Robert Hull
Robert Hull
'...Stargrazer, is wonderfully various, both in theme and form. It dips and delves into Roman history, Provencal legend, describes how shadows seem under bridges, retells, with a humorous lightness, Galileo's story. This is a poetry book to make children feel and think simultaneously. Hull never patronises children by pretending to be one himself - he's too mindful of their uniqueness to behave so improperly.'

New Statesman, 5 Dec. 1997

All About Robert Hull

Robert Hull is a children’s writer and teacher with many years’ experience of working with children and with adults. He has had 15 years’ experience of visiting schools to run writing workshops and give readings. Robert has published more than forty titles, including poetry anthologies, books on teaching, folk-tales such as West African Stories and history titles, including the Heritage series based on the Tudors and Victorians. The main aims of Robert’s school workshop sessions are to ensure enjoyment and satisfaction when writing poems.

Robert Hull’s School Visits

Robert works with both junior and secondary school students, working with year 4 up to year 8. In schools, Robert focuses on poetry, sparking children’s imagination and inspiring them to enjoy writing their own poems.

The visit begins with a brief assembly presentation, consisting of reading a poem or two, to introduce the children to the workshops that will follow the presentation. Robert will then give three or four workshops, these can either be one or two hours long depending on the schools timetable. Robert usually works with one class group at a time and can move onto another class for the next workshop.

In these workshop sessions the students will write their own poetry and finish one whole poem or more frequently students will be encouraged to write three or four ‘starts’ for poems which can be worked upon after Robert has left. During these sessions children are encouraged to read back their drafts, so there is an ongoing ‘performance’, running alongside the writing, which Robert says is crucial. The main aims of these sessions are to ensure enjoyment and satisfaction when writing poems.

Robert is happy to base these poetry workshops on a particular theme if teachers would find that useful, to tie it into their own teaching plans. Children will need lots of paper and decent pens/pencils and Robert will also bring along his own resources on the day. Robert prefers to work with a traditional whiteboard whilst delivering the workshops.

Robert Hull’s Books

Robert will bring books with him on the day and these can be signed and purchased from him.

high tide

High Tide

A collection of poems for children. Salt Publishing 2010.

High Tide is a collection of the best of Robert Hulls poems for children written since 2002. This is a book of very accessible, crafted poetry for children of seven years old and upwards, with a balance of rhyming poems and non-rhyming poems, amusing poems and serious poems. It ranges from pieces about animals and nature to poems about space, school, and family. It includes some nonsense and riddles, and two long story poems.



Poems for children, short-listed for the 1998 Signal Prize History titles, including the Heritage series (Tudors, Victorians etc.)

Everest and Chips

everest and chips

Poems for children (2002), short-listed for the 2003 CLPE award.

If you like playing with words – or yodelling – or rumbling tums – or wondering how the world began – or even if you just like chips – then here is a book full of wonderful, magical, funny, serious spine-tingling poems for you.

In Their Own Words (Victorians)

in their own words

One of the most important sources of historical information is the things people wrote at the time, not just about a particular event but also in letters and plays, in shopping lists and inventories, even on tomb stones. In Their Own Words brings together some of the wealth of this primary source material in historical anthologies to reveal the everyday lives of the men and women who lived through a particular era. Each book is made up of a selection of writing, in a variety of text genres and of different lengths, grouped thematically (e.g. religion, childhood, etc). The extracts are linked together by a straightforward text, giving each extract its context and pointing out its significance. Footnotes at the bottom of each page are used to explain difficult words. The books are illustrated throughout with black and white line. Tudors looks at England and its neighbours between 1500-1603; Victorians considers 19th century Britain and its expanding empire.

Samples of Robert Hull’s Poetry


On a sphere of blue
marbled with white
taking a trip
through silent night,

out for a spin
in starry space
go me and you
and the human race.

‘Please do not feed the animals …’

Please do not feed the ostriches

or the polar bears

Do not offer the wombats

or the rattle-snakes

Remember that piranhas
are not allowed bananas

or partridges

Never approach a stork
with things on a fork

or the bustard
with a plate of custard.

No leopard
likes anything peppered

and meerkats
dislike Kit Kats.

Remember that grapes
upset apes

and meringues
do the same for orang-utans.

Most importantly –
do not feed the cheetah

your teacher.

Reviews & Recommendations

‘I have been amazed and delighted by the responses from children, teachers and parents.’

‘My colleagues have commented how much they learnt from your sessions and have already implemented some of your techniques.’

‘We recently had a visit from Bob Hull… For many of the children it was the highlight of our Writing Week.’

From children:

‘Some of us spent all week-end writing poems’

‘I loved it. You were fab, cool, brill, amazing’

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