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Tom Avery
Tom Avery

All About Tom Avery

Tom Avery was born and raised in London in a very large, very loud family, descendants of the notorious pirate, Henry Avery. He worked with children as a teacher in inner city schools in London and Birmingham. He now writes children’s books for children and young adults.

In 2010, Tom’s debut novel, Too Much Trouble, won the Diverse Voices Book Award. My Brother’s Shadow, published in January 2014 by Andersen Press was nominated for the 2015 Carnegie Medal. Tom’s fourth book, Not As We Know It, was released in March 2015 and is due to be translated and published in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.

As an author and ex-teacher, Tom is passionate about sharing his love of reading and writing with young people. As well as talking about his books and his own journey into writing, Tom’s visits inspire children to think of themselves as writers and foster a joy of words.

Tom lives in Amsterdam with his wife and two young sons. They have always been his main inspiration in writing. Tom’s wife, Chloe, is an illustrator and designer.

Tom Avery’s School Visits

Tom likes to tailor his visits to the needs of the pupils he is working with and the requests of teachers and schools. As well as his ‘standard’ author visits day, as outlined below, Tom has led writing workshops in schools with a range of purposes from producing a book of WWI inspired poetry with a year 6 group to creating a Google Map, telling stories of their local area with two year 4 classes.

A standard visit would often be split into an assembly with the whole school or any other sized group, lasting from 30-60 minutes and 2-4 workshops of an hour or more, often with a class or similar sized group.

As part of an assembly Tom likes to talk about:

 What an author is and who he is

 Why an author writes, comprising some of his own story into writing

 What an author does, including some insight into how Tom gathers ideas and goes about turning them into books

Through workshops, Tom introduces children to different elements of the writer’s craft such as:

  • Where ideas come from. Children finish the session with a clutch of ideas to write their own story.
  • Story structure and planning. A detailed insight into Tom’s planning techniques. The outcome of the session is a plan for a shared story.
  • Descriptive and poetic writing techniques. Filled with passages from Tom’s books, children refine their writing to produce a piece of prose to be proud of. (Suited to years five and above.)
  • Finding a voice. Ideas and methods of how to write in character. Children develop their own character and voice in which to write.

Tom’s Books

not as we know it

Not As We Know It

Jamie and Ned are twins. They do everything together: riding their bikes, beachcombing outside their house, watching their favourite episodes of Star Trek.

But Ned is sick, and one day, he may leave Jamie behind. When they discover a strange creature on the beach, Ned wants one more adventure and decides to keep him secretly in their garage. But Jamie begins to hope that the creature might bring some miracle, and stop his brother from going where he can no longer follow.

Beautifully illustrated throughout by Kate Grove.

my brother's shadow

My Brother’s Shadow


My name is Kaia. I’m frozen because of what happened. I’m trapped because of what I saw.

Kaia is frozen when her brother dies, but can an unexpected friend help her to grow again?

Beautifully illustrated throughout by Kate Grove.

too much trouble

Too Much Trouble



“Get out, Emmanuel!” growled my uncle.

“Take your brother and go.”

But where can two boys go when they’re on their own, on the run, with little money or food? All 12-year-old Emmanuel knows is that he has to look after Prince. They were his father’s last words to him.

On the train to London, Em and Prince have no idea where they will end up – but then they meet the mysterious Mr Green and his “friends”. And that’s when things start to spin out of control.

Reviews and Recommendations

“This prize-winning story will grab readers’ attention from the opening moments and hold them spell-bound from then on.” –  Julia Eccleshare at Love Reading for Kids

“(Too Much Trouble) will have its readers hooked right from the explosive introduction . . . a knuckle-biting journey of a read.” –  Paper Tigers

“Unspoken menace stalks almost every chapter of this book.” – English 4-11

To Make a Booking

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