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Laura Wall
Laura Wall

All About Laura Wall

Laura Wall is an author and illustrator, based in the little seaside town of Teignmouth in Devon, with her husband Dave and rather mischievous dog called Roxy. The trio own an art gallery and public studio where Laura writes and illustrates her children’s book series called Goose (Award Publications).

First published in 2012 Goose has grown into an international phenomenon and now selling in over 40 countries and translated in 13 languages. An animated pilot of Goose has been created by King Rollo films, narrated by Dawn French and is being pitched to broadcasters with the hope of a commissioned 50 part series. (Animation can be viewed on the homepage of

Born in Gravesend in Kent, from a young age Laura could always be found with a pencil and paper in hand, drawing was an obsession which was nurtured by her parents and teachers. Laura took her art GCSE a year early and received a scholarship to Aberystwyth University of Wales where she wrote and illustrated her first book Goose as part of her dissertation. It took a few years to pluck up the courage to show publishers this book, and between this time Laura had a career in television; an editor assistant to shows such as Are you Smarter Than a 10 Year Old. However the need to create art was always bubbling away in Laura and in 2010 she handed in her notice to pursue her dream of becoming a published author and illustrator.

After a lot of determination and pitching, Laura’s Goose was taken on by Award Publications and it has since flown around the world and now onto it’s 8th title in the series! (12th title if you include baby board books!) Along with the animated pilot Goose is also being developed into a touring stage show and merchandise, including greetings cards and soft toys.

From her studio in Devon Laura also paints seascapes which feature the characters from the Goose books, these scenes are created in pen and watercolour and are very detailed happy pieces. These paintings sell in galleries across the UK and Laura can tailor workshops to teach the children step by step how to approach a scene in pen and watercolour, using artistic license and adding their own characters.


Goose Goes to the Zoo came runner up for the People’s Book Prize 2013

Goose Goes to the Zoo was long listed for the Waterstones Book Prize 2013

Laura won Britain’s Best Up and Coming Artist by the Fine Art Trade Guild for her fine art series 2013

Laura won National Entrepreneur of the Year, awarded by Venus Women Awards 2016.

Goose Goes to the Beach won Silver in the Toppsta Pre School Awards 2016.

Laura’s School Visits

A normal school day for Laura starts with an introduction at morning assembly where Laura says hello and shows her art work and/or just the books to the children in anticipation of the workshops to come. The best size for Laura’s workshops are classes of around 30 students, this is so Laura can really engage and talk to all of the children individually as part of the session. Laura loves working with all age groups and can work with all key stages over the course of a day. An example of a day with Laura could involve a workshop with KS1 in the morning before break, a workshop with year 3 and 4 after break, and then an afternoon workshop with year 5 and 6. At the end of the day Laura is always happy to talk to the parents and do a book signing! Laura can focus solely on being an author and illustrator and tailor workshops to develop character study, plot and writing for a young audience (please see example workshops), in these workshops the children have an opportunity to write their own stories and draw their own characters. Or Laura can include fine art into the workshop which is focused on drawing techniques and actual painting of a scene.

Fine Art Workshop

I would recommend this workshop for KS2 – 5 as a full day. A simplified version of this workshop can be created for KS1 and also available as a half day.

  • Read the children one of my books from the Goose series and identify characters as we read the book together.
  • Show the children my artwork and see if they can see all the characters.
  • Show the children a photograph of where my painting is based and see what differences are between the two. Whilst doing this talk about artistic license, colour, perspective, characters, stylisation. This normally takes us up to first break.
  • Do a step by step session with the children where I draw the bones of one of my pictures with the children and they draw along. This normally takes us to lunchtime.
  • Once we have drawn the scene together we then paint it together, talking about watercolour techniques. Afternoon.
  • I would go round the children and help them as they paint. At the end we show our work.

A teacher can develop this further by taking a photo or visiting one of their local areas with the children and drawing in the style of one of my paintings. Adding their own characters.

I require for my session:

  • watercolour paper for the children
  • waterproof pen and watercolours and paintbrushes for the children.
  • easel for me to work from

An example of a photo and how this translates into one of my paintings:

Photo painting

Laura’s Books


Goose: Sophie loves to dress up and play with her dolls, but she wishes she had a friend to join her. Then one day Sophie meets Goose. Honk! The two become fast friends. But when it’s time for Goose to fly away, can Sophie find a way for him to stay? With simple, bold, and colorful illustrations, Laura Wall creates a sweet story about an unusual and heartwarming friendship that will delight readers again and again. Stimulating for babies, engaging for toddlers and a great read along book for up to five years.

Goose at the beach

Goose Goes to the Beach: “Wake up, Goose!’ says Sophie. “The sun is shining. We’re on holiday!” Sophie and Goose are enjoying a lovely day at the beach. They go paddling, play games and enjoy an ice- cream together. But when disaster strikes whist they are building a sand castle, will Sophie and Goose find a way to rebuild it? Find out in Laura Wall’s heartwarming story. Young readers will delight as Goose and Sophie’s day at the beach becomes a day to remember!

Wild Goose

Wild Goose: “We’re on an adventure! What we will find? We’re hunting for treasure of the wild kind!” The first rhyming book in the Goose series, Wild Goose, follows the discoveries of Goose, Sophie and their two friends Ben and Tess, whilst out exploring a nature trail. Imagination and creativity transform the wild treasures they find into exciting games to play! 

Goose Goes to the Zoo

Goose Goes to the Zoo: Sophie and Goose are best friends. But Sophie is worried that Goose gets lonely while she’s at school. What if Sophie found Goose another friend to play with? The two take an exciting trip to the zoo to meet some new friends. But wait! What’s all that noise? SQUAWK! GRRRR! SQUEAK! Young readers will laugh along as Sophie and Goose have a blast at the zoo in this delightful story from Laura Wall.

Goose on the Farm

Goose on the Farm: Sophie and Goose go on a class trip to the farm. Soon Goose feels left out and sets out on his own. He meets many new animals along the way, but it’s not quite the same as being with Sophie until . . . Meeeeh! Has Goose made a new friend? Find out in Laura Wall’s heartwarming story. Young readers will delight as Sophie and Goose’s trip to the farm becomes a day to remember!

Goose Goes to School

Goose Goes to School: Everyone knows geese don’t go to school. So when Sophie hears flappy footsteps in class, it can’t be Goose, can it? HONK! It is Goose! There’s nothing better than a surprise visit from a friend, especially at school. Reading this heartwarming follow-up to Goose, readers will delight in Sophie and Goose’s next fun-filled adventure.

Happy Birthday, Goose!

Happy Birthday, Goose! It’s Gooses’s birthday and Sophie is having a party for him. But when the party is due to begin Goose is nowhere to be found! Will Sophie and her friends ever find Goose? Find out in Laura Wall’s heartwarming story. Young readers will delight as Sophie’s plan for Goose’s birthday becomes a day to remember!

Goose Goes Shopping

Goose Goes Shopping: Sophie and Goose have been invited to a party. But Sophie has no party clothes to wear, or presents to give. “We will have to go to the shops” says Mum. Goose has never been to the shops before! Young readers will laugh along as Sophie and Goose have great fun at the shops in this delightful story from Laura Wall.

Recommendations & Reviews

School Reviews:
“Laura ran three workshops which included; drawing characters, creating storyboards and designing our own stories and characters. All children from Reception to Prep six took part, as well as the staff and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Themes from these workshops have been maintained with stunning work being created. Many thanks to Laura for such inspiration.” – Trinity Prep School, Teignmouth, Devon.
“Having the opportunity to meet a real life author was a brilliant experience and I would like to thank Laura” – Kiddi Caru, Exeter, Devon
“Laura is very bubbly and really engages the children. They were enthralled that as they made up their own story with Laura, she drew pictures to go with it there and then. The children came away extremely inspired to write and illustrate their own books!” – Miss Burgess, Wynstream Primary School, Exeter.
“Laura is a delight to see in action!” – PR Award Publications Ltd
Some Book reviews and an insight to Laura’s character:
“My 3 year old boy loves his Sophie and Goose books. Creating imagination and understanding which gives him such joy and excitement when reading Laura’s books. Great illustrations and stories and can’t wait to buy the rest of the collection! Laura is such a lovely creative woman. Also she gave my son’s book a personal touch on the inside cover ☺️. Thank You.” – James Doolan FB review

“Goose and Sophie have become part of my daughter’s life. We both enjoy reading the books together, the colourful pictures brings Sophie to life and my daughter includes her own characters and ideas in to the stories. We both love visiting Teignmouth and Laura’s shop the welcoming there and the time taken to speak to us was so lovely and the chance for my daughter to meet the author and talk about goose was amazing ” – Amanda Loosemore FB review

“We visited Laura Wall’s gallery in August – what a lovely, talented artist!! She was so welcoming and friendly. I popped in with my 3 daughters who were fascinated to see Laura working on a piece of artwork. She answered their questions and explained how she worked, she was truly inspirational.” – Sarah Saxon Google Review

Some Book reviews from Toppsta and Amazon:
“We loved this book. Sophie and her best friend Goose are on holiday. Today they are going to the beach. This beautifully illustrated book shows us what happens when the two friends have a new adventure at the beach. The story is wonderful and such fun. Sophie and Goose go for a paddle, build sandcastles, eat ice-cream and more on their day out. I read this to my son and he absolutely loved it. The story leaves lots of room for discussion and it was great fun to add our imaginations to Goose’s adventure. Goose is a very endearing character and we’ve read this book a few times already. We can’t wait to see what Goose gets up to next.” – Amy Topptsa Review

“Beautifully illustrated story book! I have read it to a group of Preschool children who loved it. They really engaged with the story, especially guessing who Goose and Sophie would see. Good as an early reader too, short sentences with clear print. Will be in my supply teaching bag for nursery and reception classes.” – Samie, Amazon Review

To Make a Booking

To make an enquiry about Laura, or any of the other authors, poets & illustrators listed on this website, please phone Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at