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Sara Grant
Sara Grant

All About Sara Grant

Sara Grant writes and edits fiction for children and teens. Dark Parties, her first young adult novel, won the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Crystal Kite Award for Europe. Her next teen novel – Half Lives – is a story told in two voices from a pre and post-apocalyptic time. She also writes a funny magical series for young readers, titled Magic Trix. As a freelance editor of series fiction, she has worked on twelve different series and edited nearly 100 books. She has given writing workshops in the US, UK and Europe and teaches a masters class on writing young fiction at the University of Winchester. She co-founded Undiscovered Voices – which has launched the writing careers of twenty-four authors, who now have written more than seventy children’s books. ( Sara was born and raised in small town in the mid-western United States. She graduated from Indiana University with degrees in journalism and psychology and later she earned a masters degree in creative and life writing, graduating with distinction from Goldsmiths College, University of London. She now lives in London.

Sara’s School Visits

Because Sara Grant writes fiction for both young and teen readers, she has a variety of presentations. She is happy to work with seven year olds through teenagers. She is passionate about reading and writing and an enthusiastic presenter. Her events aim to get students involved with creating stories.

Because she believes that one size does not fit all, she is happy to work with schools to create a day and presentations that best meet their specific literacy, creative writing, PSHE and other curriculum goals. She is happy to complement what’s being taught in classroom. She has given writing talks, creative writing workshops, panel discussions, author improvisation and readings. She can work with small classrooms or large assemblies. She loves working with students of every ability.

Also she is happy to work with primary and secondary school students in the same day.

New workshop offer for GCSE students

GCSE Creative Writing Prep Workshop

Sara presents a hands-on and practical workshop for students preparing for their GCSE creative writing exam. This session offers tips and advice on how students can approach the exam. She talks though exam question samples and then gives the students the chance to apply what they’ve learned.

Sara can deliver this in sessions more slimmed down one hour sessions, or a more hands-on two-hour session. Obviously the more time Sara has, the more time students will have to write and receive feedback.


“Sara’s GCSE workshops are engaging, thoughtful and equipped our year 11’s with a unique perspective on the GCSE Creative writing exam. Sara’s enthusiasm for her subject was absorbed by our students and created a real ‘buzz’ around our school. An experience not to be missed!” 

Victoria Taylor, Lead Practitioner, Kingsthorpe College, Northampton

Sara’s Books

dark parties

Dark Parties
Sixteen-year-old Neva was born in an isolated nation ruled by fear, lies, and xenophobia. Hundreds of years ago, her country constructed an electrified dome to protect itself from the outside world. What once might have protected, now imprisons. Her country is decaying and its citizens are dying. Neva and her friends dream of freedom. A forbidden party leads to complications. Suddenly Neva’s falling for her best friend’s boyfriend, uncovering secrets that threaten to destroy her friends, her family and her country – and discovering the horrifying truth about what happens to The Missing. . .

half lives

Half Lives

Icie is a typical teenager, until disaster strikes. Her only hope of survival is escaping to a top-secret mountain bunker. Hundreds of years later, 18-year-old Beckett leads a cult that worships a sacred Mountain. But Beckett and his beliefs are under attack. Icie and Beckett must fight to survive. They are separated by time but connected by a dangerous secret that both must protect at any cost. Half Lives is a story told in two voices from a pre- and post-apocalyptic time – challenging the nature of faith and the power of miscommunication but most of all the strength of the human spirit to adapt and survive.
magic trix

Magic Trix
When Trixibelle Morgan turns ten years old, she receives the best surprise ever. She discovers that she has the gift of magic. Now she’s training with Lulu, a magical librarian, and four other new witches. The best and the brightest witches will become fairy godmothers one day. Trix’s first attempts at magic go horribly and hilariously wrong. She’s also not sure if can keep her new abilities a secret – especially from her best friend Holly. But Trix will learn that she has a talent for helping others – and making magical messes. Magic Trix titles include:
The Witching Hour, Flying High, Birthday Wishes, Museum Mayhem, Secrets and Spies, and Magic Mansion.

Chasing Dangetr

Chasing Danger

“I couldn’t shake the feeling that this vacation might actually kill me.” When fourteen-year- old Chase Armstrong is sent to visit her grandmother at a remote tropical resort, she’s looking forward to sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling. The last thing she expects is danger. But she’s in for some surprises. She discovers another girl hiding out on the island and uncovers a devastating secret about the mum she’s never known. When modern-day pirates attack the island, it’s up to Chase to outrun, out-think and outfight the pirates . . . before it’s too late!

Reviews and Recommendations

Dark Parties
“With vivid imagery and realistically portrayed teen angst and emotions, Grant creates a believable, if horrifying, world peopled with interesting and well developed characters…There are plenty of twists and turns. The conclusion is satisfying but leaves things open for a sequel, which should seriously be considered. Grant is a debut author to watch.” – Library Media Connection.

“Don’t expect to get anything done while reading it because it’s INTENSE! And fabulous. It’s exactly the way any dystopian should be.” – Candace’s Book Blog

Half Lives
“Grant mines fresh material from the dystopian genre through an intriguing scenario and approach to the form…Grant’s choice to tell two stories simultaneously works quite well, glimpses of each world hinting at the other…Each story line stands on its own, but together they form a thought-provoking study of faith, misunderstanding, and survival.” – Publishers Weekly

Magic Trix
“What a delightful debut for an magical new series for the 7 to 9 year olds. I loved this book from the first sentence…This is going to be an amazing series. I can feel it in my bones. One for every child to cherish for years to come. Move over Rainbow Magic, you have some new competition on your doorstep!” – Serendipity Reviews

“Sara Grant, if you are not aware is a brilliant, award-winning author as well as being an entertaining speaker and all-round lovely person. I have had the pleasure of working with her several times over the past few years, and have watched as she has held audiences entranced with her reading and talks which flip between humour and seriousness. Her workshops can be tailored to specific age groups from primary-age readers to adults.” – Matt Imrie, past chair London Youth Libraries Group, School Librarian for Farringtons School

“I just wanted to tell you (though I’m sure you’ve heard it before) that you are a brilliant author and an inspiring speaker…After I got home from your talk last night, I sat down and wrote for an hour straight. It was the first time I’ve written in over four months. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your motivational words. I didn’t think there was any more creativity in me, but what you said gave me a fresh start and cleared my head. I love your book so far, and I want you to know I consider you a role model.” – unsolicited email from teenager at an event at the Oldham County Public Library in Kentucky

“Sara visited Padgate Library with The Edge writers as part of our My Voice project in June 2012. She organised the visit on behalf of the other writers, and was easy to work with, very flexible and well organised. Altogether they saw over 80 young people. Sara talked about her teen book ‘Dark Parties’ and read extracts. The young people attending were engrossed in her talk and couldn’t wait to chat to her at the end. As part of the panel she also answered questions from the audience and gave young people an insight into the life of an author and helped them to see that it is cool to read. After the event she gave her time very willingly to any of the young people who had been motivated to stay behind and chat some more. Her rapport with the audience couldn’t have been better.
Here are some of the comments from the young people on the day
‘It was very interesting and fun 10/10’
‘I really enjoyed meeting you and I really liked the sound of Dark Parties’
‘I really enjoyed it and Sara’s accent 10/10’
‘I really enjoyed it, very inspirational! Xxx’” – Chris Everett, Development Librarian Reading, Padgate Library, and her libronauts

“I first booked Sara Grant as a tutor for the SCBWI-BI (Society of Childrens’ Writers and Illustrators-British Isles Chapter) Masterclass Series a few years ago. She delivered an engaging, vibrant, hands on masterclass on Revision techniques that had members emailing, blogging and tweeting her praises. As the class sold out so quickly we discussed with Sara about developing her class into two sessions and running it again. These classes sold out in weeks and we had to add further dates to accommodate the demand. Sara has a fast paced, direct and accessible style that means she can motivate people both on a one to one level and in large group work. She made every participant in that class feel they not only came out with more information than they had going in, but that they were empowered to use that information and apply it to their own writing. I have since also booked Sara as a speaker at the SCBWI annual conference in Winchester where she entertained and enthralled a large lecture theatre of delegates. Her dynamic speaking style and bubbly enthusiasm are as infectious onstage as they are off. I could not recommend Sara Grant more highly.” –Mo O’Hara, SCBWI Masterclass Coordinator 2009- 2013 and Conference Speaker Coordinator 2010-2012

“Sara’s visit showed our students the work that is writing and illustrated the process and power of revision. My students loved her frank and honest discussion about how difficult it is to write even about topics and issues that you care deeply. Dark Parties has not spent a single day on our library shelves…the kids (and adults) loved it!” – Ted Baechtold, Senior English Teacher, Eastern Greene High School

“The workshop mixed fun and creativity with rolling your sleeves up and getting down to some serious writing. All learners achieved something from the workshop and went away full of renewed confidence in their writing, and feeling energised and inspired. They learnt a range of writing skills including how to start a piece of creative writing and how to put their ideas onto paper, which might spark an interesting new hobby for them, as well as being transferable into their vocational areas.” — Susan Sandercock, Curriculum Leader for English at South Essex College.

“I wrote an entire short story in the session – I am really proud of myself.” – teen student at South Essex College

“Writing stories is now something I will do at home in my spare time because it’s a lot of fun and will stop me being bored.” – teen student at South Essex College

“You were really great by the way… if it was anyone else I would have switched off, but you kept me really entertained and amused. Thanks for coming in and talking to our class.” – from an unsolicited email from teen boy at Belfairs High School, Leigh-on-Sea

To Make a Booking

To make an enquiry about Sara Grant or any of the other authors, poets & illustrators listed on this website, please phone Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at

Further information on Sara Grant is available from her website: Email: Twitter: @authorsaragrant