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Mary Colson
Mary Colson
Mary is a teacher and a writer. She works in schools and leads workshops on non-fiction writing for all ages. She has taught English in secondary and FE since 1996. She has an MA in Creative Writing (scriptwriting) from the UEA and is currently working on a film script and more non-fiction books for children, including some Geography titles for Wayland and some early readers for Collins.

‘I still think I scribble. I just get paid to do it now. I can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s what I do; it’s what I am: a scribbler. I love words and language and patterns and sense and nuance. Always have. What I love about teaching and working with children is the chance to pass on that enthusiasm for the written word’

All About Mary Colson

A graduate of the MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia, Mary Colson has a varied creative life. Writer, editor, teacher, reviewer and Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow at the University of York, she has worked with children and adults of all ages. She has delivered talks on writing non-fiction, led workshops on most genres of writing (including script writing) and is the author of over 50 non-fiction books for students from Key Stages 1-5 on topics ranging from the social sciences, geography, physics, biology, history and literature. She is currently working on a historical script about the slave trader John Newton, a comic novel for adults and a young adult novel set in the immediate aftermath of WWII.

Mary’s School Visits

Mary’s typical school visit may begin with a full school or full year group assembly. The day is then divided up into either separate group workshops or a longer, more substantial writing session. These workshops can be tailored according to the school’s specific needs. Typically, they are on topics such as animals, natural disasters, PSHE and science subjects. She has worked extensively with MAGT children as well as secondary school students of all abilities. Mary also offers talks with Year 11 and sixth form students as part of book weeks or careers fairs. These sessions are aimed at making students aware of what’s involved in a writing career and how to get into writing and publishing.
Writing Workshops
Mary works with all ages and abilities, from KS2 to post-graduate level. Her writing workshops can be tailored to fit a school’s needs so can be of varying length or topic. If the school wishes to target a certain group of students, the workshop can be a whole-day experience. Equally, it can be a one hour event and delivered on a rolling group basis throughout the day.
All Mary’s writing workshops are fun, interactive and aimed at the students/participants’ finding their best, most engaging writing voice(s). Sessions may include old dressing gowns, woolly hats, dolls and biscuits! Students will learn how real writers work, from researching their topic to producing engaging copy. In longer sessions, image selection, caption writing and spread design can be included.

Mary’s Books

Turbulent Planet: Shaky Ground (KS2/3)
Turbulent Planet: Crumbling Earth (KS2/3)
Turbulent Planet: The Earth Erupts (KS2/3)
Turbulent Planet: Forest Furnace (KS2/3)
Countries of the World: France (KS2/3)
Countries of the World: Germany (KS2/3)
Countries of the World: Wales (KS2/3)
Countries of the World: New Zealand (KS2/3)
Countries of the World: Australia (KS2/3)
Social issues
World in Crisis: World Hunger (KS2/3)
Coping with Unemployment (KS3)
Coping with Absent Parents (KS3)
Consumer nation – Technology (KS3/4)
Consumer  nation – Toys (KS3/4)
Literacy and Literature
Big Cat Progress: Iron Man (KS1)
Big Cat Progress: Big Cat (KS1)
Big Cat Phonics: Heptathlon F1 (KS1)
Experiencing Poetry – Sport poems (KS3/4)
Experiencing Poetry – Action poems (KS3/4)
History in Literature: The story behind Anne Holm’s I am David (KS3/4)
History in Literature: The story behind Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye (KS4/5)
General Culture
Dream it, do it! Get Filming (KS1/2)
Dream it, do it! Get Inventing (KS1/2)
Indigenous Australian Culture (KS2/3)
Chinese Culture (KS2/3)
Beyonce: A Life in Music (KS3)
Destroy After Reading: The world of Secret Codes (KS3)
Be a Make-up Artist (KS3)
The Truth About Hamsters: What hamsters do when you’re not looking (KS1/2)
The Truth About Cats: What cats do when you’re not looking (KS1/2)
The Truth About Rabbits: What rabbits do when you’re not looking (KS1/2)
The Truth About Dogs: What dogs do when you’re not looking (KS1/2)
GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) (KS2/3)
Flowchart smart: The Science of Forces (KS2/3)
Flowchart smart: The Science of Light (KS2/3)
Solving the Mysteries of Science: Big Foot and the Yeti (KS2/3)
Unstable Earth: What happens if the ozone layer disappears? (KS3/4)
Unstable Earth: What happens if the rainforests disappear? (KS3/4)
Tiny Battlefields: AIDS (KS3/4)
Tiny Battlefields: POLIO (KS3/4)
Dynamic Duos of Science: Darwin and Wallace (KS3/4)
Dynamic Duos of Science: Einstein and Eddington (KS3/4)
From Fail to Win: The Environment (KS3/4)


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