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Nicky Dee
Nicky Dee

All About Nicky Dee

Becoming an author wasn’t Nicky’s first choice of vocation. Her childhood ambition was to become the “Chief Taster” at the Walkers crisp factory, however, she thinks her waistline benefited from that childhood dream not becoming a reality!  After leaving University Nicky became a corporate event organiser. A career which saw her set up her own company and enjoy great success for fourteen years.

Nicky fell into the world of dinosaurs just seven years ago, whilst stepping out of the corporate world and dipping her toes into the realms of public exhibitions. Until that point the word dinosaur had barely crossed her lips, but now Nicky just can’t get enough! Dinosaurs are amazing imagination-engines, igniting a love for learning about the greatest creatures ever to walk on Earth.

Spreading dinosaur-joy is now Nicky’s full-time vocation and she loves it! It was a big decision to leave her successful event career, but now she’s made the big leap to become an author, Nicky is happier than ever. This happiness and enthusiasm shine through in her author visits.

Nicky’s school visits

Nicky is a London based children’s author who is very willing to travel and loves nothing more than visiting a classroom full of children and talking-dinosaur!

The outline lesson plan is to start with a roar, handle some very impressive fossils, check out the dinosaur in the eight books that Nicky has written so far, find out who would have liked to have lived at the same time as the dinosaurs (a braver soul than me!) why dinosaurs are so special and where they’ve all gone.  Nicky also reads an excerpt from my newest book entitled ‘The Bone Wars’.   A great non-fiction adventure story about the battle to become the most famous dinosaur hunter in the world.  A true tale, crammed full of sneaky tactics, spying, guns, TNT and dinosaurs!

With questions at the end it can easily fill 45 mins per session. Nicky is happy to do up to four classes per visit, ideally with a 15-minute break in between each and a break for lunch. Nicky is also happy to talk during Assembly about how she fell into the world of dinosaurs, which can include photos of the first exhibition she created seven years ago if the school has a projector in the hall.

Nicky’s sessions are generally aimed at Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, but she will consider Years 3 and 4 if there is enough time to fit them in. Nicky will adapt each class to the age group and it doesn’t matter if the children have previous dinosaur knowledge, everyone has a little that can be built on. Nicky sometimes add in a section about how she became an author, why authors have pseudonyms – JK Rowling, The Bronte Sisters, Agatha Christie, Michael Crichton and her! Nicky also likes to talk about the extinction theories – where have they all gone and about the descendants of the dinosaurs, which are still alive today. Volcanoes are another hot topic as they played a very important part in the demise of the dinosaurs and the children can see their destructive power on the TV today. There are many options, and Nicky is very happy to adapt.

Ideal class size is 20 – 30, although Nicky can work with up to 45 if you’d like to amalgamate classes, so that we can accommodate as many children as we can.

Best wishes

If possible, Nicky likes the use of a screen and projector for each class and a parking space within the school grounds, as she travels with a boot full of books and fossils.



Above, Nicky with consultant palaeontologist, Dean R. Lomax at the launch of The Bone Wars in May 2017.

The Books

With nine titles in the ‘What’s so Special about…?’ series of dinosaur books for children, the series has an established following in the UK and has recently been taken on by IPG’s Trafalgar Square Publishing to be sold in the USA and Canada. With the help of a newly appointed Foreign Rights Agent, we are now looking at selling the Foreign Rights to the books in other parts of the world. The plan is to add five new books to the series each year, four concentrating on individual dinosaurs and one of the Special Books, which will tackle some of the broader dinosaur related topics.

With a unique ‘one book, one dinosaur’ approach, backed by the latest paleontological research and having been checked and verified by consultant palaeontologist Dean R. Lomax, you’ll find new insights into how dinosaurs really looked, lived, survived and thrived, bringing children’s knowledge right up to date. The bite size chunks of text are written in child-friendly language and the dinosaur names are spelt out phonetically, which is a great help to children, parents and teachers!

Bright, colourful and highly collectable.

‘The Bone Wars’

‘THE BONE WARS’ is the first of the Special Books in the series, and tells the true story of the battle to be the most famous dinosaur hunter in the world. It’s based on fact, but reads like an adventure novel, and is illustrated throughout with pen and ink sketches, helping to exemplify the facts in the minds of young readers. If you like books about sneaky tactics, spying and bad behaviour, you’ll love this adventure story, crammed full of guns, trains, Native Americans, explosives and DINOSAURS!

The individual dinosaur books

One of the main inspirations behind the dinosaur series is to celebrate the well-known, as well as introducing children (and adults) to many of the dinosaurs that are little-known, largely because they haven’t been given a starring role in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Here are the book jackets for the first nine books in the ‘What’s so Special about Dinosuars?’ series


Super-fast, light carnivore.


Tyrannosaurus Rex

‘The King of the Dinosaurs’



Last and largest of the horned dinosaurs.



Tiny polar herbivore from Australia.



The first dinosaur to be named.



The walking tank.



Plated, spiky herbivore.



Long-necked, whip-tailed giant.

Reviews and Testimonials From Visited Schools and Festivals

‘Thank you so much for such a wonderful day today. The feedback from both staff and students was fantastic – everyone thought it was such a terrific day. We really do appreciate that you gave up your whole day for us.’

 World Book Day 2017 at Oliver House Junior School


‘Thanks again for a great day on Tuesday. The children were talking about it again today!’

Marchwood Junior School


‘The girls adored your visit today. They are so full of the excitement of the little ‘Leaellyn’’ dinosaur!! Thank you very much for all your time and effort.’

Kent College (my old boarding school)


‘We have decided to hold another book festival in 2018 over the weekend of October 6/7. Would you be able to come again?  Your sessions were such a success this year!’

‘Cuckfest’ Literary Festival 2017


‘Thank you for today. Your visit was much appreciated.  We had a lovely time and look forward to your return visit in June.’

American Academy, Larnaca, Cyprus


‘Thank you so much for coming to the Lewes Fossil Festival and giving your great talks this morning…’

Lewes Fossil Festival


‘Thank you so much for coming in again. We all really enjoyed it!’

Kensington Prep School


‘Thank you so much for today, every single child thoroughly enjoyed your visit!’

Silverline Junior School, Limassol, Cyprus


‘You were absolutely wonderful.  We all appreciated it immensely.  Happy and enthused little people.  Thank you for being so flexible and accommodating about arrangements too.’

 Wix Junior School


‘The teachers said it was a great day, thanks so much for coming.’

  Portway Junior School


To Make a Booking

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