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Nik Perring
Nik Perring

All About Nik Perring

Nik Perring is a prize winning short story writer and the author of five books for both children and adults. His work’s been performed on stage, read on radio, and been used, along with Dave Eggars’ on a high school creative writing course in the US.

He’s been teaching writing, in all its forms, for over a decade, working with people aged four to eighty-four. He’s worked extensively in primary schools and high schools, as well as libraries, colleges, universities, and the BBC.

Nik’s as happy working with large groups as small ones and is happy to tailor his visits and sessions to your specific needs or topics. Most importantly, Nik’s real passion is showing that everyone is able to tell a story or write a poem and that, often, it’s much easier than you might think. And that everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard.

Nik’s Books

I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You Do? (EPS, 2006)

Jack doesn’t like going to bed, nothing exciting could possibly happen once you’re in bed could it? Maybe it could, because whenever Jack goes to sleep something extraordinary happens, he travels back in time! He meets Vikings and Anglo Saxons, helps to write the Doomsday book and much more.

This is a good book for juniors. It’s written in plain, honest prose and there’s a clear framework to all the chapters. My son, 8, liked the fact that he knew some of the historical detail covered in the stories, but not all of it, so it reinforced what he’d learned whilst teaching him a bit more. He was quite disappointed when we came to the end because he’d enjoyed the adventures so much and he wanted them to go on and on!”


Not So Perfect (RoastBooks, 2010)

22 short short stories; 22 not so perfect lives, where bird watchers come out at night, couples perform love surgery, and a woman is throwing up animals.

The extraordinary is everywhere, but an unsettling familiarity pervades.

Nik Perring’s brilliant debut collection demonstrates the underestimated powers of brevity. Intricately crafted and filled with dark humour, his 22 stories examine the conundrums and contradictions of human relationships, and ask us what it is to be human at all.


Freaks! (TFP/HarperCollins, 2012)

The weirdest stories you will ever read.

A bizarre collection of short stories, each featuring a character with an unusual superpower.

Meet The Photocopier, a woman who can reproduce herself at will and who attempts to teach her daughter to do the same.

Or the zombie hairdresser who is able to reanimate every time she dies.

And the man who can break his way into his lover’s dream.

Over fifty freaks and misfits feature in this unforgettable book, and each is illustrated by comic book artist Darren Craske.


Beautiful Words: Some Meanings and Some Fictions Too (RoastBooks, 2014)

Combining brevity with an overarching narrative, Nik Perring’s unusual storytelling is touching and captivating. His Beautiful series follows the lives of Lucy, Lily, and Alexander through their words, trees and shapes.

In the first of the series, Beautiful Words, fact and fiction interplay within the context of their three lives.

Accompanied by rich, playful illustrations from Miranda Sofroniou, these 26 story-gems invite us into Alexander’s world, telling us of his love, his loss and some of his favourite words too.


A Book Of Beautiful Trees (RoastBooks, 2015)

Combining brevity with an overarching narrative, Nik Perring’s unusual storytelling is touching and captivating. His Beautiful series follow the lives of Lucy, Lily, and Alexander through words, trees and shapes.

In the second edition of the series, Beautiful Trees, the narrative continues to unravel amidst the branches of some of our greatest trees, brought to life by the rich and playful illustrations of Miranda Sofroniou.


Reviews from children and parents

‘Nik is a wonderful, mind opening mentor whose guidance is very interesting, alternative and really gets you thinking and considering routes and concepts you’ve never even thought about before when writing. A very open and friendly figure and a great role model for a young writer’. – Saffron, 16


‘Really enjoyed the course! Made me want to be a writer when I grow up.’ – Aayah, 10.


‘I thought it was lots of fun and now I’m going to use the Story Booklet to write at home.’ – anon


‘Excellent workshop! Instructor great bonding with the kids.’ – parent.

It was fun. I think it is great opportunity for people to learn about story writing. I gained skills in how to write a short story and to round it all off in short period of time, to bring it to a closure which I wasn’t previously able to do myself.’

Mahad, 9 years old


‘Very good course, gave my kid confidence and useful guidance that would help him for a long time along the way.’

Mubbasher Khanzada – Parent


‘I’ve only observed from a distance but I’ve seen Nik be encouraging, positive, engaging. I’ve seen my children grow in confidence and imagination.’ – parent.


‘Engaging young kids with Shakespeare is a skill. You got my 8 year old writing = SUCCESS!’ – Petra.


‘Thank you for a great workshop. really thought provoking book and such important messages for all children….and a fair few grown-ups!’ Jo Stavert-Dobson


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