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Ross Reynolds
Ross Reynolds

All About Ross Reynolds

Ross Reynolds has an eclectic background that includes being a project coordinator, teacher, community artist, foster carer and educational workshop leader in addition to portraying dozens of characters, both fictional and historical.

Ross originally got the story bug when he was a kid; His dad would come home after 6 months at sea with all manner of tales about punching sharks, getting the kiss of life from a hairy Norwegian or having a jellyfish in his wet suit! Whilst he was away Ross’ mum read to him constantly. Nania and Middle Earth or Wonka’s factory have always been home to him as much as planet Earth. Despite severe dyslexia rendering him illiterate until his mid-teens and an on-going war of attrition with the written word, he loves stories and the worlds they take him to as much now as he ever has.

Ross Reynolds is a storyteller, performer and artist. Let him take you and your students on a ride they won’t soon forget; meet heroes, monsters, kings and tyrants. Bargain with goblins in the deep dark and, if you must step off the path, know your guide is a native of these lands…

Ross’ storytelling is extremely versatile, with all of human history, myth & legend as his playground the only boundary is imagination; there are no subjects you cannot explore. Whatever the focus is skiing on jelly or bullying and personal relationships – story telling gives you a unique doorway to discussion, reflection and investigation.

Ross has a wealth of stories at his disposal and is always happy to add more if you have something particular in mind; whether it’s Arthurian legend, Greek Gods, classic fables, the 1001 Nights or local folk-tales, he will have something to suite your needs.

He also offers story making, when he will take the role of a guide, enabling groups to explore and create their own stories populated with heroes, adventure and the issues that matter to them. Ross’ story making sessions turbo-charge your students, enabling them to imagine, create and describe in new and wonderful ways. Creating stories is an excellent way to stimulate debate and reflection on a subject or warm up the imagination for any creative activity; the sessions are also an exciting event in their own right, guaranteed to add a little magic to the school calendar.

A traditional sit down telling can be from 20 to 45 minutes depending on the audience and will incorporate a selection of stories which can be related to a particular theme or subject of your choice. Groups of any size, from a handful to a full school are easily accommodated.

A story making session is more involved taking at least 45 minutes and limited to a single class at a time.

Ross works primarily with children in key stage 1 or 2 and is happy to make his telling accessible to all.

Ross’ School Visits

Ross works with key stage 1 and 2.

A day in a school varies depending on their requirements, He can start with a telling in morning assembly. Then ether set up shop and have groups come to me or move from class to class. He can tailor tales to suite any subject or theme.

Early key stage one/reception:

Story tellings for younger children are about 20 minutes, they incorporate a lot of interaction, repetition and movement.

Key stage one/two:

Tellings for this group can be anything from 20 to 40 minutes. He can also offer story making workshops.

Ross is happy to do either, though story making requires a class or small group.

Story telling is a fantastic way to improve a range or literacy skills including:- speaking and listening, building vocabulary and creative writing. Story telling can also build confidence and provide a catalyst for discussion in PSHE. It also builds empathy and promotes social cohesion.

For story telling, Ross requires only a place to stand. Story making needs big flip charts/board as a minimum and has the potential to use a wide variety of materials dependant on the requirements of individual schools.

Ross has performed in school assemblies and can tell various tales or stick to whichever themes are required.

Nursery and reception are about 20 minutes; key stages 1 or 2 are generally 30 to 45 minutes for standard telling.

 To Make a Booking

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