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Tim Burgess
Tim Burgess

All About Tim Burgess

Tim is married to Maggie who is also a teacher. He is a father of four grown up children who he will go on and on about given half the chance. He is a lifelong Liverpool fan and a keen Christian and thinks that religion and football have a lot in common. Although he has lived in Guildford all his life he loves the Lake District and the great outdoors. He has a little dog called Troy who is old and grey like him.

Tim’s School Visits

Poetry Man – An unforgettable poetry writing day for junior aged children (7-11) with an experienced and slightly eccentric Headteacher whose alter ego is Poetry Man…

Tim Burgess is a Performance Poet who will start the day with a whole school assembly sharing some of his poems and techniques. He will then work with a selected group of children writing poems to perform in a final gathering at the end of the day. The children will be exposed to a wide range of poems and write their own together and individually. They will be encouraged to play with words and look at life from different perspectives to create and perform poems to make us laugh, think and wonder. Poetry Man’s performance poetry is different. He sets fire to his poems or performs his poems in a bucket of ice or uses a snail to help slow him down or just hits himself with a large inflatable mallet! Poetry Man is Tim Burgess or is it the other way round? You see that’s the amazing thing about a poetry writing day with Tim you are never quite sure which way round it is. Is it a fun filled day playing with words or is it a word filled day playing with fun? It could even be a day filled with fun words playing! That is the exciting thing about a day of poetry with Poetry Man; no two days are ever the same because words have a life of their own and poetry is personal. Tim believes we are all poets and Poetry Man has the power to unlock the poet in the person.

Poetry Man believes that poetry is the perfect way in to writing and self expression for everyone. For many children it is the catalyst that inspires them to become poets themselves. Tim’s poems are funny and deep and always enthral the children. He uses a range of stimuli and methods to motivate and engage the children and provides a variety of frameworks that help them to find their voice. As a teacher of 35 years and headteacher for seven, Tim has the skills and passion to ensure every child succeeds and ends the day with something to be really proud of.

A poetry day with Poetry Man will turn you into a Poetry Hero yourself!

Tim’s poetry hero is John Hegley and he has published a book of poems about heroes in the style of John Hegley which is available to buy on the day priced £5.

An example of one of his Hero poems – attempted while juggling a football (badly)…

Becks don’t wear specks
David never hid
Like I did
Behind double glazing
At school
He was cool guys
Not four eyes like I was
Cos Beckham he didn’t wear ‘em
He makes his perfect passes
Without the aid of glasses
His penalty precision
Needs no extra vision decision
And his free kicks bends
Without the aid of a lens
Cos Becks don’t wear specks
Like me
He just wears Armani

To Make a Booking

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