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Millie Murray
Millie Murray

All About Millie Murray

Millie Murray has written a number of books for young adults dealing with contemporary issues ranging from teenage pregnancy to bullying. Millie has also written non-fiction books for adults and short stories for both teenagers and adults.

Millie Murray was a trained general and psychiatric nurse. Her desire was to become an actress but she became a writer, which in hindsight has been the right choice as her acting abilities helps her define her characters.
Millie wrote a short story whilst attending a writing group at Stratford Theatre, East London. Millie never knew she had the ability to write so it came as a surprise when her story was published in an anthology entitled ‘Watchers and Seekers’ (The Women’s Press). Writing for young adults was another revelation when she wrote a short story for an anthology entitled ‘A Girl’s Best Friend’ (The Women’s Press) and was told by the editor of that book ‘that you have knack for writing for teenagers.’ That was the encouragement that Millie needed to begin writing full-time.
Visiting schools is a No.1 priority for Millie and she enjoys this as much as writing. Helping pupils to develop techniques that sharpen their writing skills, alongside, storytelling and encouraging them to read, and reading is a passion for Millie.

Millie’s School Visits

Millie is happy to adapt her event to your school’s requirements, as she is aware that some pupils find writing difficult and may even be ‘turned off’ from participating within a classroom.
During sessions Millie encourages pupils to read various texts, discussing diverse interests and highlighting the fact that ‘stories’ are all around us, particularly living in a multicultural inner city. Stories can be written or orally presented.
Developing stories include:
• Creating positive characters
• Plotting and developing storylines
• Beginning, middles and endings
• How reading enhances writing
Within her sessions Millie reads from one of her books and discusses her life and how she writes and can either be creative writing/discussion or just discussion/question and answers.

Millie’s Books



‘I knew what was bugging Mum. She had this fear that I would end up like her – young, pregnant and alone. I kept telling her that not in a million years would I ever let that happen to me…’
Jade Wilson is smart, young, black and ambitious. And she’s just been given the opportunity of a lifetime – a try-out for the UK Commonwealth swimming team. Her best friend and chief cheerleader is her mother Jojo, a successful businesswoman who gave up her own career as a model when she fell pregnant with Jade. Jojo is overprotective so when Jade starts dating Dicey there is hell to pay. Can Jade survive her mother’s constant nagging? And what if she were to get pregnant – would she, could she sacrifice her own career?
JADE is also available as an ebook.

‘The light and witty approach gets right to the roots of teenage angst without being corny or condescending’ New Nation

‘A must read for anyone who has ever felt the first stirrings of new love. Go out and get it now’ PRIDE Book of the Month

‘Millie Murray was really funny and her books are interesting and make you want to read all of it. Thank you for coming to our school.’ Esme Year 7

To Make a Booking

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