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Marissa Moss
Marissa Moss

All About Marissa Moss

Marissa Moss’ work spans the many ages of a child. She started her first career making picture books. Amelia’s Notebook was her first deviation from that format. This book is the format of a journal or diary and is penned in a black and white composition notebook. Marissa herself says that she loves this format that she stumbled upon because it allows her to explore the world through a child’s eyes. In fact, she says, “The things that happened to Amelia really happened to me – from the fire in the school to the marshmallows on the ceiling — though the names have been changed because my sister is mad enough at me already!”

Marissa’s Books

Marissa Moss first submitted a book for publication at the age of nine. She attended the University of California, Berkeley and graduated in 1979. She studied art history in graduate school for two years and then attended the California College of Arts and Crafts to study the publishing world. She, like most artists and authors, received many rejections before finally breaking into print with her book, One, Two, Three & Four. No More? published by Houghton Mifflin in 1988. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I’ve been making children’s books for a looooong time. I sent my first picture book to publishers when I was nine, but it wasn’t very good and they didn’t publish it. I didn’t try again until I was a grown-up and then it took five years of sending out stories, getting them rejected, revising them and sending them back over and over until I got my first book. Now I’ve published more than forty books and each new one is still hard in its own way.

Reviews and Recommendations

“We were all so excited that the assembly went so well yesterday. How great it was to see all those hands raised with questions– especially when it was clear that kids had written down their questions ahead of time! They really learned a lot from this experience, and we were impressed at how interested and excited they were. What a terrific learning experience and inspiration! I really floated through the rest of the afternoon….” Judy Zollman, Oakland, CA

“What an extraordinary day the kids had! Everyone appreciated your insights, creativity, and good humor. You were so attentive and gracious with everyone — we so appreciate your time and talent. A number of teachers and kids came up to me and (unsolicited) told me how much they enjoyed your presentations (the 2nd grade teacher said the kids were riveted, and trust me, the 2nd grade kids are a spirited bunch; and Lea, of course, enjoyed your teacher’s workshop.) My daughter loved hearing your lessons about writing — she loves to write and enjoys hearing about how to write. “ Terry Tao, Benicia, CA

“The Readers and Writers Book Club at West Hills High School would like to thank you for visiting our school. Our club members and Mrs. Preble’s Creative Writing Class enjoyed your out-going personality and the exciting stories that you told us about the writing process you use. We hope it is possible to see you again this year and look forward to having you visit next year. Thank you for coming to West Hills High School and sharing your experiences. All of your information was insightful and valued.” Whispers Barnes, West Hills, CA

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful sessions today. I was sitting in the back and could feel the kids amazement! The students have been inspired to read, draw, and write more over the summer. Thank you!” Liz Yanoff, Albany, NY

“Thank you so much for being a part of the Nueva School community yesterday. I thought your sessions added tremendous value to the students, as evidenced by the level of engagement from the audience. Really, a home run!” Lisa Solomon, Los Altos CA

“What a special session we had yesterday with you. The comments from participants have been so positive. People felt inspired with regard to writing/drawing and reading. This is just what we hoped. The body of your work is amazing and your descriptions of the process was an eye opener. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and experience with us.”  Mary Ann Sinkkonen, Marin CA

“Marissa’s presentation grabbed the students from the onset. She has clearly thought through what young students need and what will engage them. The kids’ active participation, and her guiding them in co-authorship, were key ingredients. I don’t know if Marissa has taken a course in pedagogics, but she clearly has picked up a few of the best of the strategies out there.” Holly Clay, Sully Elementary, Sterling VA

To Make a Booking

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