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Mark Griffiths
Mark Griffiths
“7+ boys and girls will love this book, especially if they are into programmes like Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. It is fast-paced, laugh-out-loud funny and just great Fun (with a capital F!).” Review from The Book Zone

All About Mark Griffiths

Mark Griffiths grew up in North Wales. At age 17 he sold his first comedy material to Radio 4. At 18 he was writing for Smith & Jones on BBC 1. He co-created and co-wrote BBC Radio Wales’s political sitcom The Basement with Cai Ross. He’s written two stage plays – The Lullaby Witch and The Impossibility Club – as well as one for BBC Radio 4 – Leona Cash and was one of the writers on Charlie Brooker’s TV series and book TV Go Home. He studied philosophy at the University of Reading.

Mark’s School Visits

Mark’s books are aimed at children aged between 7 and 12.  His first book, a science fiction comedy called Space Lizards Stole My Brain! was published in January 2012 Simon & Schuster. His forthcoming book (sci-fi comedy) Geek Inc: Technoslime Terror,will be published in January 2013.

Space Lizards Stole My Brain! Author talk
Mark will deliver a 1 hour presentation where he explains where the idea for the book came from and how he became a writer. He then reads an extract from the book, followed by a Q&A session and a book signing. This presentation can be delivered to large groups and Mark is happy to work with groups of 300 students at a time.

Show, Don’t Tell – Workshop
For single class groups; workshops are one hour long.  Using examples from his own books and lots of class participation, Mark explains and demonstrates the creative writing technique of Show, Don’t Tell – encouraging children to bring their writing alive with clear, vibrant description that engages the reader’s attention.  At the end of the session each child will have written a unique story employing the technique.

Science Fiction – Day-long Workshop
For single classes; workshops in two two-hour sessions.  Using examples from books, films and TV, Mark explains five of the most popular types of science fiction story – space opera, time travel, alien invasion, mad scientist and superhero.  Children will learn how to generate ideas for imaginative science fiction stories by taking everyday problems and exaggerating them through the distorting lens of science fiction.  At the end of the session each child will have written their own highly original sci-fi story.

Mark’s Books

space lizard

Space Lizards Stole My Brain! 
When Admiral Skink, an alien-lizard warlord from the planet Swerdlix, is attacked by The Hideous and Unimaginably Vast Comet Creature of Poppledock he faces a certain death…but luckily his underlings have installed the BrainTwizzler 360 Mind Migration SystemTM. This nifty invention safely transfers Skink’s mind on to a memory wafer and jettisons it through space to find a suitable temporary “home” until he can be rescued by his fellow Swerdlixians. Unluckily for eleven-year-old Lance Spratley it just so happens that the temporary home for Admiral Skink’s mind is his body! And while Skink deals with being trapped in Lance’s useless body – it can’t even breathe fire! — Lance is transferred to a virtual waiting room surrounded by the lizard race who seem intent on destroying Earth when they have successfully retrieved Skink. Will Lance ever get his body back? And even if he does will he be able to thwart Admiral Skink and the Swerdlixians plans to invade Earth…

space lizards

Space Lizards Ate My Sister! 
Asteroid Peach is heading straight for Earth, and the planet will be destroyed in a matter of days. In desperation the world turns to the evil space lizard Admiral Skink, currently imprisoned in Cottelton police station in the body of Pickles the iguana. In return for his freedom, Admiral Skink promises to destroy the asteroid and save Earth, but instead he builds a wormhole bridge to his home planet, Swerdlix, and escapes! And just as Skink is making his getaway, a giant thrall-beast emerges from the wormhole, promptly eating Sally Spratley, Lance’s little sister. It’s up to Lance and his best friend, Tori, to travel to Swerdlix, capture Admiral Skink, stop the asteroid from destroying humanity, and find some flooblescoop powder to make the thrall-beast sneeze out Sally …which shouldn’t be that hard, should it?

geek inc

Geek Inc: Technoslime Terror 
Blue Hills looks like any ordinary, boring town.  But under the surface things are far stranger than they seem – and Barney Watkins and Gabby Grayling a.k.a. Geek Inc. are on the case to investigate the impossible!  When a lorry carrying a top-secret government formula is involved in an accident, it causes a ripple of strange events in Blue Hills as inanimate objects spring to life and cause a stir. Can Geek Inc. get to the bottom of the mystery in time to stop the terrifying school newspaper editor Gloria Pickles using the formula for her own evil plans?

Reviews and Recommendations

‘… Space Lizards Stole My Brain is a zany, off-the-wall addition to this ever growing list of great children’s books that deserve more attention from the media than they are getting. I am currently re-reading Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s books* and slipped reading Space Lizards in between The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy and The Restaurant At The End of the Universe, just to see how it compared against two of the very best science fiction comedy books ever written, and I was pleasantly surprised. To say that Mark Griffiths is a new Douglas Adams (albeit for a younger audience) would be incredibly premature based upon this one book, but the early indications are very promising indeed. 7+ boys and girls will love this book, especially if they are into programmes like Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. It is fast-paced, laugh-out-loud funny and just great Fun (with a capital F!). What’s more, there is a sequel scheduled for August, delightfully titled Space Lizards Ate My Sister (and let’s face it, every boy with an annoying younger sister has wished for this, or something similar, at least once).’ Review from The Book Zone

‘Griffiths has a firm grasp of what makes this comically absurd SF conceit work and the book is loaded with goofy characters, daft situations and laugh-out-loud lines.  Douglas Adams himself would have relished the surly triceratops who goes on a rampage towards the end.’ Financial Times James Lovegrove
‘This is a review of Space Lizards Stole my Brain by Mark Griffiths. This book is about a schoolboy, Lance Spratley, and a evil lizard warlord called Admiral Skink. He wants to conquer the world and Lance is trying to stop him. It’s funny and you never know what will happen next. I think this is a great book. I like the illustrations, it’s exciting and funny. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes funny and exciting books.’ Guardian web site review by ‘Spartacus’

To Make a Booking

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