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How does the Caboodle model work?

  • Authors contact us and explain their frustration in getting their books published
  • Authors/poets send draft copy of their books to Caboodle Books – usually in the form of a word document
  • We read the books and if we like them we discuss publishing terms with the author
  • All costs involved with publishing the books are split 50/50 with the author and Caboodle Books – i.e. editing (if required), proof reading, typesetting, finding an illustrator to design the front cover and any inside illustrations (usually black and white) and finally the printing costs
  • We tend to do an initial print run of 2000 to 3000 books – costs to be discussed and agreed between author and Caboodle Books prior to printing
  • The author has full involvement in the publishing process throughout
  • All costs are split 50/50 and then when books are sold the profit is split 50/50
  • The author retains full control of his/her book and can walk away at any time if they wish to do so
  • Books are distributed throughout the UK with all the mainstream wholesalers – Gardners, Bertrams, Peters etc and others. We also have the facility to sell your books through our online book shop
  • The unique selling point however is that because Caboodle Books, through the parent company Authors Abroad, has a vast network of school contacts and can therefore place authors in schools on a regular basis which allows a direct route to market and guaranteed book sales. Initial outlay is quickly recuperated and authors are able to generate a steady and reliable source of income. No other company is able to offer this kind of service and dedicate sufficient manpower to implement this programme in schools

Over the past two years we have been approached by more and more authors who see this kind of partnership as a win-win situation

At the moment we are looking to expand Caboodle Books in order to highlight the kind of service we are able to offer authors – we currently work with approximately 30 authors and poets

Please contact Caboodle Books 01535 656015 if you would like to discuss this is more detail. We would also be delighted to put you in touch with other authors/poets who have used our services to hear what they have to say