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Meg Harper
Meg Harper
'Meg Harper is very good at engaging with both children and adults. She quickly builds up a rapport with those she works with, drawing out their creativeness. Meg is able to spark ideas in others and encourage the use of the imagination. She radiates a genuine interest and enthusiasm for writing which is infectious.'
Helen Price, Stratford-upon-Avon Library

All About Meg Harper

Meg aims to enable each participant to have fun whilst learning something new which will help her or him as a writer, reader or actor and to go away with a ‘can do’ feeling!

Meg is a qualified English and Drama teacher so can provide a variety of events, ranging from traditional author visits to innovative creative writing and drama workshops. She has currently published nine anthologies of writing with groups of children and adults and has been a trainer at Blitz Computer Games, helping designers improve their story structure and dialogue

Meg’s School Visits

A typical day with Meg will be busy, she is happy to deliver many different short workshops or work with the same group all day. Megs writing is most suited to children aged 5-14. She will work with a big group for a talks and smaller groups for workshops (class group sizes). Talks can be only 20 minutes but workshops need to be longer.

A whiteboard or flip-chart is useful for Meg to use in presentations and workshops, for drama workshops Meg will need a large, clear space.

Current Workshops

Princess Amelia: A half-hour special for 3-6 year olds. Meg shares her story about Princess Amelia with members of her audience, who use simple props and items of costume to help her tell the story. Meg also shares some simple information about how a writer works and a book is made. This talk can be adapted for school assemblies.

Stop, thief!: An interactive story workshop for 3-6 year olds, using Meg’s picture book, ‘Stop, thief!’ which Meg shares with her audience, who use simple props and script to help tell the story. Can easily be combined with workshop on planning and structuring a story, for older age groups.

The Fur Fairy: This is an interactive story workshop which uses simple drama techniques to engage the pupils’ imagination and kick-start ideas for stories. Pupils will take some control over the story Meg has started and take it in directions of their own choosing, through drama, discussion and perhaps writing. Suited to years 1-3.

Animal Magic: A chance to let the imagination run riot and design the perfect pet for Jenni’s grumpy dad in Meg’s ‘St Jenni’ stories. Great fun for years 2-4.

A Handful of Stories: Ideally suited for any age from year 3 up though it will be managed by some year 2 groups, this is a workshop about story planning, using the story hand planning strategy! A lot more fun than it sounds – uses Meg’s own stories and mine of anecdotes as a starting point. It takes a minimum of 40-45 minutes but can expand greatly!

Getting it Gorgeous: Particularly suitable for age 9+, this 3 hour interactive workshop focuses on re-drafting and editing. Participants need to have a previously written piece of prose which they wish to improve.

Very Character Building!: Find out how to create characters and blend their description into you writing! A lively interactive workshop that takes an hour or more and is suitable for KS2 and above.

It’s for Real!: Suitable for age 7+, this 2-3 hour interactive workshop focuses on writing realism. No horror, no Harry Potter, no swords and sorcery allowed! Uses Meg’s own stories as a starting point.

A Tudor Whodunit: Meg dresses in authentic Tudor costume for this drama workshop based on her biography of Elizabeth 1st and encourages the pupils to investigate a famous Tudor mystery. Ideal for KS2.

The Story Journey: A workshop on endings! In Meg’s wide experience, teachers are excellent at helping pupils to start good stories – but it’s continuing and ending them, that’s the problem – one that this workshop is designed to help to fix. Suitable for KS2 and 3.

How to stop your teacher from sleeping!: This interactive workshop for upper KS2 and lower KS3 lasts from 1-2 hours and focuses on simple techniques for building suspense.

Argue, argue, argue!: Using a simple dramatic approach, Meg suggests a lively way of tackling argumentative writing. This workshop lasts about an hour and is most suitable for upper KS2/ lower KS3.

Small is beautiful: A workshop looking at short narratives. Using her own short stories as examples, Meg encourages pupils to identify the key elements of short narratives and to start to use them. Suitable for KS3 and 4.

Current Talks

Being a writer – how it REALLY is!: In this entertaining and interactive talk (which can last up to an hour but is shortened to half an hour for the younger audiences), Meg shares a few tricks of the trade and reveals details of the process of creating a book.

The Word Chef: A lively talk suitable for KS1, 2 and 3 about making Word Stew and Story Burgers! What are the ingredients of good writing? Simple recipes found here! Length – between 30 mins and hour as needed.

Reviews and Recommendations

‘I would recommend any school to use her presentations to supplement many strands of the National Curriculum.’ SJ Hamman, class teacher: Cropredy C of E Primary, Oxfordshire

‘The drama was great. The children were enthused and bubbling with excitement. They talked about the characters in the book and remembered them weeks later.’St. Anthony’s R.C. Primary, Leamington Spa

‘Meg’s creative workshops develop drama, story writing and listening skills. A teacher for over fifteen years, Meg’s rapport with the children is warm and dynamic. A wonderful way to interact with a writer. The children produced excellent work. I have no hesitation in recommending Meg.’ Heather Butler, NAWE mentor, primary teacher, writer and creative writing tutor: Amersham, Bucks

To Make a Booking

To make an enquiry about Meg Harper, or any of the other authors, poets & illustrators listed on this website, please email Trevor Wilson at or call 01535 656015