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What Schools Say

‘I promised the kids that I would email you and let you know how fantastic their poems turned out. They have all written ‘Chris White’ style … the results are amazing. One parent (whose kid is a reluctant writer) came to tell me that her son was up until midnight writing poetry. She saw it as minor miracle and you as a miracle worker. We are now making all their poems into a book and we will send you a copy ASAP. Thanks for cheering up two whole dreary days. We feel soooooooo lucky to have had you with us…..although it was much too short. I told the kids that their (well your) poem brought tears to your eyes….at this point, two of my girls began to cry!!! They all felt very, very proud.
We hope to see you again one day….and until then we will continue to write goofy, nutty and deliciously funny poems. Take care now!’ – Sharon Stefanski, Munich International School

‘In a nutshell- Alan is a legend. The works shops were golden hits and the children and teachers are asking when he is coming back. I am eternally grateful for sending him to us.’ – Colin Joseph, Bangalore International School

‘Ciaran was wonderful, amazing and  incredibly entertaining. His delightful personality shone through even though he had a huge delay in Hong Kong airport and had hardly any sleep for two nights. The students and staff alike thoroughly enjoyed their time with him. I had so many positive comments from the children and the adults who attended his workshops. He gave good strategies for writing stories and inspired the students to take notes for future reference. So a big thank you to you for sending him to us!’

Overseas Visit Mural

Above is a mural by children who worked with illustrator and author Karin Littlewood when she visited Tanglin College in Singapore

Overseas Visit