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Terry Caffrey
Terry Caffrey

All About Terry Caffrey

“Terry is brilliant to work with. The children love him and his fun and his expertise knows no boundaries.” Steve Pickett, Head of Halle Orchestra Education

Terry Caffrey is an extremely talented performance poet. He is poet in residence at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester and the Citadel Theatre in St Helens. Terry has worked in over 4,500 schools, libraries, prisons and festivals throughout the UK and numerous schools overseas.

Terry was commissioned to write by the Roald Dahl Foundation and had the lyrics to one of his songs (originally a poem) chosen to be one of the official children’s songs for the 2012 Olympics. He was the North West’s first ‘author/reading champion’ and regularly works with the Halle Orchestra in Manchester and Manchester City FC.

His workshops appeal to children and adults of all ages and abilities. Terry is fantastic when it comes to stretching the more able/gifted and talented children/students but is equally as comfortable working with the more reluctant readers. He can really relate to these more reluctant students and those who question the reason for certain types of work in school because he was in the same position as a boy. Sports driven, following his father’s footsteps into the world of professional football. This dream was destroyed by a badly broken leg so Terry spent several years trying to find the right career path in life before realising poetry was something he loved and wanted to pass on to the younger generations.

Terry’s School Visits

Terry is totally flexible when it comes to school visits. His presentations are aimed at large groups and his writing workshops work best with class sized groups but he does work with groups of up to 40 if required. The only small request is that the writing workshops last for at least 45 minutes so the children/students gain as much as possible from the time with him. Terry works with every age group from nursery children through to adults. He’ll encourage the students to put their ideas down ‘before they escape’. Then he’ll make the students feel proud about creating something that is uniquely theirs and didn’t exist until they put words on the page. Terry encourages follow-up work after his visits so that schools can build on the legacy of writing frames, methods and ideas that he leaves behind wherever he goes.

Terry makes contact with every school prior to his visit to chat to the person organising the day and tailors the day to meet the needs of the school. If you have a particular theme or topic, Terry will almost definitely be able to work with this so the children will write poetry with that focus in mind. If you would prefer him to work with children in years 5 & 6 to help with the performance poetry of the NC, Terry would give them a day to remember this can easily be arranged too. He would help them to develop their poetry writing and the performance side too. His message to students/children of all ages is performance poetry can be cool, fun and up to date. Terry’s visits cover a whole range of performance poetry, from the more traditional poetry to rap and songs. Showing children that songs are poems or short stories which are put to music.

His visits to special schools are truly brilliant, Terry has worked with children/students of all ages with varying difficulties and disabilities. The main thing here is Terry work closely with you as the teacher/headteacher to tailor the day for you. He appreciates how important it is to get these visits right for the students and leave them with a fun day to remember as well as it being very educational. Terry has worked with many year 7 students through the year 7 catch up programme. Please make contact with Trevor (details below) for more information about these types of days / residencies.

For the younger audiences, schools and libraries, Terry teams up with his good friend Andy Winters. They run a magical show called ‘Cairo Chaos’ which is educational as well as being very funny. After their brilliant presentation, they go on to run writing workshops with class sized groups each. Another topical visit is themed on WWI – to educate the children about the centenary as well as running writing workshops with them.


Terry’s Book

**Terry signs all copies of his book purchased by students on the day of his visit.**

It Wasn’t Me Miss

it wasnt me miss

This is perfect laughing poetry.
Read it and…
Feel the tingle in your toes
The giggle in your grin
The titter in your tummy
The chuckle on your chin.
Live it Love it Laugh it
Crack a smile
Be in stitches for a while

Samples of Terry’s Poetry


There’s a bully in the bedroom and he wasn’t there before,
There’s a bully in my pocket and he’s rotten to the core,
There’s a bully breathing heavy takes me to a scary place,
Spits threats, writes Toxic lies does it with a smiling face,
He’s no wider than a match box, fits snug inside your hand,
There’s a bully in the bedroom and he comes from Cyberland
Has no fists or bloody knuckles, he won’t punch you in the lip,
The hurt happens in a Text when he lets a swear word slip,
He demands your dinner money, join a gang or carry knives,
Race hate or name calling, cyber bullies taking lives.
There’s a bully in the wardrobe yet the key is in the lock,
And they go to the same school, they live on the same black,
But they hurt you from a distance and they murder on the phone,
Or they’ll plug in a computer bringing nightmares to your home,
There’s a bully finger twitching sends abuse and fear and hate,
Pull the plug, switch them off, tell someone, it’s not too late,
There’s a bully in the bedroom feeds off silence through a mouse,
Spreads poison through a screen, takes you prisoner in your house,
Talk and Tell, open up – don’t keep it bottled in,
Talk and Tell, open up – don’t let the cyber bullies win,
Exterminate – Exterminate – STOP!

It Wasn’t Me Miss

It wasn’t me Miss, it was him
and if it wasn’t him, it was her.
And if they said that I did it,
then I didn’t Miss –
‘Cos I wasn’t even there.

And I didn’t break the glass Sir.
And I didn’t move the chair.
And I know they said I did it
But I wasn’t even there.

Take a look at me face Miss
You can see it in me Lovely eyes
Honest it wasn’t me Miss
and I never tell lies.

But I always get the blame Sir
Even though I was somewhere else
‘Cos it’s never him or her
and I wasn’t even there.

Ask them what they were doing
And why did they run away?
Why pick on me Miss?
It’s not fair, that’s what I say.
And I didn’t have the last biscuit
There were some left in the tin
And that sweet wrapper’s not mine Miss
I drops me litter in the bin.

Take a look at me face Miss
You can see it in me Lovely eyes
Honest it wasn’t me Miss
and I never tell lies.

And anyway, I don’t live here
I live at number 53
Which is down there and round the corner
So it couldn’t have been me.

Take a look at me face Miss
Me eyes are crystal clear
You know it couldn’t be me Miss
So Ner, Ner, Ner, Ner, Ner!


Playing out with a friend
or being away from your home.
In a crowd playing games
or just being on your own.
If you’re really smart and clever,
you’ll just listen to me.
Tell your mum or dad,
where you’re going to be
Say who you are playing with,
where you are going to go
Take care and stay cool.
You can always say NO!

If you are out shopping
and you’ve been everywhere.
Don’t wander off alone,
you must always be aware.
Staying cool is the rule,
whether in or out of school
Say who you are playing with,
where you are going to go.

Take care and stay cool
You can always say NO!
It makes sense to be sensible
and stay out of harms way
Keep the laughter in your eyes
then you can say ‘NO’.
Tell mum who you are playing with,
where you are going to go.
Take care and stay cool
You can always say NO!

Rather B

a belch than a burp
a twit tham a twerp
a pot noodle than a stew
a dinghy than a canoe
say baaaa than moo
rather b the lingo than the bingo
a pong than a pingo
a chihuahua than a dingo
a mexican than a gringo
rather b a coat than a mac
a waddle than a quack
the front than the back
a gap than the crack
a tango than a fandango
orango than a mango
a smack than a bango
a click than a clango
I’d rather b hunky than chumky
a chunky hunky monkey

Finish the rest in Terry’s book

To purchase Terry’s book, click here.



Terry also performs as part of double act ‘Poetricks’ with Andy Winters.

  • The show: a magic and poetry show that was a sell out at a week long tour at 2016 Edinburgh Fringe


  • Our Tommy’s War: stories of WW1 told though storytelling, poetry, magic and song


  • Cairo Chaos: an extravaganza of tales of ancient Eygpt


Recommendations & Reviews

“Can you believe it’s been 9 months since you visited us at Henry Cavendish, Balham?! We have had many authors to visit us since then, but I have to say, none as good as you. The teachers and kids were blown away by you and we had such fun. So would you be prepared to come again? There were children at our other school (10 minutes away) that didn’t get to see you or work with you. They can’t go through life without a Terry fix.” – Mel Brown

“Yesterday we had Terry Caffrey as you know and I am pleased to let you know he was fantastic with our students. I have had lots of positive feedback which is wonderful.” – Vikki Beddard

“I just wanted to communicate how Khalsa Primary have thoroughly enjoyed having you in our school. The children are buzzing with excitement so your reading really has motivated them.” –  Rajwinder Chatrath

“Thank you so much again for such a great day. Students and staff absolutely loved it. I do hope that you have had a good journey home. School is very quiet without you. Wishing you all the very best. Alles Gute von.” –  Barbara Gosselke

“Terry is brilliant to work with. The children love him and his fun and his expertise knows no boundaries.” – Steve Pickett, Head of Halle Orchestra Education

“Thoroughly enjoyable! A brilliant wordsmith, so very likeable, and the work that the students produced was excellent.” – Martin Maris, Head of BBC Phil Education

“Adults and children alike hang on his every word and soon realise their own potential.” – Jo Ward, Stockport Arts Officer

“Fun, Fun, Fun and more Fun.” – Peter Evans, National Football Museum

“The kids love him and talk about his visit and can’t wait for the next one’s to happen.” “Terry Caffrey spent two fabulous days”– Elaine Roberts. Lookafter Children, Lancashire

“Terry Caffrey spent two fabulous days with 44 of our reluctant writers from across the City. They arrived wary and worried about what their day would hold. Little did they know who or what was waiting for them.Terry started the day getting to know the children’s names and making them smile. They played games and were soon laughing and enjoying his quirky sense of humour. Slowly but surely they started to emerge from their shells and were then raring to write. Terry made the children feel at ease as he told them he was unconcerned about their spelling, rather that he just wanted them to get down their own ideas down. The children were buzzing, unafraid of creating their own poems and keen to share ideas. I wholeheartedly recommend Terry and his workshops to anyone and would welcome him back to my school anytime.” – Anne-Marie McElhinney, Headteacher, St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, Peterborough

To Make a Booking

To make an enquiry about Terry Caffrey, or any of the other authors, poets & illustrators listed on this website, please phone Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at