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Marcus Alexander
Marcus Alexander

All About Marcus Alexander

Keeper of the Realms – Crow’s Revenge: “A full-on adventure which has all the elements to make this book a firm children’s favourite. Marcus Alexander has written the perfect adventure for children and adults who like a brave and feisty heroine, wise and funny companions, including a huge hound and a cheeky dragon. The enemy is truly evil and malevolent and has spread his influence into the heart of Bellania.” Waterstones

Marcus Alexander is the Puffin author of the young fantasy series Keeper of the Realms. His debut novel Crow’s Revenge features the exploits of the heroine Charlie Keeper in the magical world of Bellania.

Marcus is an action and adventure lover. His travels have led him across Europe, to America, India and the Far East. During his time abroad he learned capoeira, parkour (freerunning), acrobatics, dance and Thai Boxing. He has climbed ice flows in the Khumbu glacier, sandboarded in the Sahara desert, gone caving in the Golden Triangle, fought professionally in crowded stadiums and outraced avalanches whilst snowboarding in the Alps.
Drawing upon his travel and sporting experiences as an inspiration to write the self-published the novel Who is Charlie Keeper?  which, after drawing a youthful fan base of breakdancers, freerunners and young Hollywood stuntmen, was purchased by Puffin Publishing to become the nexus for the Keeper of the Realm series.



Marcus Alexander’s School Visits

Marcus works with children in key stages two and three and is more than happy to talk to groups from 60 up to 800 and can give presentations that last from 45 to 90 minutes (tailored as required). Author presentations cover the theme of literacy skills, finding inspiration as a writer and exploring sources of imagination. Marcus Alexander’s visits are engaging and interactive and include:
Animated PowerPoint presentations, action-packed video clips, colourful travel images, competitions and prizes and Q&A’s.

Because of his background in extreme sports Marcus is welcomed by kids as one of their own offering students a unique opportunity to explore the world of fantasy writing all the while emphasising the importance of taking their childhood dreams into the adult world.


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Marcus’ Books

crows revenge

Keeper of the Realms

Crow’s Revenge – Forced to flee her home in the gloomy, rain-drenched landscape of London by a bloodthirsty and terrifying new foe, Charlie Keeper escapes to the vibrant, parallel land of Bellania with nothing more than her common sense and razor-sharp wits to keep her safe. Bellania, a land of myth, magic and marauding giants with bad attitude and poor anger management.
With the fate of a world resting squarely upon her shoulders Charlie must learn about her destiny in order to defeat Bane, the Stoman Lord.
And even with all the unspeakable betrayals, vicious enemies and terrible odds that are stacked against her, Charlie could probably succeed…if only she could learn to keep her big mouth shut and her opinions to herself.

Dark Army

The Dark Army –  Wary of further betrayals Charlie, now harder and stronger than before, continues to search for answers that will unlock the secret to her pendant. Separated from her friends she is forced to travel with the eternally grumpy Edge Darkmount. Their journey takes them through lands infested with the scurrying Patchwork Kindred, humourless Blind Mercenaries and ill-tempered Stonesingers.
As Charlie struggles to overcome all that stands in her way a growing darkness of her own making threatens to transform her into something far worse than the enemies she faces. With friends few and far between ‘the Dark Army’ is no easy ride.
‘Your abilities as a Keeper allow you to open doors that others can not.’

Imprisoned in the mythical world of Bellania, CHARLIE KEEPER is at the mercy of Lord Bane’s guards while her loyal friends have been sold into slavery.
When the TERRIFYING Edge Darkmount breaks into her cell, he promises to decipher the meaning of her mysterious pendant – and unlock the secrets of Bellania – if she will help him get revenge on Bane.
But can she TRUST him? The future of the realm relies on Charlie’s special powers. Even if she escapes it may take more than she can summon to overthrow the evil lord – it may take an entire army . . .

** A contemporary fantasy adventure for 10+ with elements of The Wizard of Oz, Lemony Snicket and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Perfect for fans of Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell’s The Edge Chronicles.

Blood and fire

 Blood and Fire

‘Keepers have and forever will be charged with the most dangerous tasks’
Charlie Keeper went to sleep thinking the battle was over. She should have known better.
The mighty dragons, known as the Winged Ones, are trapped outside Bellania. Guarded by the barbaric Stomen they cannot return – leaving the ruthless Lord Bane free to rampage across the mystical realm.
Only a lost pendant can free them and only Charlie Keeper can find it. But time is running out and Bane’s army of monstrous creations grows more deadly by the day . . .

The odds are stacked against Bellania’s youngest keeper. Could the next battle be her last?

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Reviews and Recommendations

“Thank you for arranging Marcus Alexander to visit our school yesterday. He was fantastic! The year 7 & 8 pupils were enthralled” Becky Watson, Librarian, Hadleigh High School

“I hope Marcus enjoyed himself – the children and schools LOVED him and the whole day was a great success.” Hay Festival: Scribblers Tour

“When I think of an author, I think old man, glasses and frankly not that cool. But Marcus Alexander was AWESOME with his funky fighting and free running skills; he wears sneakers and even had a bruise on his face. He was just the coolest!” Joe P, John Hampden School

“Worthing High School students thoroughly enjoyed Marcus Alexander’s energetic and unique author talk. He made Charlie Keeper sound so exciting and such a cool ‘dude’ that the books have been flying off the shelves in the library ever since.  Student were thrilled to have the chance to win competition prizes and found his talk truly inspirational. Charlie Keeper rocks!” Worthing High School Newsletter

“I’ve seen a lot of authors and Marcus was the best one ever.” Thomas 7C, East Barnet School

“He was so enthusiastic – he was a performer as well as an author. We really felt it was a really successful event and when you see kids reading the book afterwards you know it has been a success.” Rosie Dudgeon, Schools Librarian, St Albans School

Marcus engaged and ignited the children’s imaginations with tales of his own adventures, whilst encouraging them to imagine a world of fantasy and adventure.  He truly inspired every child and they certainly had an unforgettable day”!
Paula McIntyre-Gay, Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator, St Georges Junior School

“The Author Marcus Alexander, writer of the book series ‘Keeper of the Realms’ was a special guest of the Dubai British School on Sunday the 6th of October. His presentation in the auditorium to year 6 students and key stage 3 students and staff was a visual description of why he loves being an author and where he derives his inspiration from. It was both informative and extremely entertaining. The children were both thrilled and amazed.

In the library 3 workshops were held and students who took part were shown how to assemble creative writing into stories. Marcus was extremely enthusiastic and the children loved listening to him describe how to put all their ideas together to make a good story. It was a great way to illustrate and identify the different stages in story writing for the students. As a bonus after the event students were presented with posters for their story writing.

The library has 3 copies of both books and none of the books have made it back to the shelves since Marcus’s visit, as they are constantly being borrowed. I have children asking when will the 3rd book be available and I have listened to their conversations of what they think will happen in the next book (always a good sign).

As a librarian I love the way that Marcus has blended the characters, as a mix of beings from different worlds and the fact that the hero is a heroine is priceless! – subsequently with the mix of characters the stories lend themselves to both boys and girls. When the Harry Potter stories by J K Rowling were first published, as a school librarian I can say they got boys back to reading, I believe Marcus’s books are doing exactly the same. I for one cannot wait for the next installment.” Susan Strawbridge, Dubai British School

Student Reviews, St Hubert’s

“I didn’t really think of being an author but now I do. I thought it would be a boring job but it is really fun and exciting.” Jamie Y5
“Marcus is the best author I have met. I am really interested in buying his books. It has been great working with him.” Louis Y5
“I have learn to use my imagination.” Daniel Y4
“I am so inspired! I didn’t think being an author would be that successful!” Shahanur Y6
“I have learnt that there is more than one way to inspire someone to write a book.” Sam Y6

“We would just like to say a big thank you for helping to arrange the author visit for our school. Marcus Alexander was brilliant, engaging and fun, the boys are still talking about the visit and the books are flying out the Library. I hope he enjoyed his time at the Poly as much as we did. Thank you again” Debbie Hawgood & Alison Cowan
Woolwich Poly – Greenwich

“Thank you for arranging Marcus Alexander to visit our school yesterday. He was fantastic! The Year 7 & 8 pupils were enthralled. Becky Watson – Hadleigh High School Librarian

Book Reviews

“This is Book One in a great new fantasy adventure series that was picked up by Puffin after it became a self publishing sensation. For Keeper of the Realms, think Lemony Snicket meets The Wizard of Oz!” LoveReading4Kids

“With its endlessly unfolding, elaborate fantasy world, a plot brimming with cliff-hangers and vivid characters this is an imaginative roller-coaster fantasy.” Book Trust

“This is a fast paced fantasy novel which will appeal to girls and boys alike.” Families Online

“You simply must go out and buy Keeper of the Realms!” Fantasy Book Review

“Lemony Snicket fans will enjoy the adventures of a feisty new heroine, Charlie, as she is swept into a dark fantasy world to do battle with the dastardly Mr Crow!” Angels and Urchins

“This is the perfect book for anyone who loves a mythical sort set in another world! Full of suspense, action and a fantastic cliff hanger ending, I couldn’t put the book down.” Under the Green Wood Tree Bookseller

To Make a Booking

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