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Rab Fulton
Rab Fulton

All About Rab Fulton

Rab Fulton is an author, poet, storyteller, actor and playwright. He works with children of all ages as well as adults. Originally from Scotland he has been based in Galway, Ireland for most of his adult life. His written work includes stories and poems for infants, older children, teenagers and adults.

‘I was very lucky that when I was young I was surrounded by stories. Family gatherings always meant stories, songs and music; whilst five minutes away from my home there was a huge public library. So creating stories and playing with words was central to my upbringing as a child.

This playfulness is still reflected in my work with words as a writer, a performer and a tutor. And of course now that I am a parent I’m getting a whole new insight into the joy of language, imagination and storytelling.’

Rab’s School Visits

Rab does three types of presentations: storytelling, reading and theatre. In all presentations Rab likes to have room for questions and ideas from the students.

Storytelling sessions are adapted to suit the ages of children.

See Rab Storytelling Three red Hats part one

Three Red Hats part two

Infants: Rab tells a mixture of world and Celtic fairytales. These sessions last forty minutes.
Older children: Rab’s focus is on stories from Scotland and Ireland and includes fairy stories, myths and modern urban legends. These mesmerising stories include tales of magical heroes and creatures including Fionn Mac Cumhaill, the Grugachs and Mermaids. There are stories about storms, love, treachery and sorrow. The older the children, the greater the range of themes, but all sessions are laced with a good dose of humour. Sessions can last between 40 minutes to an hour depending on the needs of the school.

Rab’s Theatre and Storytelling

‘Scary Stories by Torchlight’. Commissioned by BABORÓ: International Arts Festival for Children. A dark and funny re-telling of scary folk tales for children aged seven and up.
‘Little Red and Wolfie’. The stage version of one of the stories in ‘Wonder Tales’. This is a re-imaging of the Little Red Riding Hood story, where the hapless wolf gets entangled in Little Red’s murderous money making schemes.
‘The Ballad of Reading Gaol’. Commissioned by the Oscar Wilde Festival, Galway, Rab performed Oscar Wilde’s final work as a verse play rather than a poem. It is now touring around Ireland


Rab performs Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Ballad of Reading Gaol’. Rab Fulton’s performance of Wilde’s poem is a powerful interpretation of the work which brings to vivid life the harrowing experience of Oscar Wilde imprisonment. Beset by wicked sprites and tolling bells Oscar and his fellow inmates endured the madness and cruel absurdity of a Victorian prison regime – and all the while waiting for the judicial killing of a fellow prisoner. It is a fifty minute show suitable for secondary school students and upwards.


Rab works with both primary and secondary school pupils. He runs workshops on both creative writing and storytelling; his favourite topics are sci-fi, fantasy, fairy tales and tall tales. His workshops are tailored to the needs and age profile of students. Workshops range from one off introductory sessions to half day and full day in-depth sessions exploring characters, setting the scene, creating tension, satisfying endings etc.
Rab’s Workshop Philosophy

‘Much of my work has developed through working in schools that have a particular need to help promote social inclusion and engagement amongst pupils.
As such, my emphasis is on getting children to enjoy playing with words as this is essential to building up confidence with language and literacy.
My workshops begin with a lot of group play which gradually becomes more focused as the children shape ideas into finished stories.
An important part of creating stories is to ask children to give supportive feedback on each other’s work. This is an essential skill as it develops a student’s ability to critique in a positive way and also to listen and appreciate the opinions of others.
Another positive skill I aim to develop in children is the ability to imagine problems and solutions in their stories that are non-violent. This involves a little more thought but it also provides great opportunity for humour. For example: A prince goes for an axe to kill the ogre only to find he packed a banana instead – what would happen then?’


Infants: Rab reads his poems from Pirates, Dragons and Moon Monsters and his short stories from Wonder Tales. He can also mix in a little storytelling as well depending on the children. Sessions last 40 minutes.

Older children: Rab reads a mixture of stories from both ‘Wonder Tales’ and ‘Galway Bay Folk Tales’. Sessions can last between 40 minutes to an hour depending on the needs of the school.

For transition year students: (ages 16 – 18) Rab can also include readings from his adult sci-fi and fantasy work including ‘Marcus Marcus and the Hurting Heart’, ‘Transformation’ and ‘The Face of God and other Weird Tales’.

Rab’s Books

‘Galway Bay Folk Tales’, published by The History Press Ireland. This book is a mesmerising and thrilling journey through the folklore, myths and urban legends of Galway and the west of Ireland. See:

‘Pirates, Dragons and Moon Monsters’, an online collection of adventure poems for younger children. Commissioned by the Múscailt Arts festival, Galway. Soon to be published in book form. See:

Rab is currently working on a collection of ‘Wonder Tales’ for children. This includes tales of magical seals, unicorns, wicked witches who fall in love, and much more.

Folk Tales

From the saints of the Dark Ages to modern-day sinners, Galway Bay is the source of some of Ireland’s most magical tales. In this book local storyteller Rab Fulton takes the reader through Galway’s past, recalling the myths and legends that shaped the area’s history – from the quarrelsome giants who in their rage created the Aran Isles to the corpses that flew through the air at the very first Galway Arts Festival. Also featuring tales of magic swans, miraculous nuns, a city beneath the waves and a cannibal king, this is a great compilation for any visit to the county, for fascinating days out and finding exciting treasure on your doorstep.

The Adventure of the Pirates and the Mermaids 

This is a tale of adventure on the high seas. Captain ‘Shiver Me Timbers’ Sharkey and his pirate crew endure great storms and battles as they search for the fabled mermaids. However, when they finally find the sea maidens things do not quite go to plan.
Faced with defeat by the mermaids the pirates have to resort to a secret weapon – Captain Sharkey’s famous vegetable bake.
The Adventure of the Pirates and the Mermaids is the first of three adventure poems by Rab Fulton and illustrator Marina Wild to be published in book form. The original stories can be enjoyed at

Reviews and Recommendations

‘It was a unique experience for the pupils to enjoy Rab’s stories- funny, exciting and absorbing!’  – Julia Zgraggen, secondary school teacher, Kantonale Mittelschule Uri, Switzerland.

“A storyteller of heroic standing […] A fantastic performer”- Tom Donegan, programme Officer, Children’s Books Ireland.

“Captivating minds with faraway fables” – The Irish Times.

“The performances … were stunning”– Teenagh Cunningham, General Manager, Baboró: International Arts Festival for Children.

“Rab’s zest for life and his talent of connecting with people definitely put him ahead of most storytellers” – Tribune Life

To Make a Booking

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