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Ross Welford
Ross Welford

All About Ross Welford

Ross Welford worked for several years as a journalist and television producer – with stints in between as a professional magician. As a TV producer he worked for all of the major UK broadcasters on programmes such as The Big Breakfast and This Morning With Richard And Judy.

In 2015 his first book was published.  Time Travelling With A Hamster  was an instant hit with children, parents and educators.
Ross’s books have sold all over the world and have been translated into fourteen languages.
He lives in London with his family, border collie and tropical fish.

Ross’ School Visits

Ross’ main presentation is a lively, interactive talk called “How To Write A Story.”

1. What are stories, and why do we tell them?
2. How Ross creates his own stories (usually focusing on his latest book, or another of his, according to the school/festival’s preference)
3. The “Time Travel” magic trick (often the most talked-about feature!)
4. An improvised story-creation. This is noisy and always hilarious, as Ross and the pupils devise a story based on suggestions from the audience.
Depending on the ages of the audience, the talk can be adapted with other sections:

1. The magic of reading. For younger children, this is a magic trick involving a rabbit puppet reading a book of instructions that goes hilariously wrong.
2. Writing Is Rewriting. A look at the importance of the craft of rewriting
3. Young Writers: aimed at older children, this is an inspiring run-down of hugely successful authors from ages nine to 25.
4. How to remember anything. From Time Travelling With A Hamster, a funny and practical introduction to the art of mnemonics


Ross can work with all ages of students (KS1-KS5) and tailors his workshops to be age appropriate.

His books are most appropriate for ages 7-13.


Ross’ Books

Time Travelling With A Hamster

11 year old Al uses a secret time machine to go back to 1984 where he meets his dad and tries to prevent the go-kart accident that will later cause his death.

Winner of the Awesome Book Award 2017.

Carnegie Medal Longlist

20 other nominations and shortlists, including The Blue Peter Award, the Branford Boase Award, The Waterstones Prize and the Costa Award.


What Not To Do If You Turn Invisible

12 year-old Ethel and her best friend Boydy are thrown into a nail-biting and hilarious adventure when Ethel accidentally discovers the secret to invisibility – and finds a whole lot more about herself into the bargain.


The 1,000 Year Old Boy 

Young Alfie Monk has kept the secret of his immortality for 1,000 years.  But when the 21st century comes crashing into his sheltered life, he and his new friends Aidan and Roxy must risk everything to find the antidote to his agelessness.

Recommendations and Reviews

“Ross is a hugely engaging speaker who articulates his stories and, moreover, his creative process in a way that is both accessible and inspiring. He establishes a great rapport with children and young people and acts as a positive role model for reading and writing. I would highly recommend Ross and look forward to following his future work and progress.”
Jake Hope, Children’s Reading Coordinator

“Ross entertained two full year groups of 120 pupils for 45 minutes each by reading short passages from his book, telling hilarious anecdotes and to the excitement and amazement of many, performing a couple of unexpected magic tricks.
The young audience thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and over 40 bought signed copies of his lovely novel. We look forward to welcoming Ross back in the not too distant future for another fascinating morning.”
Trevor Parker,English Teacher, Linton Village College, Cambridge

“Great speaker, and great fun, the children loved his presentation. It was a lovely way to spend a day taking Ross into lots of very different schools and hearing him engage with children and staff. I hope he comes back to Chorleywood soon.”
Sheryl Shurville, The Chorleywood Bookshop

To Make a Booking

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