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Authors Abroad: Overseas Visits

Authors Abroad now works with over 800 of the world’s leading international schools in more than 65 countries from Moscow to Malawi and Bangalore to Bangkok. It has been an amazing journey to build up such a fantastic network of schools and to be able to offer the authors and poets we work with the opportunity to travel to some amazing places.

Authors Abroad is now the leading company in the world providing bespoke author visits for international schools. Planning such a tour can be very complicated – visas need arranging, flights and accommodation need booking and finally books need shipping and local customs and import licences need complying with. It is also vitally important to be aware of different cultural sensitivities and local customs.

To book an overseas visit by a school librarian is a huge task and there are many things that can go wrong – it is our aim at Authors Abroad to take as much stress out of the process as possible. On top of that we also need to ensure that the person we provide is going to do a fantastic job for the hosting school.

Stephen Davies at Solmaid Community School in Dhaka