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Robin Price

All About Robin Price

Get your school writing with ‘World Book Day Recommended Read’ author Robin Price. Robin’s goal is to leave everyone with the tools they need to come up with their own historical tales or sci-fi stories.

Pupils will have fun and produce some great written work both during and following his visit.

Robin started writing in 2004 – having previously written songs. He co-wrote a musical version of The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. This was a massive hit (because of Julia’s brilliant book and Tall Stories fab production). It toured the UK and ended up on Broadway – opposite The Lion King! After that, Robin got the confidence to move from writing songs into writing fiction. The Spartapuss series and London Deep followed on from there.

Robin is the author of 12 books for that range from primary to lower secondary level, from Roobarb and Custard at reception to the graphic novel series London Deep (a Recommended Read for World Book Day 2011 in the 9-12 year category).

Robin’s School Visits

Traditionally, creative writing workshops are run in class sized groups. However, he has become adept at running large sessions with 60 or 90 students per workshop.

Robin has boiled down everything he has learned about getting children writing into a free A4 pdf for teachers. Please email with the word ‘Tips’ in the subject line and he will send you Robin’s 7 Tips For Story Writing.

Robin now offers fantastic workshops on the following Historical Topics / Periods:

The Big Bang
The Stone Age
The Bronze Age
The Romans
The Celts/ Iron Age
The Greeks
The Egyptians
The Anglo Saxons
The Normans
King Arthur
The Elizabethans
The Tudors
The Victorians
World Wars

These workshops link in splendidly with the new history curriculum. Robin will even provide great fun with whole school assemblies where children get to hunt mammoths using foam spears and take part in a Stone Age fashion show!

Shakespearian Workshops

Robin was commissioned by the Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust to get students writing poetry and verse inspired by Shakespeare’s plays.

His exciting series of workshops can be run as poetry or creative writing workshops aimed at all levels from Y2 – Y8 based on a number of popular Shakespeare texts. The students write their own stories and poems based on characters from the plays. Robin introduces a language focus using Shakespearian words and phrases from Shakespearian source texts including Montaigne, Halls Chronicles, and Hollinshed. This might sound complex but he can tailor this to the level and ability of the class. Even Y3’s can write using iambic pentameter!

Richard III
The Tempest
Romeo and Juliet

New for 2015 – 2016

There are some neat tie-ins between his books and the 2015-2016 curriculum.
• Two books in his Spartapuss series – Boudicat and Die Clawdius – link with the topic of the Romans in Britain.
• The Beowuff series ties in with the Anglo-saxons and the Vikings.
• The Olympuss Games – is set in ancient Greece – and connects with Greek myths as a topic.
• The graphic novel series London Deep – links with themes of science fiction and the environment. The manga artwork (by Paul McGrory) in this series provides a new entry point.
• Cleocatra’s Kushion – is set in Egypt and Kush (Africa).
• Shakespeare In Your Own Words – is a fun series of workshops (poetry and prose) that he has developed with Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust – for primary or secondary. Robin will gear this towards the play you are studying: i.e. MacBeth, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest or Richard III.
If you want Robin to theme the workshops around a particular topic:  for example: the Victorians, the Tudors, or anti-bullying.
Robin can devise something bespoke for you (no extra charge!)

What are Robin’s events like?

Teachers sometimes say that some author events can go a bit flat after the initial excitement has died down, so Robin created a series of assemblies that are fun and very interactive. Imagine your pupils rebelling against the Romans, planning a Viking raid or acting out a Greek tragedy. Since 2006, Robin done over 200 sessions in schools, libraries and festivals around the UK.

What levels does Robin work with?
Robin has written books for all ages from Y1 to Y9. So you can put together a day (or days) of assemblies and workshops that cater for all age groups.

For Y2 to Y8
Robin’s assemblies link history with writing. Romans, Vikings, Celts, Anglo Saxons, Greeks, Egyptians and Shakespeare are all favourite topics for assemblies, followed by workshops.

For Y4 to Y9
Robin found that graphic novels are a great hook, (via his WBD recommended title London Deep, set in the future in a flooded world).

Reception and Y1
Since marauding vikings and gladiators can be a bit scary for the younger children, Robin developed a fun show (and workshops) based on Roobarb & Custard and his 2008 book Count Milkula. (Roobarb was invented in the 1970’s by Grange Calvery, but he edited the TV scripts into a series of fun picture books for Mogzilla publishing).

History themed events
During the assembly and the workshops, your pupils will get involved in a range of activities:
• Take part in fun activities and games. For example, they could re-enact a Roman battle or a Viking raid
• ‘Battle’ against each other with a themed quiz
• Work with a partner to imagine and write their own stories
• Share their writing with the rest of the class

Robin’s Sci-Fi/Manga writing workshops
These workshops tie in with his graphic novella/sci-fi adventure London Deep (set in the future in a flooded London). The book was chosen as an official Recommended Read for World Book Day 2011 and in April 2011 it featured on ITV1’s ‘Cool Stuff Collective’ where it was awarded 4 stars out of 5 by the 10 year old reviewer.
London Deep is packed with cool artwork from Paul McGrory. Paul’s amazing manga-influenced drawings are very on-trend and can help to make writing more engaging for 10-14 year olds.
Sometimes Robin will run a joint workshop with Paul, or he can come along with examples of the art on PowerPoint and concentrate on the story-development side.

London Deep explores themes about the environment and the relationships between kids and grown ups, which your pupils can develop further in their own stories. Alternatively they might like to write full on sci-fi epics featuring aliens, vampires, ghosts or weird creatures from their imaginations.

Will Robin work with SEN schools?

Robin loves working with ‘Special Needs’ children and he can adapt his workshops and talks for all stages of learners

Does Robin offer inset days for teachers?
Yes. In 2012 Robin visited Malawi, for a tour arranged by Author’s Abroad. Here is what Head teacher Peter Sloan had to say about his inset training:

What is the cost?
Robin’s sessions are affordable and he has been told that they represent good value.
Please contact Trevor Wilson on 01535 656015 who handles his bookings or email

Does Robin run any workshops about your graphic novels in conjunction with an artist?
Yes. If you want to work on your pupils’ artistic skills, please ask about his joint workshop with London Deep artist Paul McGrory.

Does Robin have information to download?
You can download pdfs with full information on each of the events here:

Robin’s Books

london deep

Robin’s Latest Book, London Deep, Robin’s sixth children’s book, was chosen as a ‘Recommended Read’ for World Book Day 2011 in the 9-12 category. This ‘ terrifically atmospheric, page-turning adventure told via words and comic art’ has also won an ‘Exclusively Independent’ Award and was chosen by school librarians as one of Manchester’s 24 recommended reads for 2010.

I Am Spartapuss

I am Spartapuss

The first book in the series. Will Spartapuss survive gladiator training school?



Second in the series. Rome’s new Emperor is mad, bad and dangerous to stroke!

Die Clawdius

Die Clawdius

Third in the series. Spartapuss has always wanted to see his homeland – but not necessarily as part of an invasion!



The fouth book in the Spartapuss series. A cat-based retelling of the Boudican uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire.

Cleocatra’s Kushion

Cleocatras cushion