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Steven Butler
Steven Butler
'Full of mischievous fun, wonderful language and fantastic characters, this hilarious story about the anarchic troll world will have you snorting with laughter.'
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All About Steven Butler

As well as being the author of The Wrong Pong series, Steven Butler is an actor, dancer and trained circus performer. He has worked internationally as an aerialist and has been seen flying above the stage in many productions ranging from Peter Pan to Ariel in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

It was whilst he was touring the UK playing Horrid Henry on stage, that he came up with the idea of a little boy getting snatched down the toilet by trolls and wrote The Wrong Pong.

Steven’s short, round family became the inspiration for the Bulches, the family of trolls that feature in the series and he has spent many happy hours creating a world of rubbish and dreadful smells for them to inhabit. He also loves to play with language. Trollish is a muddle of modern English, West-country (Forest of Dean dialect) and a huge armful of colourful, invented words.

The first book in The Wrong Pong series was short-listed for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. Steven lives in London with a collection of strange moulds growing in the bottom of coffee cups and his pet Hinkapoot, Grimble (who also happens to be a huge Wrong Pong fan).

Steven Butler’s School Visits

Steven is passionate about sparking a child’s imagination and sense of wonder. His school visits focus on the adventure of storytelling and how to use everyday situations around you in your own story writing. As a child, he hated books and reading and through a series of funny stories about his childhood/upbringing/career he explains what made him discover how exciting and brilliant books can be.


Steven’s standard event is aimed at years 2 to 4 and lasts 60 minutes (including stories, shout out question and answer games and audio/visual elements) plus further question/answer time at the end. However, he is a flexible performer and can happily tailor the event, which includes audio-visual elements (laptop and projector required), to last anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The event works best in an assembly-like situation (100-200 pupils) but can easily adapt to smaller audiences.

During the session Steven will always read/act out a section of the book before inviting the children to explore making trollish sounds and faces in ‘The Great Troll Face Off’.


After the large school presentation Steven works with class group and delivers workshops (again the length of these can be adapted to fit the school timetable).

Extended workshop activities for years 2-4 include:

• Troll recipes
• Troll poems
• Learning the Trollish Language with the help of the dictionary in the back of each book.

After Event Workshops, aim to get the children using their creativity in coming up with fun, troll themed activities (see list above) either by themselves or in small groups.

Steven’s Books

There are now four books in The Wrong Pong series.

sing in the drain holiday hullabaloo trolls treasure the wrong pong

The Wrong Pong

Get ready for a deliciously disgusting debut from one of the hottest new children’s writers. One night, Neville Brisket wakes up from a strange dream – a dream that there was a horrible, stumpy finger stuck up his nose. Then he finds his room in a mess, and his dog in the laundry basket… Neville goes to investigate – but his investigations end sploshily when he is whooshed down the toilet to the land of Underneath by mistake!

In a case of mistaken troll-dentity, Neville finds himself part of a disgusting new troll family. But will anybody help Neville get back to the land of Over, or will he be stuck eating rat patties and left sock stew forever?

This hilariously delivered tale will delight and disgust parents and children alike.

Recommendations & Reviews

‘Wickedly Funny!’ Francesca Simon (Author of Horrid Henry)

‘Made me feel all squibbly. Now please pass those lummy ear-wax brownies. Brilliantly funny!’ Jeremy Strong (Author of My Brother’s Famous Bottom, The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog, There’s A Viking In My Bed)

‘For children who have only recently learnt to read, control their bladder and quell night terrors, it may seem like quite a lot to take in. But take it in they will, with snorts of delighted laughter!’Amanda Craig (The Times)

‘Authors with Steven’s charisma, energy and zest for life really inspire the children to become authors one day themselves.’ Highgate School

‘You’ll never go wrong with a story based on lavatories and bad smells – and this debut novel revels in the comic nonsense of toilet trolls and mistaken identities. But beneath the stench, grime and spite there’s a gentle message here about family values.’ Sally Morris (The Daily Mail)

‘This genuinely funny debut…’ Nicolette Jones (The Sunday Times)

To Make a Booking

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