Kenneth Steven
Kenneth Steven

All About Kenneth Steven

Kenneth Steven has been writing since he was 12: it was a compulsion!
Kenneth comes from a writing family: only his brother hasn’t published a book! His work as a poet, a writer of fiction for adults – as well as for children – have all won awards over the years. Kenneth’s picture book, The Sea Mice and the Stars, was runner-up in the Royal Mail Awards; earlier his new picture book won the Norwegian Government’s prize in this category.

Kenneth Steven has worked on a number of occasions as writer in residence, both for local authorities and within schools. He really enjoys encouraging unpublished writers (he’s compiled two handbooks for poets about getting published and on marketing titles). Kenneth has undertaken readings and workshops in schools for some 20 years: again, he loves enthusing groups and individuals with creating writing and its practice.
Kenneth is based in the very heart of Scotland which means travel to all corners of the UK is actually relatively easy. Although he’s close to the ‘wildscape’ which so inspires, he’s also close to airports and railway lines (though for environmental reasons doesn’t fly within the UK).

Kenneth’s School Visits

For the youngest children (nursery and early years) he will give story-telling and reading sessions. He draws on all his published picture books in particular (some 10 titles to date) and will try to involve the children as much as possible in these: simple question and answer times can follow. Generally sessions will last about 30 minutes in total, though this depends entirely on each group.

For mid and upper primary classes there are Meet the Author sessions. Here he usually reads a mixture of poetry and prose, talks about his writing cabin, how he works on first drafts and editing and more. A typical session might last an hour, depending on the groups interest and on the time constraints of the class.

With secondary pupils (usually in the upper years), Kenneth tends to use something from his collection of short fiction The Ice and other stories. This title is now being used in Scottish schools: the stories were intended for a school and general adult audience. Here a reading can lead in to a writing workshop (where he will provide his own hand-outs) which might last anything up to two hours. Kenneth might also provide a ‘pure’ reading where again the hour is composed of a mixture of poetry and prose. His intention is always to challenge these groups to awaken thinking.

Because he works through so much of the school in terms of pupil groups, Kenneth has done some days where he sees every class. He’ll often do a book signing in the lunch hour where pupils order specific titles beforehand. (If schools order books themselves from wholesalers, they can make a small amount on sales).

Kenneth will do readings and Meet the Author sessions for very large groups of upper primary pupils (250-300). The one requirement here is amplification: for larger groups like this a microphone is required please.
Kenneth wants those experiencing writing workshops to begin a piece of writing of poetry or prose on the day, but the main intention is to furnish them with skills for creating and using their own writing space in the future. He seeks to kindle little fires in these writers. Requirements are few and simple: a white board or flipchart and pens; paper for workshops.

To Make a Booking

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