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Kevin Price
Kevin Price

All About Kevin Price

Kevin Price became an author after losing his daughter Maisie to a sudden illness in October 2009. He found that writing poetry helped him to express the way he was feeling at the time. A few months later his partner suggested that he should have a go at writing a children’s story. He thought about this for a week or two and then wrote, ‘The Beauty Contest at the Zoo’. The text gave him the opportunity to make Maisie the central character. He then worked with artist Vicky Fieldhouse to produce a book which he published in November 2010. After initially writing, ‘The Beauty Contest at the Zoo’, he spent the next few months writing solidly and has since published further material that was written around this time – ‘The Silly Solar System’, ‘Crazy Creepy Crawlies’ and ‘Fun and Games at the Zoo’.
Kevin Price’s books are now widely stocked in bookshops throughout the UK and are also held by most zoos and wildlife parks in the UK and Eire. ‘The Silly Solar System’ can be found at The National Space Centre, Jodrell Bank Observatory, INTECH, Thinktank, Techniquest, At-Bristol, Glasgow Science Centre and many other scientific attractions.
Kevin gave up his job as Managing Director of a company selling construction materials to become a full-time author in May 2011 and lives in Norwich with his partner Andrea and son Albert.

Kevin’s School Visits

Kevin’s books currently cover both key stage 1 and key stage 2, so he only visits primary schools at present. ‘The Beauty Contest at the Zoo’ and ‘Fun and Games at the Zoo’ work well with reception through to year 2. ‘Crazy Creepy Crawlies’ is great for reception through to year 4 (‘Minibeasts is a KS1 curriculum topic) and ‘The Silly Solar System’ covers a KS2 curriculum topic. Kevin ‘Curious Creatures’, in November 2013, which is aimed primarily at key Stage 2.
A typical day would involve Kevin visiting each year group, reading through books and reciting other as yet unpublished material which is relevant to them and answering any questions that the children have about writing and being an author. He can teach KS2 children everything they need to know about planets in a single session. For the younger ones, ‘The Beauty Contest at the Zoo’ has an underlying message celebrating diversity and also teaches children about the traits of each animal. ‘Fun and Games at the Zoo’ is fun for the children to join in with, roaring, running and jumping with the animals in the story and ‘Crazy Creepy Crawlies’ is a compilation of humorous poems about minibeasts. Kevin’s books are accessible as ebooks online and so can be brought up on smartboards. This makes it easy for Kevin to engage with large groups, so he is able to see more than one year group at a time in larger schools. A session would normally be 30 minutes for reception and year 1, 45 minutes for years 2 & 3 and up to an hour for years 4, 5 & 6.

Kevin’s Books

‘The Beauty Contest at the Zoo’ – The animals are bored while they wait for Bertie the zookeeper to open the zoo for the day and are looking for something to do. Maisie, Bertie’s daughter, suggests that they should have a beauty contest. The animals take it in turns to tell her why they think they should win based on their individual traits. Maisie then has a difficult decision to make. Written in rhyme, ‘The Beauty Contest at the Zoo’ is a fun way to celebrate our differences and to learn that we are all beautiful in our own way.

‘Fun and Games at the Zoo’ – Maisie and Bertie are at the zoo for the animals’ Fun Day and Maisie wants children to join in with the games that the animals are playing. They can race with a cheetah, jump with a kangaroo, swing through the trees with the chimpanzees, roar with a lion and much more in this rhyming story. Nursery age children can also have fun finding and counting the chipmunks hiding on each page.

fun and games at the zoo

Crazy Creepy Crawlies’ – This book is a collection of short poems about various minibeasts, such as wasps, spiders and dung beetles.

Crazy creepy crawlies

‘The Silly Solar System’ – The famous astronomer, Patrick McFuddy and his son Jacob go on an imaginary journey through our solar system, learning about each planet and its moons and bumping into Halley’s Comet along the way.  Reading ‘The Silly Solar System’ is a great way to learn about the planets. Full of facts and with a ‘Tricky Words’ section for the younger readers, this book comprehensively covers a KS2 curriculum topic in a fun way.

The silly solar system

‘Curious Creatures’ – Inspired by Roald Dahl’s ‘Revolting Rhymes and ‘Dirty Beasts’, ‘Curious Creatures’ is a collection of six humorous rhyming stories for KS2 children. Featuring  creatures plucked from Kevin’s fertile imagination, including The Hungry Hippocrocopus and The Shrieking Hoolie Boolie Bird, all brought to life by artist Robin Carter (Horrible Histories, Horrible Science), ‘Curious Creatures’ is sure to both entertain and horrify KS2 children in equal measure.

Curious creatures

Reviews and Recommendations

‘I wanted to thank you for your visit to Annemount on Thursday. The children are still raving about it! It really was a fantastic experience for everyone. Geraldine, our headteacher asked me to pass on the following: “Please thank Kevin Price for really engaging sessions with each class- they will certainly remember his visit and continue to enjoy his books!” We do hope you’ll visit us again soon!’

‘The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed your sessions!  It was lovely to see the whole school participating and enjoying your books. I was also very pleased with the number of parents who came in to meet you after school. I could see the parents were very touched by your personalised comments and the time you took to speak to each individual child. It was a brilliant day one which children will talk about for many weeks to come!’ Wolviston Primary School – Claire Allred
“Kevin came to our school in the Summer term of 2012. He visited every class, and spoke with enthusiasm about his writing and his life as an author. He was extremely entertaining, reading extracts from several of his books. Kevin happily answered numerous questions about his work, and gave the children a sneak preview of a currently unpublished story. He stayed at the school long after he was due to leave, and the staff and children of the school thoroughly enjoyed his visit. Later in the term, Kevin came back to open the Summer fete as our special guest. He is a very friendly and engaging author, and inspired a lot of interest in reading at West Earlham Junior School. We are looking forward to his next visit.” Jon Biddle, Year Six teacher, West Earlham Junior School, Norwich

To Make a Booking

To make an enquiry about Kevin Price, or any of the other authors, poets & illustrators listed on this website, please phone Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at