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Salma Zaman
Salma Zaman

All About Salma Zaman

Salma Zaman HND; CertEd is a multi-nominated award-winning author of children’s books. She is thefounder and artistic director of Salma’s Bollywood academy (SBA).  Salma has appeared on Coronation Street, BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, ITV, Channel 4, has choreographed and performed for Bollywood stars and is an ambassador for several high-profile charities. In addition to this, Salma is a qualified lecturer/teacher, researcher, leader, and qualified to teach both dance and drama,  Salma is also a qualified lecturer, leader, qualified teacher, researcher, choreographer and motivational and a public speaker who promotes culture, equality, diversity, inclusivity and dis/ABILITY awareness, differentiation and accessibility to all her learning students.



Salma is a published author of ‘Bollywood Princess,’ ‘HELP! I Can’t Dance Without My Bhangra Pants’ and she is currently working on further children’s books.  Her aim is to educate youngsters from an early age that dis/ABILITY is all around us and let’s embrace and share and celebrate the differences and not shy away from this. Salma disregards the word dis and focuses on ABILITY and her books promote disability awareness and acceptance. In addition to this, Salma has created story sacks to further enhance the reading experience of her students with key story words, visual prompts, noisy, tactile, sensory and visual resources – especially for when her participants have additional needs.


Salma, recently won the title ‘Yorkshire Women of Achievement Awards’– Arts Category – 2018/2019 and she holds she title the ‘Best Dancing School’ for 2018 in West Yorkshire. Salma adores reading and writing and have had a strong passion to write from her teenage years and not so long ago her dreams came true when she launched Bollywood Princess.


High Profile Events Salma Has Worked In:

  • Performance for Bollywood Star – Ashwairya Rai
  • Performance for Bollywood Star – Waheeda Rehman
  • Appeared on Hollywood Celebrity, Donny Osmond’s show – Identity
  • Appeared on Coronation Street
  • BBC1: Our Dancing Town and Local news – Look North
  • BBC2: Recipes that made me
  • BBC3: Freaky Eaters
  • TV1: Local news – Calendar
  • B4U: Pop video choreography
  • Channel 4: Oh God



Salma’s School Visits

During a school visit, Salma begins with an interactive story telling session. Both Bollywood Princess, HELP! I Can’t Dance Without My Bhangra Pants and Greedy Gertie have story sacks with visual, noisy, sensory and tactile resources for all participants to use. Story sacks supports lifelong learning through key story words, visual prompts and resources. Character costumes are provided to further enhance the learning experience for all. Salma’s books are aimed at children from different cultural backgrounds and her books encourages engagement and integration off all faiths. Salma will test participant learning has taken place by asking prompting questions throughout the session such as “What are the hidden messages within Bollywood Princess” and “Why do you think? Extended activities are put in place by the providing activity sheets. Salmas books promote and encourage equality, diversity, inclusion and differentiation and all three books promote physical movement ranging from Bollywood, Bhangra and creative movement dance choreography, which are cleverly embedded within the story books.



Bollywood Dance (Modern Indian) is extremely popular amongst the children and school staff.  The high energy musicality and the fun Indian dance movements and gestures taken from Salma’s books are addictive and fun for all. Bollywood dancing is the core basis of most Indian films and Bollywood dance incorporates other dance genres such as khatak, modern dance, jazz, bharatnatyam, salsa, western street dance and some hip-hop themes are also visible. Experience during our classes the true colours of Bollywood dance first hand and have a real taste of the hustle and bustle of this popular Indian dance.



Bhangra Dance (Pakistani and Indian Folk Dance) compliments Salmas second book HELP! I Can’t Dance Without My Bhangra Pants. Bhangra is a traditional folk dance from both Pakistan and India. Historically Bhangra was performed as part of the harvest season as a celebratory dance to enjoy the good harvest. Farmers celebrated this by singing songs and dancing along to their words. Bhangra is a true celebration of Asian cultures and diversity. Below is an indication of what may include in a typical workshop with Salma.


  • Fun teacher led warm-up and stretch
  • Bollywood dance techniques (encouraged from Bollywood Princess)
  • Embedded Maths and English
  • Classical hand gestures
  • Learn a Bollywood dance fused with other dance genres
  • Choreographed and improvisation experiences
  • Musicality
  • Fun teacher led cool-down and stretch
  • Dance energises
  • Improves your co-ordination and rhythm
  • Increased confidence and self-awareness


Salma has worked with all key stages including playgroups, nurseries right through to university level.

Salma is happy to accommodate 30 children per 45 mins session (can do more but please discuss this with her so she can organise this appropriately).


Salma’s Books

Bollywood Princess

Milli dreams about becoming a Bollywood princess. She wants to appear in a Bollywood dance show, like the ones she had seen on television. As she attends her first Bollywood dance class, she wonders whether she will become a Bollywood princess. Will she be wearing the Bollywood crown? Will her dreams come true?


HELP!!! I can’t dance without my Bhangra pants!

Amaan is a little boy with Autism who was enjoying his Bhangra dance class, but he constantly slipped and tripped over. All he ever wanted was some magic to help him dance so he could win the trophy at the dance contest. One day, he discovered a pair of Bhangra dance pants and the most magical things began to happen. Amaan begins to dance. Roberta also wanted to win the trophy and since there could only be one winner, she came up with a horrid plan. Will Amaan be able to find his Bhangra moves and grooves? Or will he cry “HELP!!! I can’t dance without my Bhangra pants!”


Greedy Gertie

Greedy Gertie the waffle-eating cow munched on waffles. She ate them like there was no tomorrow. When, Greedy Gertie falls over, she comes across jumping frogs, crickets, with their rickety-tickety hand movements and their nippy footwork all dancing and prancing happily. When, the animals encourage Greedy Gertie to showcase her dance talents she feels sad because she is in a wheelchair and she can’t stand up to dance.

Feeling sorry for herself, she begins to stack her waffles in a sky-high pile. Suddenly, the waffles come crashing down from every direction. Super Greedy Gertie springs into action. She grabs, snatches, she twists, turns and flips, trying desperately to save her precious waffles from a waffley end. With these moves and grooves, will Greedy Gertie become the best dancing cow in the universe or will she stick to eating waffles like there was no tomorrow?


Recommendations & Reviews

“Salma you are a very good dancer” Bollywood Star (Mumbai India)

“Salma is a talented writer and fully engages the children”. Founder of AE Solar Systems (Pakistan)

“I am very proud of Salma’s work as a writer only if I can convince her to write a script for me”. Funding for big projects (London)

“Salma is a dedicated teacher who writes highly entertaining children’s books, which are a lot of fun”. Festival Director (Newcastle)

“Creative, appealing Bollywood dance inspired book”. Year 1 Teacher (Leeds)

“A divine Bollywood dance book, bursting with outstanding illustrations that will leave any girl wishing she was a Bollywood Princess”. Primary Head Teacher (Huddersfield)

To Make a Booking

To make an enquiry about Salma, or any of the other authors, poets & illustrators listed on this website, please phone Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at