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Paul Geraghty
Paul Geraghty
Paul is one of the UK's best known and most prolific author/illustrators of children’s picture books and novels.

All About Paul Geraghty

Paul is one of the UK’s best known and most prolific author/illustrators of children’s picture books and novels:, and his titles include Slobcat, Solo, The Hunter, Dinosaur in Danger, Tortuga, The Hoppameleon, Rotten & Rascal, Help Me!, The Great Green Forest, Look out Patrick! The Cross-with-us Rhinoceros, Over the Steamy Swamp, Pig, The Wonderful Journey, The Giraffe who got in a Knot and many more! His picture book The Hunter was short listed for the Kate Greenaway Medal for illustration, and won the Earthworm Award (sponsored by Friends of the Earth), while Solo won the Children’s Book Award – and Tortuga and Rotten & Rascal have both won awards in France.

rsz_dinosaur_in_danger_book_cover rsz_slobcat_book_cover rsz_steamy_swamp_book_cover rsz_the_hoppameleon_book_cover rsz_the_hunter_book_cover rsz_tortuga_book_cover

Paul’s School Visits

Paul offers usually two, but up to three large, inspirational 60-minute presentations in a day, to audiences of 100 – 200 at a time (ages 4 – 13 & adults) on the subject of picture books, encouraging children to read, write, draw and think creatively. The sessions are always vibrant and energetic; simultaneously humorous and informative, with audio, visual and kinaesthetic elements all the way, and can be presented to a full age range within a single audience.

He will also leave behind two or three signed, coloured felt-tip sketches done on the day. (Usually schools keep and frame these, or keep them for auction to raise funds for school).

Every presentation is different but will include elements of the following;

  • An introductory drawing, TV presenter style- ‘How it is not done’
  • ‘Readings’ from my books, whilst drawing and showing slides simultaneously
  • An interactive talk on ideas for stories
  • The stories behind some ideas that became books (as well as some that didn’t!)
  • A ‘proper’ drawing in front of the group, (showing how a picture is built up, starting with a mess and gradually developing form)

Demonstration of a variety of facial expressions through quick sketches during the telling of a story – all illustrated with actual examples of idea doodle-sheets, presentation thumbnails (a kind of cartoon strip miniature of the story used to show to editors), rough drawings, finished illustrations, proof prints, the book as a large running sheet – prior to cutting – bound proofs and finally the finished book, which is then read to the group, all followed by questions from the group.

On the day Paul would need a flip chart, 4 large sheets of cartridge paper (size A1 or A2), laptop, projector and screen, and a set of standard short Berol Watercolour markers would also be very helpful. Paul is also very happy to bring along a stock of his books and stay after school to do a signing session.


Video Link: Paul Geraghty drawing and talking about his inspirations:  Paul Geraghty – Making the Change

Paul has worked in hundreds of schools across the UK and is also happy to travel overseas having worked in the USA, Canada, Thailand, SA, Bahrain, Singapore and many others. He can also do writing – and illustrating workshops to large or smaller groups as well as adults;he can also work with hearing – and visually impaired, special needs, and foreign language groups via translator/signer (which work well, as I’m pretty animated, expressive and visual in presentation)


To Make a Booking

To make an enquiry about Paul, or any of the other authors, poets & illustrators listed on this website, please phone Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at