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Saviour Pirotta
Saviour Pirotta
"Remarkable retellings of these old stories using vivid, glorious language." - National Literacy Association

All About Saviour Pirotta

Saviour Pirotta is a best-selling author best known for his dynamic re-tellings of world myths and legends. His most popular books are Mark of the Cyclops and The Orchard Book Of First Greek Myths which have been a huge success in Italy, Brazil, Korea, Greece and the UK where many schools use them as an introduction to Ancient Greek culture. It also spawned a series of ten books with simpler text which is included in The Ultimate Book Guide.

**His book, Firebird, won an Aesop Accolade given by the Folklore Society in the US. **

Originally from the small island of Malta, Saviour lives in West Yorkshire but travels around the UK and abroad with his unique mixture of storytelling and writing workshops. He has held hundreds of sessions and even told a story to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II at the Commonwealth Institute in London.

Saviour is very much committed to empowering children of all backgrounds and abilities. He believes that given the right encouragement and help, everyone can improve their writing skills. He also insists that writing, reading and sharing stories should, above everything else, be fun and life enhancing.

Saviour’s School Visits

Saviour works with children in key stage 1 and 2.
His sessions last between half and hour to 90 minutes, depending on the age of the children and the school’s requirements. He is quite happy to do a short assembly for the whole school, regardless of which year groups he will work with in the sessions. During this, he introduces himself, his books and tells a story to set the tone for the rest of the day. The storytelling and writing sessions can be centred round a set theme as long as this is chosen ahead of the visit.

For reception and year 1 and 2’s, Saviour performs a mixture of storytelling and reading one of his own stories. He also does a short question and answer period.

For years 3 to 6, he does a short introduction followed either by a story telling session and reading his own work, or a short storytelling session followed by a writing workshop. During this, children get to build a story skeleton, creating the bare bones of a plot, which they can later use to flesh out a proper story. Saviour demonstrates how to choose a subject for the story, how to create believable characters and dramatic situations and how to come up with satisfying beginnings and endings for all types of narratives.

What facilities will Saviour need when he visits your school?
For storytelling sessions, Saviour prefers a very informal setting. He usually sits on a chair with the children grouped around him.  The writing workshops can take place in the hall, library or classroom. In all these, Saviour uses a flip chart with removable paper sheets. These can be torn off at the end of the session so that children can pin them up on the walls in their classroom. The children can either sit on the carpet for storytelling or at their desks for the writing workshops.

Saviour’s Books

First greek muths

First Greek Myths – The Series

Arachne, the girl who was turned into a spider; Prince Odysseus who hid in a wooden horse; Icarus, the boy who flew and Theseus who slew the Minotaur.

The stories in The Orchard Book of First Greek Myths are retold as standalone books with simpler text.  Perfect for beginner readers.

grimms fairytales

The Orchard Book of Grimm’s Fairy Tales
Ten of the Grimm brother’s favourite stories retold for today’s readers. Illustrated by award-winning Emma Chichester-Clarke, the book has been published to critical acclaim in six different countries.

giant book of giants

The Giant Book of Giants
A giant sized book with six stories featuring big folk. Meet Finn McCool from Ireland, the one-eyed Cyclops who terrified Sinbad the Sailor, Momotaro the Japanese hero, the curious giantess from Finland, Jack who climbed the giant beanstalk and Coyote, the Native American trickster who wandered into a giant’s mouth.

The book also includes a 3D poster of a giant that is bigger than any of its readers. Published in the UK, US, France, Sweden, Italy and Spain, where El Pais called it ‘one of the most unique books to be published in 2011.


A retelling of the Russian story that inspired the famous ballet!  Illustrated with oil paintings by the artist Catherine Hyde, this is a book that is fast becoming a modern classic.

Recommendations and Reviews

“Throughout the week an exhilarating vibrancy pervaded the school as visitors came and went, beguiling audiences with stories, poetry and the art of pop-ups. Saviour Pirotta, noted author, held children in thrall as they wove words into tales of magical porridge pots, salt mills, greed, ancient Egypt and Japan, naughty grannies, Maltese ghosts and “silly billy” stories of lion’s pooh and wedding feasts.” St. Benedict’s School in Ealing

“Thank you so much for a wonderful day. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed listening to you and your amazing recount of Billy’s Magic Tail. The workshops were very informative and pitched at exactly the right level for the junior classes. I know they learnt a lot and enjoyed the learning experience at the same time. We very much hope that you will be able to visit our school again in the future.” Mrs C. Kissinger, acting Headteacher, St Mary’s Catholic Primary, Isleworth. 

“We loved it! There’s a real buzz here after your visit! Please come again!” Sharon Pierson, Grove Park Junior School 

“These six retellings [now ten – author] of Greek Myths are short and well-balanced and the language is free and immediate.  The full colour illustrations throughout the book are dramatic and engaging. Arachne the Spider Woman is all about the consequences of reckless pride. It tells the story of what happens when Arachne, a mere mortal, challenges a goddess, Athena, to a weaving competition and how she gets turned into a spider as a punishment. ‘Poor Arachne, how she wished she had not been such a show-off, and so rude to the goddess Athena.’ Great stuff!” Karen Wallace, The Ultimate First Book Guide

“Remarkable retellings of these old stories using vivid, glorious language.” National Literacy Association

“Templar have produced a sumptious version of the folk tale. Retold in a clear engaging style by talented storyteller Saviour Pirotta.” The Bookseller

“The retelling of the story of a youngest son who overcomes obstacles to capture the glorious firebird who has been stealing his royal father’s golden apples is beautifully recounted, and is brilliantly paired with artwork that makes this a very splendid volume indeed.” Books for Keeps

“Retold with energy and with humorous and richly coloured illustrations…a very memorable introduction to Grimm for the very young reader.” Books for Keeps

“Children will enjoy the artwork, lit by whimsical details, and Pirotta’s down-to-earth language will read well aloud.” Julie Cummins in BOOKLIST

To Make a Booking

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