers the children from Reception to Year 6, bringing out the best, most adventurous vocabulary.'

Malmesbury Primary School, Wiltshire.