Mike Lennon
Mike Lennon
A Children’s Introduction to Songwriting
"While he was with us, Mike added a lively and much valued extra dimension to the life of the school. I recommend him very highly for the quality and professionalism of his work and I look forward to following the development of his Arts project which holds great promise for our area." -

Ian Barker, School of Education, the University of Manchester.

All About Mike Lennon

Mike is a popular and successful professional songwriter and musician. He sings and plays keyboard and guitar. With a long career in the music business he has consistently shared his passion for writing and performing songs with an educational role. He has run primary school song writing workshops in Greater Manchester, taking and moulding children’s original song material and arranging it for live music festival performance. This has led to children winning a special audition in London for the Children’s Eurovision Song Contest. Mike is based in West Lancashire.

Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts chose Mike to be their first lecturer to teach song writing, composition and arrangement.
It was here that he met George Martin and enjoyed working creatively with many accomplished international musicians.
He has been commissioned to submit music for film in America and Europe. His songs have been covered by several different recording artists and he holds a song writing contract with playwright Willie Russell who wrote about Mike’s work:
‘Magnificent…’ and ‘Simply the best music I have heard in a long time.’
Mike has appeared on radio and national television. He holds an M.A. in song writing from Lancaster University. Currently, he is engaged in a multinational project called ‘Arts Twinned’ in collaboration with the University Of Central Lancashire. This work involves creative e-twinning between twinned towns and regions. The University of Manchester and the Musicians’ Union have praised and encouraged his work.
On occasions, Mike teams up with fellow Authors Abroad song writer and musician Ben Hughes, with whom he has toured throughout Europe, playing to large theatre audiences to collaborate on school visits.

Mike Lennon’s School Visits

The day begins with a presentation. Mike introduces himself, his work and his career, with screen, projector and Hi Fi and performs live on guitar and keyboard.
Three original songs are shared, performed, de-constructed and explained. The pleasure of singing, chanting, clapping and lyric writing are demonstrated through active involvement with the children. Simple percussion instruments are distributed to be played in time with the songs. Apple’s Garage Band will be utilised and demonstrated as a creative tool for song writing.
The children make lists of words based on themes, rhythms and sounds, exploring and unlocking the lyrical potential implicit in them. They experience the exercise of re-writing original lyrics to express their own thoughts.
The creative concept of a scrap book is explored and encouraged as a means of recording and developing lyrical and thematic ideas. The children collaborate in the writing of their own scrapbook song.
The scrapbook song is performed by each group in turn at the end of the day.

What the children will achieve:

The main aim of the day is to inspire the children to want to write and perform their own songs. They are guided in a fresh and entertaining way through the process, addressing such questions as, ‘Where do ideas come from? Where do I begin? How do I develop my ideas into a complete song of my own?’
The sheer pleasure of musical creativity and performance is experienced by the group in terms of both music and lyrics. The children are supported in their work through Mike’s example and encouraged to grow in artistic understanding and confidence.

Age ranges: 
Mike has a great deal of experience teaching all ages from infants to pensioners. At the moment the present module is intended for 8 – 11 year-olds, but can be customised and extended to cater for other age groups.

The length of the sessions:
Sessions are flexible to cater for individual needs of the school. As a rule, there is approximately one hour before break, one hour after break and another hour after lunch. General class sizes are approximately thirty-five in number, often drawn from cluster schools in groups of six or seven children.

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