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Stuart Trotter
Stuart Trotter

All About Stuart Trotter

Stuart Trotter is a very experienced illustrator, having worked in the industry for over 25 years. His first illustrating job for the children’s publishing industry was Portland Bill for Purnell. Over the years his clients have included most children’s publishers – Walker Books, David Bennett Books, Reed, Egmont, Heinemann, Victoria House, Treehouse, Parragon, Hodder Children’s Books, Usborne, Oxford University Press, Pearson, Scholastic, Azbookvarik, Ladybird, La Coccinella, etc.

As a character artist Stuart has worked on the best of them – Winnie the Pooh, Wallace and Gromit, Noddy, Thomas the Tank Engine, Topsy and Tim, Kipper, Postman Pat and is now the author and illustrator of Rupert Bear for Egmont’s Rupert Bear Annual.

As well as illustrating for publishers, Stuart Trotter has illustrated for design and advertising companies over the years, including Saatchi & Saatchi’s NSPCC bullying campaign, which was nominated for best use of illustration in advertising.

Having worked closely with the children’s publishing industry for many years Stuart created Rockpool Children’s Books in 2006, publishers of quality children’s picture books, board books, apps and e-books, where he’s publisher, creative director, commissioning editor, author, illustrator, designer and producer! Rockpool Children’s Books, as a small UK independent publisher, have sold worldwide and have published over 40 titles.

Stuart’s School Visits

Each visit looks at the process of writing, illustrating and producing a picture book. He shows the children rough drawings and artworks and then run a workshop with them to produce their own illustrated picture book. After introducing himself Stuart then talks about Rupert Bear – this iconic character, his history and his involvement. He shows the children original art, talks about the unique Rupert Bear annuals and explains how he’s illustrated.

Stuart talks about other characters he’s illustrated, such as Postman Pat, Wallace and Gromit, Kipper, Noddy and Winnie the Pooh and show examples of artwork and printed books. The talk then moves onto picture books in general. Stuart talks about being an illustrator and explains how a picture book comes about, showing original artwork and drawings in progress. Next he explains the roles of the writer, illustrator, designer and publisher and how all these contribute to the production of a finished picture book. He will read several stories and explain the use of repetition, alliteration, and using sounds.

Stuart discusses ideas and imagination and where it comes from. At this point the children can ask questions. This is followed by group brain-storming to generate illustration/story ideas and get the children thinking about their own picture book.

The children work out their ideas on storyboards Stuart provides and then transfer the results into their own blank picture books – also provided. Stuart will do drawings on the board to demonstrate handy tips to help and hopefully inspire. He then walks around the classroom and talk to each child individually about their thoughts and ideas, helping if they’re stuck. Any day is perfect for a picture book day, but visits can also bring a focus to events throughout the year – Book Weeks, World Book Day, The Big Draw etc.

Stuart is very versatile, style wise and works in pencil, pen, paint, and digital, and usually all together.


Over the years Stuart has had the privilege of illustrating many character lead picture books that are household names such as ‘Postman Pat’,
Mick Inkpen’s ‘Kipper’, ‘Winnie the Pooh’, and currently ‘Rupert Bear’ for Egmont’s Rupert Bear Annual. Stuart didn’t create these wonderful characters, he was just blessed with a skill that enabled him to illustrate them.

Stuart’s Books

Big bully hippo

Big Bully Hippo

Hippo bullies his way through the jungle! He pops baby monkey’s balloon’s; he drinks lion’s drink; he splashes the ducks, he really is in a bullying mood. But when he goes to kick meerkats ball, he really should have listened! Hippo is taught a lesson about bullying that he won’t forget in a hurry, and is touched by the other animals help despite his naughty ways.

Greedy Grumpy Hippo

Greedy Grumpy Hippo

Hippo has made a delicious picnic, which, he decides, is too nice to share. But the other animals aren’t fooled that easily and they teach Hippo a lesson about being greedy in a gentle and subtle way that is ultimately resolved in a warm and friendly way.

Polar White

Polar White

Polar White lives in a winter wonderland where it snows all the time. So it’s off to the the seashore with Rusky the Husky, for a picnic and to build snowbears and sail his boat. Then Walter the Walrus pops up and takes Polar White on a magical ride through the ocean.

Polar White and the big whoo-hoo day

Polar White and The Woo Hoo Day!

It’s snowing!

In fact it´s always snowing where Polar White lives,

So when the Jungle Express roars in and brings the strangest and most colourful of tourists, Polar White shows them a really fun time…“Woo hoo!”

The Princess who couldnt sleep

The Princess Who Couldn’t Sleep

The little princess just can’t get to sleep. Her mum, the queen, tries everything to help, except the one thing that does! A touchingly funny tale, with delightful illustrations of a make-believe world, where children need the same things they need in the real world.


Reviews and Recomendations

“I am writing this testimonial letter as a personal reference for Stuart Trotter. He has known one of the parents of the school for a number of years and has worked with her in the production of a number of books. Their most recent one, titled ‘I Love My Bunny’ is due to be released in 2016.

As Headteacher of the school I contacted Stuart to discuss his availability to come into school to conduct a 2 days reading writing workshop with the pupils. He was very professional and communicated easily with both staff and pupils. He led sessions concerning book production round the fantastic theme of ‘Pirates’. Children were encouraged to produce their own little books which had been previously made for them.  For this they had to write a story and illustrate it. The children’s results were super and their enthusiasm to complete their books was very evident.

I have no hesitation in recommending Stuart Trotter and believe that his proven track record of illustrating and writing, in particular and of note ‘The Rupert Annual’, will enable him to fit in very well with your children.”  Headteacher – St. Paulinus Catholic Primary School

To Make a Booking

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