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Robin Surgeoner
Robin Surgeoner

All About Robin Surgeoner

Robin Surgeoner has a complex and varied background, with the various strands complimenting each other. His father worked with The Military, which meant that he moved around a number of times and spent time in Northern Ireland and Hong Kong as well as living in Berkshire and Surrey. From this early age Robin found himself very interested in people and words that describe how people look and feel and the situations they present or you indeed find yourself in.

As a child growing up as a disabled person, the need to assess other people and how they react to you or indeed are likely to react to you became extremely important.

Being able to swim before he could walk was what set Robin on the road to sporting success, competing at Paralympic Games, winning a total of Nine Gold Medals, setting a number of World Records and ultimately receiving an MBE for Services To Disability Sport.

The exposure Robin got to real people in real situations in a global sense through travelling both through sport and personal adventure have gone to inform his political and creativity identity and set him on his authorial road.

Robin Surgeoner started as teenager with poetry, then went into song-writing and singing and now in combination with the above, he also write plays, shorts stories, long jokes and mischievous limericks.

Currently performing under the stage name of Angryfish and operating Angryfish Training – Art & Empowerment, his own creative training consultancy: He runs various courses from short poetry writing sessions through to song writing and recording right through to longer engagements looking at story and playwriting.

Robin’s School Visits

Robin runs a number of writing courses and has the experience to tailor these to any age group and indeed, with the extent of work he has completed with people with differing impairments he has the capacity to work across the spectrum of ability, creativity is about thought, how you extract those thoughts for audience consumption is an additional tool where in certain cases holding a pen or speaking the words is not always easy.

Robin’s personal background, achievements and struggles are the backdrop for much of the work-shopping he does; understanding who you are in a very complex world and discovering ways to empower others to empower themselves through creativity is his life-blood.

From the youngest child, to the oldest adult, Robin feels we all have experiences that we need to share, ideas that find us bursting at the edges, effervescing with enthusiasm, or simply a self that needs to be given permission to be who we need to be.

Therefore rather than delivering the same course to different people, whilst he does have a set of workshop titles, each course will be bespoke in relation to the age, ability, circumstance and timescale and will be devised and agreed in advance to ensure that all participants enjoy meaningful participation, in a secure, constructive and progressive learning environment.

With the above in mind, the length and depth of any workshop will depend on the dynamics of the group and he can work with any size group, from whole school presentations as the start point down to individual motivation and inspiration sessions.

The younger the age group, or the more compromised the cognition, greater the individual contact is needed, but conversely often the more gifted person requires more security of mind in what they are achieving.

Robin’s aim through all workshops and sessions is to have provided an enriching experience which provides the participants with an enhanced perspective of how the world and people on it can be seen and within that their own relationship with the world and people around them and furnish them with the confidence to think and write creatively about these issues and to create emotionally responsive new works that will further inform the writers peers and out into society beyond.

If you would like to visit Robin’s web site at there are there various course outlines that are an example of what he can offer.

Authored Works

To date Robin has had many poems published in journals and collections, he has had songs played and performed on local and national radio, had short stories read and had plays performed.

Robin’s most comprehensive work to date is a one-man show entitled ‘All The Things We Could Have Been’ funded through the Arts Council and toured through a mixture of traditional and non-traditional venues in The Midlands and London. A mixed media presentation with poetry, song and spoken word, including pre-recorded British Sign language interpretation, plus pop-up and video scenery to make to play as portable and accessible as possible.

Samples of Robin’s Work

The Good Fight (Final section of ‘All The Things We Cold Have Been’)
Now back at The Hasty and The Hurting the most remarkable tavern
where the landlord, that’s me Peter, works twenty four seven
you see for a few of my patrons this might be the last pint I serve
but I cannot rest without knowing for those who deserve
to be given the opportunity to rise from their plight
to return to the living to fight the good fight
for many of us have been here and stared longingly at heaven’s gates
but if intervention is prudent then it’s never too late
to walk back out through the in door to return to the action
to stand up for what you believe in, to demand a reaction
If you remember I started by presenting a riddle
and I hope you’d agree that I haven’t been idle
in looking at the myths and the resultant behaviour
that illuminates the sinners and yourself as your saviour

We can be the triumphant if all these hurdles are foreseen
and never need ask the question what are all the things we could have been

So lets close tonight’s proceedings with a song that I hope rallies
All you good people to join the battle as our allies.
My mind is shredding air like the blades of an apache
Attack helicopter reeking havoc on the enemy
Leaving pain love and longing ambition and detritus
We keep our heads below the barricades as the Government try to frighten us
With ideas that amputate the souls of the excited
Except for the neo fascists their flames re-ignited
Masquerading as democracy wielding the axe of social capitol
The big society drops the needy indiscriminately like a bombshell

It comes as no surprise interest rates are at an all time low
Forgotten children of our time will have their own Panorama show
Apologies will not help politicians and their artful bankers
When revolution hits the streets and they turn and try to thank us
For stopping them in their tracks as they did their very best to dismantle
The very essence of humanity that separates ordinary man from mere cattle
Wearing latex attitudes the uniform of the infidel
Ripping the heart out of a nation with the immorality of a bombshell

And I think I have the proof they put insecticide inside of us
Just to pull off our wings and kill off the spirit to fight in us
But as the spider killed the fly so the bird ate the spider next
Read between the lines and understand the unwritten text
It wasn’t eating the horse that killed the bloated broad in the question
But the very first decision that led to the suggestion
That the small and the hapless have no meaning and no consequence
Or that size is the paradigm and that what is futile is resistance

Cause history has a habit of the repeating of emerging themes
That survival of the fittest is not always quite what it seems
In that understanding fitness, is understanding the way to lead
A people back from the brink of a disaster brought about by greed
Cause compassion for the lost and empathy with the never-do-wells
Re-dressing the balance between avarice and moral wealth
So no matter how injurious and painful a living hell
Belief in human rights is the most efficacious bombshell
Robin has recorded and produced many songs of his own and recorded and produced for other Disabled Artists for a compilation Album ‘Lend Us Your Ears’

One More
Music & Lyrics © Robin Surgeoner AKA Angryfish
There has got to be a time when everybody smiled
There has got to be a year when terrorists take a break from promoting fear
I’ve got to believe that their will be a place, a place for my son to be safe

You’ve got to understand that everything you see might not be what it seems to be
There are people in the world who have ideas that shouldn’t be heard
So let’s live as one, love as one, as though the world has only just begun

Take the hand of a stranger in a crowd – go kiss the man next door
Don’t throw a penny throw a pound – to the homeless family sitting on the ground

Come together, come as you are – leave the hurting far behind
Hug each other, share a cup of tea – find you care again and fell the release

One more face
One more fight
One more famine
One more plight
One more moment
One more year
One more death
One more tear
One more breakdown
One more why
One more murder
One more life

Reviews and Recommendations

“I am an artist and I also work professionally within the arts industry, having a specialism in Disability Arts. I first saw the show, created by Robin, in Wolverhampton and was interested to see how he would use his art to convey his experiences to a mixed audience. Using spoken word, music, limericks and Signed video shorts, he presented challenging questions to the audience, in terms of examining how language, assumptions, and lack of aspirations about disability can impact widely on those who are labelled disabled. He presents this in ways which are non-patronising and do not rely on emotional pulls to make the audience feel ‘sorry’ for him, thus not seeking the audience to leave feeling the need for disability ‘charity’ but instead equity and equality.
I have worked and researched in Disability Arts for over four years and I came away from Robins show with new questions about how to view disabled artists, and found the content and delivery of the show to be powerful and unique. I highly recommend Robin as an artist and feel that this show should be viewed by as many audiences as possible. Robin has a voice that needs to be heard within both the arts and social care fields, especially as many of those with disabilities find it hard to have their voices heard in society.
I hope this testimonial will enable Robin to find new venues for the show, and I am more than happy to be contacted for further information to support this on the number and email below.” 07748 170502

To Make a Booking

To make an enquiry about Robin Surgeoner, or any of the other authors, poets & illustrators listed on this website, please phone Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at