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Rob Bradley
Rob Bradley

All About Rob Bradley

Rob Bradley is a poetic rapper and storytelling songwriter. He has performed around the world, from basement clubs in New York to festivals throughout Europe, and collaborated with international artists and songwriters along the way. He’s built a solid fan-base and reputation as an astute lyricist, captivating storyteller and unrivalled improviser, in fact he’s a freestyle rap world champion.

Rob grew up writing poetry from the age of 8. When he was 12 he raided his brothers CD collection and came across various rap CDs. From that moment, he was hooked. Influenced by The Fugees, 2pac and The Notorious BIG, Rob got to writing his own raps and perfecting his delivery and flow. As he grew into adulthood he learned how to use his new skills to tell his own stories and create a style of rap music that uses honesty, emotion and storytelling to convey positive and progressive messages.

Under the name Jack Flash, Rob carved a named for himself in the UK rap scene and beyond releasing 3 independent albums to critical acclaim as well as collaborating on a live band project, Extra Curricular. Now, going by his own name, Rob Bradley, he uses his rap skills to help young people find and develop their voice and have fun exploring a culture and genre which Rob has been transfixed by his whole life.

Have a watch of his TED talk where he explains why it is so important for us to be honest and find a way to tell our own story.

Youtube video link for TED talk


Rob’s school visits

In his visits, Rob performs an interactive freestyle rap where he asks the students for random words and objects and then builds them into an improvised rap. He then teaches the students the cornerstones or rap and explores rhyme, rhythm and poetic devices. He then helps the students devise ideas for the content of a rap and then builds on these ideas to help the students write their own raps. Depending on length of the session and the age of the students, this may be a group writing session or raps written by individuals.

Rob works with any students from Key Stage 2 – Key Stage 5.

For KS2 -3 the sessions focus more on the basics of rhyme, rhythm and performance. This usually culminates in a light hearted group rhyme that can be rehearsed and performed at the end of the session.

For KS 4 – 5 the sessions still cover the basics of rhyme, rhythm and performance but also explore more poetic devices used in rap and discuss concepts and meaning of lyrics further. This either culminates in a well considered group writing or pieces written by individual students.

Sessions can also be tailored to include;
Literacy objectives (e.g. teaching poetic devices)
Off curriculum days
Cultural awareness
Diversity and racial harmony
Target groups (e.g. NEET, Gifted & Talented)
Poetic comparison (links between rap & Shakespeare)
Performance and confidence building
The sessions can either be delivered as half a day per class (2 classes a day) or 1 hour per class (4 classes a day).
Rob can accommodate anything from small groups of students (5+) to large classes (up to 30).



In order for Rob to deliver an effective session the following options should be made available:

Option 1 (Preferred)
A smart board and speakers connected to a computer with capabilities to play MP3s and MP4 videos
Pens and paper for the students
A classroom / hall area

Option 2
A projector with capabilities for connection to a MacBook pro
Speakers with capabilities for connection to a MacBook pro
A white board / Flip chart big enough for a full class to see from the front of the classroom
Pens and paper for the students
A classroom / hall area

Rob rapping and singing about self esteem and ego to students

Click on the link above to see Rob in action at one of our events.

Recommendations and Reviews

“Rob had the children spellbound with his rhymes and captivating performance. Our children have been rhyming, rapping and writing ever since. Rhyme and Shine is electric!”
Mr Andrew Daniels, Assistant Headteacher
Marner Primary School.
“Rob was really engaging with the pupils. The students commented on how much they enjoyed the session and how their new skills helped them understand more about the role of a performer. We will definitely hire Rob again for similar workshops in the future.
Bea Wardlaw, Subject Leader for Music & Dance
Richmond Park Academy, London

“Thank you so much for helping us organise our day with Rob. I can’t tell you how much he inspired our students.Rob utterly won over Y9 and especially Y10. His work with our most challenging and disaffected boys was amazing. I had boys beg to attend a workshop – I think the sentence ‘Miss, please can I go to Rob’s workshop’ even surprised them. Other members of staff also commented on how inspired they were when they returned to class ‘Sir, sorry I am late, but I was having my photo taken with Rob’. Ultimately, despite all their posturings, they are our most sensitive students – they just have no way of expressing their emotions – but I think they do now and in a way that totally works for them and hopefully, we will be able to use their new found interest in words and the power of language in their English studies.

It has been just wonderful to see students so inspired and reminds you, in amongst all the marking and the grind, why being a teacher is the best job in the world.”

Participating school in the Isle of Wight Literacy Festival 2018.


“Even though it was snowing and lots of schools closed Rob made it to school and I am so glad we did. Rob had the children in the palm of his hand and from the very first assembly where he showed them what freestyle rap is to the last Year 6 workshop the children loved every minute of this. He recognised where children needed support and where they could excel and showed them what is possible if you aspire, achieve and believe. Rob embodies what education is about and gave the children the chance to see what is possible when you persevere and try hard. My highlight was watching children in Year 6 film their rap and see their happy faces filled with love when they finished- they were over the moon! It was one of those Golden moments! Thank you Rob- we hope to have you back very soon!”

Headteacher at the Academy St James School in Bradford


“Rob’s visit went incredibly well! Thank you so much for the recommendation from your speaker portfolio. When I made the initial enquiry, I never imagined a visit would actually happen so soon, but the TEDx conference and a next day visit fitted perfectly with Rob’s availability and everything just seemed to slot seamlessly into place. Wish it was always so painless! School has been buzzing ever since and we really hope to have Rob back with us before too long – and particularly when his book is published. His TEDx talk was utterly brilliant too and had a great reaction from the audience. I’m sure it will get a huge number of viewings once it is uploaded to the website.”

LRC Manager at Fallibroome Academy 


To Make A Booking

To make an enquiry about Rob, or any of the other authors, poets & illustrators listed on this website, please phone Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at