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Ruth Eastham
Ruth Eastham

All About Ruth Eastham

Ruth’s School Visits

An author visit to your school from Ruth Eastham can have a huge impact on your students, improving their writing skills and developing their enthusiasm for literature. Ruth can deliver highly interactive presentations and run cross-curricular creative writing workshops based on
her books, “The Memory Cage”, “The Messenger Bird”, “Arrowhead”, “The Jaguar Trials” and, her latest novel, “The
Warrior in the Mist”.

Ruth will reveal the exciting real-life dramas and mysteries behind her books. Learn about the legendary
warrior queen, Boudicca, and her tribe’s fight against Roman invaders. Be fascinated by the superstitions
surrounding the mysterious Will o’the Wisps. Discover dead Viking bodies entombed in glaciers, secret
wartime codes, and manuscripts that tell of lost, treasure-laden South American cities.
Find out about the life of a writer and how they find inspiration, as well as draft and shape their stories.

Creative Writing Workshops

Ruth offers a diverse range of workshops, for example:
The Memory Cage: Among Ruth’s most popular workshops, children bring in a ‘Memory Object’ that has a
special significance, and write about what it means to them. (All ages and abilities.)
The Messenger Bird: Try your hand at being a wartime code-breaker, then write a top secret diary of your
experiences (years 5-7). Optional Bletchley Park–approved FACT FILE available for pre-visit preparation!

Arrowhead: Explore the thrills and dangers of an ice cave through drama and sound, then write about how it
felt (years 3–6). Alternatively, after watching Arrowhead’s gripping trailer, craft a storyboard and captions for a
favourite book (years 6–7).
The Jaguar Trials: Travel into the heart of the Amazon in search of the legendary city of El Dorado. Describe
your journey using all the senses and meet incredible rainforest animals (years Reception–6).
The Warrior in the Mist: Children imagine how it feels to be a young Celtic warrior or a Roman soldier on the
day of the battle. They can even take on the role of a battleground reporter rooting for their own side (years
5–7) or be fracking protesters, standing their ground on the issues for and against (years 6–7). Be the first into
an ancient tomb to unearth a stunning archaeological find (all ages).

Ruth has also run writing workshops with pupils up to year 10, covering topics such as Conflict in Stories and


Ruth’s Books

The Memory Cage

No child should have to live through a war.

No child should have to see what Alex has seen.

He’s locked it all away in a secret place but, one day, the ticking time bomb in his mind has to detonate.

Alex’s family want to help, but they have other problems.

Only Alex’s beloved grandfather can answer his questions about family secrets.

But Grandad is scarred by a war of his own – and his memories are fading fast as the effects of Alzheimer’s grip him.

Time is running out for Alex.

Only by unlocking the terrors of the memory cage for both of them, can he hope to escape the nightmares.


The Messenger Bird

Nathan’s father has been arrested. He works for the Ministry of Defence and is accused of leaking top secret information. But as he is dragged into a police car, he gives Nathan a message. It leads to a riddle, but it’s not from Dad. It’s from an ex-Bletchley Park employee, Lily Kenley, and was written in 1940. Nathan begins to follow the clues left behind by Lily. But how can this war-time story link to his father’s fate? Hope for Dad’s appeal is fading fast. He must solve the puzzle. Time is running out.



When thirteen-year-old Jack moves to Norway, he’s sure there’s no truth in the local myths and legends. But then he comes face to face with one: the body of a Norse warrior boy, frozen in the ice, and carrying with him an ancient arrowhead – that contains a terrible curse. If Jack’s going to survive, he has to overcome both an ancient wrong and a newly-risen enemy in this thrilling adventure from an award-winning author.


The Jaguar Trials

Thirteen-year-old Ben finds himself in South America, in the heart of the Amazon jungle, and stumbling into an ancient mystery. Along with two local kids, he is determined to solve the trials of El Dorado, lift the curse and find his missing Dad. The pursuit of the legendary  gold has taken many lives and there are spirits not at peace; supernatural powers that bind Ben to a mystical black jaguar. Through the trials, Ben must learn the importance of friends and realise that treasure isn’t always what you expect it to be.


The Warriors in the Mist

‘Their bodies flickered strangely transparent, blueish, as if they were made of flames. With a jolt, he realised that they were fading. Time was running out.’

Who are the phantom girls? What do they want with Aidan?

Aidan’s village is under siege. A fracking company has moved on to the land.

Once drilling is complete, the paddocks looked after by Aidan’s family will be gone, along with his home and the horse he loves.

Aidan and his best friends Emmi and Jon have one last hope. Legend has it that the warrior queen Boudicca is buried close by. If only they can find the tomb… prove this is the site of her last great battle against Roman invaders…

As the mists of time separating ancient history from present day swirl and fade, Aidan must face a deadly enemy. He must fight to uncover the truth of the ghostly sisters, before it is too late.


Awards and Nominations

The Memory Cage

WINNER: Inspiration Book Awards
SHORTLISTED: Waterstone’s Book Prize


The Messenger Bird

WINNER: Oldham Brilliant Book Awards
WINNER: Sefton Super Reads Book Award
SHORTLISTED: Stockport, East Sussex, Warwickshire & Essex Book Awards
NOMINATED: Redbridge Libraries Book Award



CHOSEN for the National 2016-2017 BOOKTRUST BookBuzz for secondary schools.


Reviews and Testimonials

“Pitched at just the right level… Educational and immensely enjoyable.” Cardinal Vaughan, London
“A fabulous day and the children loved it. The way Ruth fitted into our timetable and adjusted the
sessions to the age group was wonderful.” Gosforth Central Middle School, Newcastle

“The buzz around the school for the whole day Ruth was with us was fantastic. The entire Key Stage
Two wanted to spend extra time on their creative writing in the days that followed.” Deputy Head,
Ladybarn Primary School, Manchester

“We have Ruth in to work with Years 5 & 6 every year. Without fail, she captures their attention,
makes them think, and helps them develop pieces of writing that they are rightly proud of – and all
this with a cohort of ninety… We can’t speak highly enough of her.” Yr 6 Teacher, Frederick Bird,
Ruth’s Patron of Reading School, Coventry


To Make a Booking

To make an enquiry about Ruth, or any of the other authors, poets & illustrators listed on this website, please phone Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at