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Steve Webb
Steve Webb

All About Steve Webb

Steve is an author and illustrator of children’s books; both picture books and young fiction. Steve is also an Ambassador for the National Young Writers’ Awards 2019.


Steve’s latest book ‘Spangles McNasty and the Diamond Skull’ was published in May 2018. This is the third in the Spangles McNasty series for 7-11 year olds. The first in the series, ‘Spangles McNasty and the Fish of Gold’ was nominated for the Lancashire Fantastic Book Award 2017 and was also long-listed for the Branford Boase Award 2016.


Steve’s School Visits

A school visit can consist of any combination of presentations and creative writing sessions. These can be tailored for KS2 or KS1 focusing on Steve’s young fiction and picture books.

A 1 hour talk to a large group revolves around Steve’s latest Spangles McNasty book with a powerpoint presentation, interactive elements, writing advice and a Q and A.

The talk discusses the characters in the series, where the Spangles idea originated and shows the writing process from initial idea to printed book, highlighting the creative, editing, design and illustrating processes. This also shows how Steve works on several projects at the same time, all at different stages of development.

The presentation consists of a variety of elements from outright bonkers to serious writing tips, all intended to inspire young readers.
AND there’s a song in the middle with volunteers and prizes!


Creative writing workshops for smaller groups of around 30.
For KS2:

A character based session, discussing the importance of strong characters in fiction and some of the methods Steve uses when developing his own characters. The pupils then invent a new villain character of their own and either write a short scene involving this new character, or alternatively, write a letter from the new character to themselves.

A script based session, discussing the importance of character and dialogue in both screen writing and books and the recent growth in TV or screen entertainment with channels like Netflix and Amazon. The session is to write scenes for a new TV drama for CBBC. Students will need a title and a few scenes to ‘pitch’ their show to the commissioning editor (class teacher) at the end of the session.

Talk as a group about possible characters for the show. In small groups the pupils continue this, writing details of a few characters for the show – names and descriptions. Selecting their strongest characters they then write short scenes for them. Perform / read out scenes.

For KS1:

Picture books and poetry, rhythm and rhyme. Showing some of Steve’s own picture books and others and discussing the difficulty of writing a story with a very limited number of words and the added problems of making it rhyme and giving it rhythm. Together, read, clamp and stamp through Tanka Tanka Skunk. Steve will suggest a subject for a poem / rhyming story, together the class lists words that could be used for this.
They then split into small teams to write a short rhythmic rhyming story for a picture book (or part of one in the time frame). Perform these in front of the class in small groups with an accompanying drummer (bongo) or clapping class.

Preferred age range:
7-11yrs For young fiction focussed presentations and writing sessions.
5-7yrs For picture book presentations and poetry sessions.

Maximum number in any one session:
Talks to large groups of 200-300. Workshop sessions with smaller classroom sized groups of up to 30

No of sessions per day:
Usually 1 talk to a large a group plus 3 classroom sized sessions in a full day.
Or a different combination – for example 2 presentations – KS1 and KS2 plus 2 classroom sized sessions

Session Length:
Talk to large group 1 hour. Workshop sessions 1 hour

Steve holds Public Liability insurance.

Steve’s Books


Spangles McNasty and the Fish of Gold

Welcome to Bitterly Bay. Spangles McNasty has decided to spend his summer doing what he loves the most: shouting at babies, pulling faces at old ladies, eating cold chips from bins and best of all, collecting other people’s spangly things!
Having convinced themselves that goldfish are made of gold and that they grow to the size of whales, Spangles and his friend Sausage-face Pete decide to find the great Fish of Gold. They’ll be rich forever!
Only young Freddie Taylor can stop Spangles’ dastardly plan, in a tale full of time-travelling jet skis, madcap chases and haunted custard. It is a tale so odd, your mind-cogs will jam with happiness for ever after!

Spangles McNasty and the Tunnel of Doom

Spangles McNasty is horrible to everyone and likes to do vile things like eat cold chips out of bins and pull faces at old ladies. And would you believe it, Spangles has inherited a rollercoaster called the Tunnel of Doom! But when Spangles and his bonkers friend Sausage-face Pete go to see it, they soon realise it’s a good for nothing piece of junk. If they want to make any lovely money from it, they’ll need to do some hard work and repair it.
Spangles won’t stand for that, and soon his devious mind-cogs are a-whirring, and he comes up with a dastardly plot to get rich quick. Yet again, it’s up to local boy Freddie Taylor to chase Spangles on the rickety old rollercoaster and stop him in his tracks!

Spangles McNasty and the Diamond Skull

Spangles McNasty is a right horrid scallywag who likes to do yucky things like eat cold chips out of bins and fart in libraries. So it’s no surprise that when the legendarily famous and very sparkly Diamond Skull pirate hat comes to Bitterly Bay Museum, Spangles and his best mate Sausage-face Pete want to get their thieving fingers on it. But they haven’t reckoned on local boy and all-round good egg Freddie Taylor and his cunning plan to mix things up with a clever hat trick…

Laugh-out-loud silliness with zany pictures from Chris Mould make this story perfect for fans of Mr Gum and Tom Gates!



Tanka Tanka Skunk

Meet Tanka, the elephant and his friend Skunka. Say their names together and they SOUND LIKE DRUMS! Tanka, Skunka, Tanka, Skunka, Tanka Tanka Skunk! They have lots of friends for you to meet, so say their names to the Tanka Skunka beat! Lemurs, llamas, zebras, badgers, caterpillars, big GORILLAS and yakety, yakety yaks. The book takes the reader on a veritable roller-coaster ride of sights and sounds as animals leap and dance across the brightly coloured pages. Terrific fun to read aloud one to one with a small child, and an absolute riot for group activities.

Happy Zappa Cat

Happy Zappa Cat loves driving his cab through the city, visiting museums and eating at fancy restaurants. But then he makes some new friends who convince him to join him in their wild home. But can a city kitty learn to love the jungle?


Join Tigerbear as he hops from rock to rock, swishes through tall grass and splishes through mud! Come and play hide and seek with Tigerbear and his new friend in a dark, dark cave . . . Is there really a scary monster? It’s up to Tigerbear to save the day!

Bigger Digger

Part of the My First Picture Book series: perfect for every toddler to help encourage language skills, understanding, enjoyment and sharing. These books are a bridge between board books and picture books; printed on toddler-tough card with rounded corners.

Big lorry, quarry lorry, splish, spash, MUCK. Quarry lorry, BIG lorry, slip, slide stuck!
So begins a disastrous day at the quarry, as lorry, truck and little digger all find themselves stuck in the mud. Can Bigger Digger save the day?

This is a tongue-twisting, rhyming romp that will have little readers shouting out the words!

Rocket Racers

Space rocket, race racket, race to the moon, rocket racers to your places, ready, steady, ZOOM!

So begins this rip-roaring race of a read, and the action doesn’t stop until the three lovable dinosaurs reach the finish line. But who will make it there first?

This is a wonderful action-packed story that children and parents will race through again and again!

Polly Jean Pyjama Queen

Polly Jean Pyjama Queen has the wildest pyjamas you have ever seen! She loves wild animals and wonders what they wear when they go to bed. So she invites them to her WILD WORLD PYJAMA PARTY with a prize for the best pair.

With a hilarious text and simple flaps that magically reveal each animal’s wacky pyjamas, this glorious, vibrant picture book is a bedtime joy.


Wally the penguin works in a welly shop. He makes all sorts of wellies – red ones, yellow ones, fish ones and star ones. Can he help Bertie the Polar Bear to design a pair of wellies that will win the fashion show?

Too Hot to Stop

The desert is too hot to stand still, so Hoppit and his friends keep moving. As more and more animals join, who knows where they’re going to end up! It’s a big surprise for everyone except the snake and eagle, who try to warn them what’s ahead…Join in the rhythm and rhyme of the animal parade in this poem, written and illustrated by Steve Webb.


Reviews and Testimonials:

“Steve Webb’s talks are funny, engaging and brilliantly interactive. He makes the idea of imagination fun and immersive and really brings language to life with a unique mix of jokes, stories and songs. Underpinning this are ideas about characters, setting and the building blocks of stories and writing. It’s fantastic seeing how well Steve manages to capture the minds of his young readers and the impact his visits have on reading with countless children immediately burying their heads deep in the pages of his books immediately after the visit. What a star!”
Jake Hope, Reading development and children’s book consultant. Chair of the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway judging panel 2018.

“We’ve had events with Steve Webb at Edinburgh International Book Festival over the last two years, both as part of the festival and in our outreach programme. His events are always great – interactive, motivational and hilarious – and really popular with children, who go away inspired to read and write themselves.”

Catherine Jones, Edinburgh Book Festival. August 2017.


“Steve was brilliant!! His energy and enthusiasm infected the whole of our juniors (years 3 – 6) and they were very reluctant to leave the world of Spangles McNasty (and jam of course). His events were funny, energetic, entertaining and very informative. Steve gave a lot of time to each individual pupil when signing books for them – in fact if you put all the signed comments together there would be enough to create another Spangles McNasty book!  In his creative writing sessions, pupils were keen to create characters to ‘out-nasty’ Spangles McNasty – Steve was really good at inspiring and encouraging our Year 4s – they came away from the sessions with the biggest smiles on their faces!
Overall – he was soooopa!
Thank you Steve – we all had a lot of fun and I wish I had that much energy!”

Liz Annetts, School Librarian, Northwood College for Girls, London. Oct 2017.


“The children loved Steve’s assembly. Children from Reception to Year 6 enjoyed learning about his inspiration for writing and had a great
insight into how he creates the fantastic characters for his books which really sparked their imagination. Spangles McNasty was already
a favourite in school so it was really good for the children to meet the author.
They could not wait to have their books signed and were really enthusiastic to start reading. We have had great feedback from parents on how the visit has encouraged the children in their reading and writing.

Steve then worked with Key Stage 2 children throughout the day where the focus was on creative writing , getting involved in character creation, scene setting, poetry writing and script writing.

Everyone had an amazing day that highlighted the schools commitment to reading for pleasure and creative writing.”

Debbie Holt, Librarian. Visiting Lum Head Primary School Manchester, Oct 2017.


Spangles McNasty and the Fish of Gold
dottie969 AMAZON – 10 May 2016
Brilliant, clever, irreverent and fun. Inspiring for reluctant readers.
If you count my wrinkles (read the book to find out more about this new science of aging people…) I’m well into my old age and I laughed all the way through this book. I actually bought it for my daughter but started flicking through it to have a little look see and found I flicked and flicked until I got to the very last page. It’s just brilliant bonkers fun and has an irreverent way with language that I love and want my children to inherit. It also contains the best ever description of fog ever – look out for it.

I have now handed it over to my daughter who is killing herself laughing whilst reading it. I normally have to nag her to read but she seems to need no encouragement with this one… Thanks to the author Steve Webb – books like this little gem don’t come along that often. I recommend it heartily.


To Make a Booking

To make an enquiry about Steve Webb, or any of the other authors, poets & illustrators listed on this website, please call +44 (0) 1535 656015 or email Trevor Wilson at