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Caboodle Books

This is the home page for Caboodle Books.

Caboodle Books is the imprint name for the publishing side of our company.

About eight years ago when I first established Authors Abroad I was working with one just one author who was assigned to a major publishing company (they shall remain nameless). He was very successful in selling lots of books and he was booked in to schools almost every day of the week throughout the year. We found however that the publisher was doing very little to promote the books and was ‘cashing in’ on all the hard work we were doing. Eventually we decided to pay back all advances and copyrights etc to the publisher and take full control ourselves. We published the book under Caboodle Books- it was the best thing we ever did.

Since that day I have been approached by numerous authors telling me a similar story of dissatisfaction and disillusionment with the main stream publishers and how poorly they have been treated. I hasten to add that all not publishers are so heartless but there are far too many who are. Authors have come to Authors Abroad (Caboodle Books imprint) telling me they have books that have gone out of print despite still being popular in schools; the publishers weren’t interested and they had already moved on to the next ‘best seller’ – or authors who have tried and tried to get their books published but no one was interested – or authors and poets who have told me they feel they have lost control and ownership of their books to the publishers etc.

At Caboodle Books we have developed a 50/50 partnership with authors, poets, illustrators etc to bring their books to the market.

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