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Lotte Mullan

All About Lotte Mullan

Lotte Mullan is a singer-songwriter, author and recording artist with experience of both the literary and song writing world and many inspiring stories to share. Lotte released her critically acclaimed debut album ‘Plain Jane’ on her own record label and was played by Radio 2 and 6 music. Shortly after a journal she was keeping was signed up by Elton John’s Rocket Pictures to be made into a book and film. The film is based on Lotte Mullan’s life and details her adventures of being a young woman in the music business; she was invited on Radio 4’s Woman’s hour to talk to Jenni Murry about this and ITV’s London tonight show ran a special feature on the story. As well as this many of Lotte’s songs have been used in films and TV including a Ridley Scott productions short film ‘Kismet diner’.

Alongside being an artist Lotte writes for other artists and has collaborated with Jason Donavan, 10cc’s Graham Goldman and Charlie Dore as well as touring with Albert Hammond, Newton Faulker and Scott Matthews.
In September 2009 Lotte toured 50 schools around the UK talking to children of all ages about how song writing helped her gain confidence and led to the career she now has. She also played her song ‘I’m alright with me’ written when her younger sister was being bullied at school and had 300 children singing along with her.
She has just recorded an album in Nashville and is back in the UK with many more stories to share!

Lotte’s School Visits

Lotte works with children of all ages and has a fun approach to making song writing accessible to those who think it’s a mystery!
To start the day Lotte talks about how she got into the music business and gained a publishing deal alongside the likes of Beyonce and The Saturdays whilst still at college. She will talk about her different experiences from writing to making an album and to touring the world and how surprised she was when she was approached by Elton’s John’s Rocket pictures to have her life made into a film!
This is an interactive audio/visual talk of around 30-50 minutes (depending on what is required by the school).
Following this Lotte can deliver workshops to single class groups of 30-35 children (she is happy to tailor make these to each school which can be discussed in advance).
Lotte will explain how she approaches song writing and that you don’t necessarily need to be a virtuoso musician to do this – a pen and paper are the main tools required!

Lotte will discuss the various techniques for writing a song:
– Telling your own story and expressing how you feel that day (whether it be about what you’re going to do when you get home or something as simple as what you had for breakfast!)
– Writing about the world – bigger themes such as bullying, war and inequality.
– Techniques such as ‘thought gathering’ through various methods such as cutting phrases out of newspapers, looking at art/photos and observing other people and the weird and wonderful things they do.
For primary school pupils Lotte divides the class up into small groups and gets them going thinking of themes for a song. The emphasis will be on working together in the groups to tell a story, which will encourage teamwork and everyone sharing ideas. Lotte will use her song ‘I’m alright with me’ as a guide (this was written when her younger sister was being bullied at school and is a song promoting self confidence and positivity). Pupils can write new lyrics to Lotte’s song or come up with something completely different! She will go from group to group with her guitar encouraging them to think about rhyming, rhythm, scanning and telling a story.

At the end of the class Lotte will perform each groups song with the pupils joining in with hand claps, foot stomping and singing along. There is room for as much or as little participation as the pupils feel confident with so everyone can be involved in some way.
The aim is for song writing to be fun and accessible whilst encouraging team work, confidence building and self expression.
For older students Lotte can do a more advanced workshop discussing the relationship between poetry, prose and song writing and her theory that songs are really just stories with music behind. How Shakespeare could help you write a hit song and Margaret Atwood may hold the key to genius lyric writing.

Lotte can also cover:
– Music theory behind song writing and building a chord structure for a song.
– Learning a musical instrument, what is required to become good? The importance of practise and dedication (and how this can be fun!)
– Collating ideas: how to keep track of your thoughts and come up with something new every day.
– Vocal technique. Warm ups and ways of improving your singing voice.
– Confidence building. Overcoming stage fright (discussing how shy people are often the best performers!)
– Music business: how to get heard and approach a career in music.
Students will have the chance to perform there music in front of the class (if they so wish) and Lotte will offer guidance on how to improve their songs.
Everybody has a story to tell and understanding your own feelings and those of others is a big part of the process. Song writing is something that can be enjoyable for everybody and particularly for those who think they “can’t sing” or are “no good at music”. There are many a talented songwriter behind big artists from Elvis Presley to Beyonce; song writing can appeal to those that like working ‘behind the scenes’ as well as those who like the lime light!

Facilities Lotte will need when she visits your school

Lotte will bring her laptop and will require square 15 square pin VGA connector and a decent PA/set of speakers to play the music and videos through. If these can’t be provided Lotte can bring a small system of her own. She will bring an acoustic guitar. It is not essential but would be helpful if there were the following available: keyboard, microphone (stand and lead to plug into PA/speaker) and a box of percussion (popular with the younger children!). The only essential items needed however are a pencil and paper!

Recommendations and Reviews

“This was a great opportunity for the kids to see someone on the rise. It is so inspiring and shows that normal people can achieve great success,” Ian Tait head of music, Banovallum School
“A brilliant message…Her single ‘I’m Alright With Me’ is about positive self-confidence and her tour is aimed at encouraging children and teenagers to be happy with themselves and also has a strong anti-bullying message” Sam Revell, Avonbourne Girls School
“The youngsters had really enjoyed the 50-minute session. It is always good to have an outsider come into the school and talk to the children and, when it features something they can relate to such as pop music, it is even better. The children were very responsive” Priory Primary School, deputy head teacher Elizabeth Riley
“Exquisite: a modern Janis Ian” Guardian

“Say hi to Suffolk’s Joni Mitchell’ Q

“A young Loretta Lynn” The Telegraph

“Veers engagingly between Laura Marling vulnerability and the tender end of pop” Mojo

“She cuts through the ostentatious eccentricities of other female artists currently dominating the charts” Independent on Sunday

To Make a Booking

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