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Nick Arnold
Nick Arnold

All About Nick Arnold

Nick isn’t just a human being he’s a one-person book factory who (when he’s not penning bestsellers) gets up to all sorts of tricks to show everyone that books are really the most wonderful invention since inventions were invented. Oh yes, and when he’s not acting crazy about science, he’s crazy about history instead!

Author of the award winning Horrible Science and Wild Lives series, which are on sale in over 40 countries, his first published works appeared when he was working at the University of North London on a project teaching children about nature. This led on to magazine articles and one day Nick had the brilliant idea, that if he could write articles he could also write books! Since then Nick has lost count of the number of books he’s written.

A former Director of The Appledore Book Festival, which is one of Britain’s newest and most exciting book festivals, Nick led a local committee that founded the festival in 2006. He was Director of the Festival until November 2011 when he decided to make more time for writing books.

Nick is also a serious historian. He has lots of letters after his name to prove that he studied history and in 2008 he became really famous for using his history detective skills to find an ancient battlefield that had been lost one thousand years.

Nick Arnold has written over 50 books. With sales of over fifteen million books, Nick Arnold is probably the world’s best-selling science writer for children.

Nick’s School Visits

Nick Arnold gets numerous requests for events at schools. These range from:

• Horrible Science talks with PowerPoint tailored to age groups
• Talks with PowerPoint on Nick Arnold’s writing career and interest in Science
• Talks for teachers (INSET) and conferences
• A Horrible Science Fair (like a science fair but with horrible experiments)
• Special occasions such as opening ceremonies, etc.

Some schools ask Nick to combine events so there might be a talk in school followed by an evening show for parents and children. This can help to fund Nick’s visit. Feel free to discuss your ideas with Nick.

Horrible Science talk with PowerPoint tailored to age groups
This talk brings the Horrible Science books to life for a school audience. The talk consists of activities, facts and readings. There are two versions – one for a primary and one for a secondary audience. The primary talk is designed for years 4 to 6, although year 3 can be accommodated. The secondary talk is designed for year 7 to 8, although year 9 can be accommodated. The talk works best for an audience of 60-120 although larger numbers are possible for the primary talk.

The talk aims to show that Science is exciting in an amusing and gruesome fashion and to increase student interest in the subject. The talk will take approximately 45 minutes or one lesson period but can be extended to one hour on request.

Talk with PowerPoint on Nick Arnold’s writing career and interest in Science 
The talk My Horrible Life looks at how Nick’s interest in writing developed and how he came to be interested in Science and write the books. The talk is the same for all age groups although the delivery is tailored for the age of the audience. The talks work best for an audience of 60-120 although larger numbers are possible for the primary talk.

The talk aims to promote reading and Science within the school and inspire students to write their own stories or non-fiction.

History Talks with PowerPoint
Along with his award-winning Horrible Science books Nick Arnold is a professional historian and the author of two popular titles – Awesome Archaeology for Scholastic and Voyages of Exploration for Wayland. He has written academic papers on his discovery of two unknown battlefields of international importance.
Nick offers his trademark super-charged funny, horrible style for history talks. Each talk features background, people, sources and places together with a real carefully researched interactive historical drama scripted by Nick and performed with the help of the audience. The talk is the same for all age groups although the delivery is tailored for the age of the audience.

The talks work best for an audience of 60-120 although larger numbers are possible for the primary talk.

Nick can offer a talk on the Romans, Saxons and Vikings, Knights and Castles, the Tudors and Stuarts, the Georgians or Victorians. Other talks may be available on request.

Conditions of booking
1.  Books by Nick Arnold will be on sale at the school or event venue. This works best if parents’ are informed that Nick will be visiting the school and the books are made available for children or parents to purchase over the period of a few days. Nick will be willing to sign any copies of his books that are presented to him.
2.  No booking is deemed to be made until you are sent a confirmatory email.
3.  For insurance reasons events can ONLY take place when teaching staff are in attendance and not engaged in other activities.

Choosing the venue
The ideal venue is a theatre, drama studio or hall. The ideal time is any time after mid-morning. Early morning events do not work as well as Nick tends to be half-asleep (!) and there may be problems if Nick is travelling from home on the same day and gets delayed.

Preparation checklist 1 – Before the event

1. If you haven’t done so already please inform Nick of the time, date and venue for the event and the size and age of the audience. Also if you would like a longer talk than 45 minutes. This will enable him to plan the talks. Every show script is planned to suit your venue and audience.
2. Carefully plan times for the talk, meals and signings. Consider how Nick is going to get to and from the school at the appropriate time.
3. Scholastic Publicity (0207) 756 7756 should be informed of the event details and they will send show cards and posters to the organiser free of charge. Please specify the number of show cards and posters you will need.
4. Please inform your media contacts of the visit to your school. Nick is happy to give interviews and allow photographs but ideally should be informed of a likely media presence. He will be highly complimentary about the school and any special occasion that is taking place.
5. It is a condition of booking that Nick Arnold books are on sale at the school or venue (if it is not at the school). Many bookshops will supply books in sale or return and sometimes come to school to sell books directly. If asked Nick can email a list of titles to order. If you are in the south-west of England you can request that Nick Arnold brings an assistant to sell his own books.
6. Technical requirements
There is a PowerPoint that comes with this Show. Nick will require a projector, connected laptop and a screen suitable to the venue. He will email the PowerPoint and bring a backup copy on the day. If need be Nick can bring his own laptop and/or projector – please let him know about this ASAP. Nick would ask the organisers to provide a suitable screen and extension leads. Nick brings a radio clicker to change slides but organisers are welcome to provide their own if they have a good one that works.
7. Supply Nick with contact number for the school and ideally one for yourself so that he can advise you of any travel delays.
8. Identify any preparatory and follow-up work for Nick’s visit. For ideas see the TeacherZone of Nick Arnold’s website.
9. Brief colleagues. Please decide on your autograph policy. Generally if one child gets one, they all want at least four and this can be disruptive. Some schools allow one each and provide paper, others ban them!

Nick’s travel plans
1.  Nick will arrive with his wife, Susanne who acts as his tour manager and helps with events. Susanne will drive him to venues in south-west England.
2.  They fly to Scotland and Newcastle.
3.  They will take a train everywhere else.  Nick will advise you of his arrival time before the event.
4.  Nick will aim to be at the school/talk venue one hour in advance. This will enable him to check the venue and equipment and prepare for the talk.

Preparation checklist 2 – On the day …

1. Plan layout of venue: For safety reasons the book selling area should be away from the performance area. There needs to be a table and chair(s) for the booksellers and a smaller table and chair set at least five metres away for Nick to sign at.
2. Any posters and show cards sent by Scholastic should be on display.
3. Set up speaking area: A dining-sized table placed against the far wall of the area. This is for props. There should be two chairs – one suitable for standing on.
4. Provide water to drink.
5. Choose someone to introduce Nick.

After the event
Soon after booking Nick will note the visit on his website diary and after the event he will publish a message to the school. Nick would be happy to personally reply any emails sent to him from the school either as part of follow-up work or emails sent by individual students. This is all part of the service!

Nick’s Books

The Horrible Science of Everything

the horrible science of everything
Taking a journey from the very small, to the very big, readers are taken on a tour of everything in science from the smallest thing ever to the horribly huge universe. And it’s all in full colour and in new flexi-bound paperback format!

The Horrible Science of You

The horrible science of you
This book isn’t just about any body, it’s about YOUR body and what it does all day. Meet the shrinking scientists who are staying with the Normal family \- a perfectly normal family \- and studying how their bodies work. Full of seriously squishy facts, cartoons and quizzes, it’s the ultimate Horrible guide to YOU.

Body Owner’s Handbook

Body owners handbook

This work presents science with the squishy bits left in! How does your auto-repair function work? Where’s your top-of-the-range sensory equipment? What’s your rear gas and waste disposal? Get the awful answers in “The Body Owner’s Handbook”!

To purchase Nick’s books, click here.

To Make a Booking

To make an enquiry about Nick Arnold, or any of the other authors, poets & illustrators listed on this website, please phone Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at