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Tandi Clausen-May
Tandi Clausen-May

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Dr. Tandi Clausen-May is an independent international educational researcher and author. She is an experienced classroom practitioner, and has developed a wide range of printed and screen-based curriculum and assessment materials for use in the mathematics classroom. She works with pupils and teachers in mainstream and in special schools, developing approaches designed to build on pupils’ different strengths and aptitudes to develop their love and understanding of mathematics. Her most recent book, Teaching Mathematics Visually and Actively (Sage, 2013), offers a rich supply of ideas and resources to lift the mathematics off the printed page, making it practical, meaningful and stimulating for learners of all ages and abilities.

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Tandi has recently had a short article published by the Association of Teacher of Mathematics in the current issue of their journal, Mathematics Teaching.  You can access Tandi’s article by clicking on this link – Tandi’s Article in Mathematics Teaching Journal

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