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Saci Lloyd
Saci Lloyd

All About Saci Lloyd

Saci Lloyd is the author of the critically acclaimed Carbon Diaries series and The Guardian short-listed thrillers Momentum and Quantum Drop.

Saci was born in Manchester, but raised in Wales where she spent a lot of time lost in nature or down by the shore. She returned to Manchester as an undergraduate, but soon quit University for a life of glamour. At various points in the glitz she has worked as a very bad cartoonist, toured the States in a straight edge band, run an interactive media team at an advertising agency, co-founded a film company and finally wound up as head of media at NewVIc. She’s now stepped down from that post, but continues her association with the college. The Carbon Diaries series have been translated into fifteen languages and have been optioned by Company Pictures. Momentum was short-listed for the Guardian prize and is currently optioned by Revelation Pictures.

Saci lives in London, but still has strong roots in the north of England and Wales and has a lot of experience of working with young people. She is a sixth form teacher and over the course of the last ten years has toured extensively both nationally and internationally. Saci has a very lively and engaging style. Using a fantastic range of multimedia and props she uses the themes in her books as a springboard onto larger discussions about creativity and how to become an active citizen. Students love this challenge and often fascinating and thought provoking sessions ensue.

Saci is a very relaxed visitor. You can throw her into a large presentation hall, a small group session, a drop in visit, a library or a noisy atrium. You can give her reluctant readers, unruly boys, shy girls, she’ll be fine.

She is happy to tailor her events to your school’s needs. She tends to work in sessions of around an hour – and she has a wide range of topics she is comfortable covering. These include:
Interactive whole group creative writing workshops
Very lively readings
Climate change made exciting
Glimpses into future worlds
How to believe you are a writer
Why politics isn’t boring

I toured Saci Lloyd on the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour for a week in March 2012. She visited three separate local authorities and saw 10 secondary schools (two schools per day), and 650+ pupils from S1-S4. Saci has a great style when speaking in front of the pupils. Her lively, easy-going manner draws pupils into talking with her, she is great at getting pupils creating their own (amusing and terrifying) thrillers using props – which is saying something, as secondary pupils are a notoriously reluctant group. Saci not only talks about books and writing, but also about thought-provoking topics, such as the economy, carbon emissions, climate change, the politics affecting teenagers today. The feedback we received from the tour was overwhelmingly positive, with many commenting on how dynamic and creative her sessions are. You can see what the teachers and pupils thought here:

Saci’s School Visits

Saci’s style is funny and very interactive. She often gets students to create impromptu thrillers and she uses a variety of techniques to encourage whole group participation.

For readings, Saci offers students to pick sections from her books and also discusses the thinking behind those scenes in order to give insight into her writing process. She also shows large rolls of paper covered in early ideas for her own novels and encourages students create their own.

She is also able to facilitate creative writing sessions and likes to integrate dramatic techniques such as acting out scenes and improvising dialogue.

Saci is very flexible in the resources she needs. Ideally, a screen and audio, but she can also work with no multimedia at all and is very comfortable with a flip chart and some large sheets of paper.

Saci Lloyd is a teacher of Media at Newham Sixth Form College with whom she havs worked for many years to encourage creativity and promote literacy. Saci is also a brilliant writer and engaging speaker who looks to challenge and involve young people in discussion and expression of their ideas. Her books and talks explore issues (government, the environment and globalisation), that are important and relevant to young people. Through her teaching and writing Saci continues to challenge and inspire.

Saci takes the time to carefully plan and market the events with the organisers (learning resources staff). This includes preparing displays, audio visual resources and a range of prizes to give away in response to the most challenging questions or opinions shared by students.

Talks given at Newham Sixth Form College have ranged from intimate book club meetings to large cross college groups exceeding one hundred and twenty students. They are open and relevant to individuals with an interest in creative writing and teachers who bring class groups engaged in writing as part of their subject.

Those attending expecting a lecture or dry book reading are always surprised. From the start Saci works with the audience, giving a brief reading and then exploring themes, characters and plots within her books,  asking questions and seeking opinions and involving everyone. Ideas are thrown around and shared and related to local and personal experiences. Before long there is a constant audience buzz and a sea of hands as everyone becomes involved.

“Would I recommend asking Saci to speak? Absolutely! Talks are tailored to the audience, challenging, motivating and engaging throughout. Does the discussion stop there? No, it goes back into classrooms, increases membership in the book club and leaves everyone asking…. When is the next talk?” Rodney Kain, LRC manager, NewVic, E13 8SG

Saci’s Books
carbon diaries 15

The Carbon Diaries 2015
It’s January 1st, 2015, and the UK is the first nation to introduce carbon dioxide rationing, in a drastic bid to combat climate change. As her family spirals out of control, Laura Brown chronicles the first year of  rationing with  scathing abandon. Will her mother become one with her inner wolf? Will her sister give up her weekends in Ibiza? Does her father love the pig more than her? Can her band the dirty angels make it big? And will Ravi Datta ever notice her? In these dark days, Laura deals with the issues that really matter: love, floods and pigs. The Carbon Diaries 2015 is one girl’s drastic bid to stay sane in a world unravelling at the seams.

“An uproarious, scathing and pathos-filled romp – Adrian Mole does the apocalypse.” The Financial Times.

carbon diaries 17

The Carbon Diaries 2017
It’s over a year since her last diary and Laura Brown is now in her first year of university in London, a city still struggling to pull itself together in the new rationing era. Laura’s right in the heart of it; her band, the dirty angels, are gigging all over town until a police crackdown on rioting students forces them out of the city. After a brief exile on her parents’ farm, the  angels set off in a battered VW bus on a tour of Europe with Chainsaws in the Distance. The tour soon unravels, however, in an increasingly dramatic sequence of events that include drought in Europe and Africa, a tidal-wave of desperate immigrants, a water war in the Middle East and a city-wide face off with the army in London. Not to mention infidelity, betrayal, friendship, love and massive courage.
How long can Laura distance herself from the struggle? And more importantly, how can she keep her style and hope alive in a world on the edge of madness?
“An absolutely brilliant read.” The Guardian


London, the near future. Energy wars are flaring across the globe – oil prices have gone crazy, regular power cuts are a daily occurrence. The cruel Kossak soldiers prowl the streets, keeping the Outsiders – the poor, the disenfranchised – in check. Hunter is a  a sous en france Citizen: one of the privileged of society, but with his passion for free running and his rebel friend Leo he cannot help but be fascinated by the Outsiders. So when he meets Outsider Uma, he is quickly drawn into their world – and into an electrifying and dangerous race to protect everything they hold dear…

“An edgy, stylish novel with a strong message about the dangers of nuclear power.” The Times

quantum drop

Quantum Drop
Dedicated to the 99%

Anthony Griffin is an ordinary kid caught up in a dangerous world. The boundaries between real and virtual are more and more blurred, and when Anthony’s girlfriend is taken out in a gang hit, he has to venture into the underground world of the Drop to flush out her killer and bring her to justice.
This is story of a boy whose girl is worth more than money.
A story of revenge and a powerful and startling vision of the future from the Costa shortlisted author, Saci Lloyd. The BookBag.
For all the latest on Saci, please visit her website. You’ll also be able to see students’ videos, graphic novels and animations inspired by her books.

To purchase Saci’s books, click here.

Reviews and Recommendations

“I want to give you feedback on Saci’s visit today. She held the attention of 200 Yr 9s this morning for 50 mins and I looked at their faces on a number of occasions and they were rapt. She involved them and got them talking. One girl told her “she was the best author the school had ever had”. Now for her to say that is praise indeed! She pitched the 50 mins perfectly and as well as being entertaining she got them thinking about the planet and their part in it’s future.” Carolyn Garcia – Waldegrave School

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