Sophia Mosely
Sophia Mosely

All About Sophia Mosely

Sophia is an accomplished feature article writer, copywriter and author. Her work has appeared in a number of magazines, both local and national including Dorset Life, Scholastic, Somerset Life and Woman’s Weekly.

Her poetry is widely enjoyed and she is frequently commissioned to write exclusive pieces. She also has her own blog, publishing a new post each month as well as writing corporate literature for a number of different organisations.

Her children’s book The Adventures of Charlie has proved to be a big hit with both younger readers and parents alike; with a mixture of new and traditional characters and storylines adding a new twist to some old magic!

Sophia’s School Visits

When Sophia visits your school her main objective will be to enthuse and encourage children to discover how much fun they can have reading and writing. Her approach will vary depending on the age/ability of the children and the requirements of the school.

Her school readings have been met with enthusiasm and excitement from children and adults alike and the reading events are a valuable support in the drive to improve literacy and reading skills amongst children. Sophia believes everyone has the ability to imagine and to imagine the impossible is possible is the starting point of all her work.

Nursery – Year 2 (4-8 year olds) 


Sophia can run a short workshop (up to 1 hour) giving pupils an opportunity to collectively create a character and plot in the style of a storyboard; this would need a classroom environment with white/black board, pens, paper etc. This would work better with a maximum of 15 children of the same year group.
Her aim is to show children how much fun they can have creating their own characters and inventing stories to match those characters. Sophia can also arrange a short story competition, with the winning entry being read at your school assembly or other occasion to suit.

Years 3 – 6 (9-12 year olds)
Poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

Poetry: the day will encompass reading, evaluating and writing poetry. Sophia will look back at the history of poetry and read extracts from some of the great classics including Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales as well as more modern poets alongside her own work.
There will be group discussion and debate about what makes a good poem and plenty of opportunities to create a number of differently themed poems.
The aim of the day is to inspire, enthuse and excite to invest in the magic of poetry.

Fiction: a reading from The Playground Pirates: a story aimed at the older child with more graphic detail and descriptions to demonstrate how a wider vocabulary and appropriate sentence structure can help to build an image and/or scene.

Sophia will explain how to create a storyboard, generating ideas and cultivating them; encouraging pupils to bounce ideas off each other and letting their imagination lead them into new territories. She will motivate pupils to generate a feeling of excitement and mystery that inspires them to use their creativity to develop their own fictional character and storyline.
This would need a classroom environment i.e. white/black board, pens, paper, etc and would benefit from single year group participation.
Sophia would be happy to organise a short story competition in conjunction with the school’s English department.

Non-fiction: discuss the difference between fiction and non-fiction; what do they think defines the two areas? Take a look at some non-fiction articles from newspapers, journals and magazines.
How to grab the readers’ attention (the secret of a good headline) and retain them to ensure they stay to read the whole article.


Generate ideas to write about; demonstrate how the most mundane subject can become something unusual and therefore interesting. Talk about trends and how they might be able to predict a topic that will have media value. Sophia will explain where she gets her ideas from and how to pitch to magazine editors (‘head & sell’).
If required and time allows, the programme can also include guidance on creating blogs and writing posts.
Sophia is happy to work in conjunction with the English department to organise a non-fiction writing competition.

Sophia’s Books

The Adventures of Charlie: a book of 4 short stories aimed at the 4-8 year old reader.
The stories were inspired by her children’s imagination and her long held belief that fairy tales, fables and fiction should form part of story-telling for every child. This is the first book in the series and is made up of four short stories:
Charlie and the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow:
“…..His mother had often told him about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and that no-one she knew had ever managed to find it, which was most likely because of the naughty goblins…..”
Charlie’s Birthday Wish:
…..“Make your wish, Charlie,’ said his mother, as Charlie blew out the seven candles on his birthday cake. He didn’t have to think very hard or for very long, because he’d been wishing this wish for ages…..”
Charlie and the Tooth Fairy:
“…..He sat up in bed holding the coin, but then remembered he had planned to stay awake all night to see the tooth fairy. He started to think of a new plan to make sure he was awake when the tooth fairy made her next visit….”
Charlie and the Ship of Dreams:
“….He was looking down onto a ship’s deck and standing near the top by the wheel was a short, rather plump man, wearing a blue jacket over striped trousers and a pirate’s tricorne on his head. As Charlie watched him, he could see a wooden peg where the pirate’s left leg should have been!”

Two of the stories, The Pot of Gold and The Tooth Fairy, are based on age old tales handed down from generation to generation; The Birthday Wish is centred round every child’s wish that birthdays and Christmas Day happened more than once a year and The Ship of Dreams is just that – an exciting adventure on board a pirate’s ship!
Each story takes approximately 15 minutes to read and is set at a level most 4-8 year olds are starting to read and understand. It is also suitable for both boys and girls alike.
The illustrations are both bold and colourful lifting the characters and scenes out of the text and bringing them to life.

Recommendations and Reviews

“We had a great workshop yesterday and Sophia was a pleasure to work with” Joanne Smith – St Martin’s Primary School

‘Thank you Sophia, that’s really kind.  It will make an excellent addition to our library!  And thank you again for yesterday – the children really enjoyed it, and I have been looking through the pieces of writing which my children did and am really impressed and pleased with the quality of it.
I hope you enjoyed the day, too – it was lovely to meet you, and we would be really interested to be kept up to date with any future publications – particularly Playground Pirates when it comes out With thanks again’ Annabel

The Adventures of Charlie
“Well written, with imaginative stories aimed at first time readers. The dragon in ‘The Ship of Dreams’ is ideal for young children to be introduced into the fantasy worlds that exist in books for older children.” A Foster, retired publisher

“I loved The Adventures of Charlie, it was fantastic! The dragon was a very good character. He was a friendly dragon and I think Charlie was very brave. The book is one of the best I’ve ever read!” Willow, Dorset

I loved the book The Adventures of Charlie. Brussels sprouts make me feel yuk too!” Emerson, USA

To Make a Booking

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