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Karl Nova
Karl Nova

All About Karl Nova

Karl Nova is one of the UK’s leading poets and hip hop artists delivering his work in his own unique, witty and energetic style

Born and raised in London as well as Lagos, Karl always found it difficult to fit in, it reflects in his music because he speaks as one who knows what it is like to be on the margins, in a world where conformity seems to be the key in gaining acceptance, he has always been one to defy expectations and go against the grain.

Whether it is in rap format or spoken word poetry he seeks to give voice to the search for meaning and deep need for faith and hope. His music and poetry is like a diary of his journey, his highs and his lows, his discoveries, observations and personal breakthroughs.

Apart from being a wordsmith and energetic live performer, Karl Nova is an avid beatmaker and he released a compilation of electronic music that he totally created on his phone called “Made ‘Em On My Phone”

Karl Nova has remained on the forefront of the scene he is a part of as a social commentator, creative writing workshop facilitator, broadcaster and cultural critic that creates platforms for other artists as he seeks to uplift, inform and inspire through this artistic expression.

Karl performing at the Broughton Hall Children’s Literature Festival 2018

Karl’s School Visits

Karl is very versatile and works well in primary schools, secondary schools and colleges. He is flexible and will work with schools to tailor workshops and presentations to suit their needs and timetabling requirements. However please see below descriptions of some sample of a typical day in school with Karl.


While addressing the whole school in an assembly Karl will perform a lot of the pieces from his book “Rhythm And Poetry” in a rhythmical rap style to engage students. For example when Karl performs “true colours” he asks pupils to count how many colours are mentioned in the piece. Karl will tell them the story behind each piece and get them to analyse and dissect the themes and structure of each piece he performs.
Karl will compare and contrast classic poems of the past with present verses from different writers with the students. Karl will include rap verses in this because he has knowledge about different artists so he might end up drawing out similar themes and poetic devices used by a Shakespeare and, for example, Dizzee Rascal.
Karl performs a freestyle poem session where he asks students to choose random words and challenge Karl to create a verse on the spot.
Karl will also get them to stand up and participate in a mirror poem story performance where they repeat lines Karl throws out at them and get them to act it out.
Karl also has a series of different word games he plays with to test their intelligence and demonstrate the power of words
During workshops where Karl has smaller numbers and more time Karl talks to students about figures of speech, which he calls ingredients of writing, and gets pupils to create their own pieces in different styles, sometimes in rap format, other times in prose. During these sessions Karl provides writing tips and feedback on every students piece.
Karl considers his role is to use his written work, personality and energy to inspire them to appreciate literature and writing from an angle that is “cool” to them which most times is unexpected.

Karl’s Book

Rhythm and Poetry

rhythm and poetry hi res

In Rhythm and Poetry by Hip Hop artist and poet Karl Nova the beauty of rap lyricism and Hip Hop influenced poetry is displayed with wit, humour and positivity. His approach is to meet young people where they are and engage them with the style and attitude they are familiar with. This collection reflects on his journey of growth from childhood to adulthood through the lens of hip hop culture. A lot of the verses have already impacted many lives as he travels and delivers them with his unique and energetic style.

“If you think rap is all about gangsters, bravado and attacking the establishment, this written debut by hip hop performance poet Karl Nova might make you think again.

Rhythm and Poetry is about being true to yourself, fostering a spirit of curiosity and following your dreams. Universal experiences of school and peer pressure are explored alongside contemporary issues such as celebrity and internet trolls.

This deeply personal collection captures the beat and tone of rap and is ideal as a source of performance pieces. The life experiences that inspired each poem are shared in brief notes and show vulnerability and a profound connection to the subjects.

The author’s passion for words and music leaps off the page in this stunning, relevant and accessible book that may well inspire readers to pick up a pen, or a microphone, and have a go at putting their own thoughts and ideas into words.”

Book Trust reviewing Karl’s ‘Rhythm and Poetry’ as part of their Book We Love Segment.

Karl’s debut collection, Rhythm and Poetry’ won the very prestigious poetry award – the CLiPPA 2018. This is a huge achievement and Karl was up against some very established poets – but his work wowed the judges and the shadowing students. We are very, very proud of him. Go Karl!


Karl upon hearing he had won the CLiPPA 2018

Karl Nova and Head of UK Author Visits Yvonne at the CLiPPA 2018 ceremony


Many of our schools regularly invite Karl back he makes such an impression – check out Whitgift School’s pupils getting excited about having Karl back for a third time!

Recommendations and Reviews

“I just wanted to say thank you for recommending Karl Nova for a visit to Priestlands. He was with us for the day yesterday working with Year 9. What a fabulous time they had! His performance and following workshop were the strongest and most enjoyable from a whole week of  Literary activities and visits. To engage with an audience of 240 pupils and keep them interested for one and a half hours is no mean feat! Karl’s workshop, which I stayed in for, was really high quality in terms of getting students to work independently, challenge themselves and experiment with language and form. His manner with students encouraged them to enjoy themselves. We’re really looking forward to a return visit in 2017! Please can you pass on how much we enjoyed the time he spent with us.” Caroline

“What a fantastic day, what a lovely person!

Thank you so much for recommending Karl to us.  He went down a storm, the students and staff loved him.So much so that the Head of English has already asked me to ensure we book Karl for next year during poetry week.  I’m not sure when national poetry day 2017 is but at a guess it is probably Thursday 5th October.  Please can you see if Karl is free and willing!  We would like him for a whole day again, this time working with other year groups too.

I’ll write a proper review of him on Monday for you but I just wanted you to know that he was brilliant.  I shall be putting an article on our school website and recommending him (and yourselves) to the other school librarian in Plymouth.” Joanne, Tor Bridge High School

“We had a very positive experience with Karl Nova. I have never seen the children so engaged and enthusiastic in an author’s workshop. Karl was absolutely brilliant with the children. Children and staff have requested that we invite him back in with his new book once it is published. It was fantastic to see the children write great poetry after Karl’s visit and really enthusiastic to share them. I also received very positive feedback from other members of staff in our other partnership schools.” Tanya Harewood

“We have been delighted with Karl. He is a great performer: funny and warm, witty and intelligent. He adapted his talk to the different year groups and they were all mesmerized. Some of the older children were so inspired that went on creating their rap poetry!All the teachers came and said how much they enjoyed it.”

Librarian at Lambrook School.

“I would like to thank you for suggesting Karl to me! You were right, he has been amazing.

The kids absolutely loved it, they didn’t want it to be over, and I think many of them found him quite inspirational. I can say with no doubts that he represents a real role model for our young people. His charisma and personality kept everyone focused and engaged. Thanks a lot.” 

LRC Manager Friern Barnet School


“I would just like to thank you for recommending the hip hop poet Karl Nova. He visited this week, giving a talk to four year groups together and writing workshops for Yr4 and Yr8. He was a resounding success, engaging all ages – including staff – leaving behind a school buzzing with ideas and full of his message of kindness, self-belief and the extraordinary power of words. I wholeheartedly recommend him to any school.”

Arnold House School

“Karl was absolutely fantastic and both staff and students have given very positive feedback on his engagement with our kids and his poetry performances. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a few classes this week and the reception was overwhelmingly positive. They would love to have Karl back. Some highlights have been:

· They thought he was very relatable, open, entertaining and comedic;

· Humble about his work and his achievements, but has inspired some of our students to purchase his book and one student has said he has inspired him to possibly write poetry, rap or spoken word;

· Several students indicated they had looked up Karl’s music, poetry and Clipper award ceremony announcement since the visit;

· Students were very interested in the musical history and poetry-slam history that Karl narrated to them;

· Our aspiring creative writers, who Karl kindly met at lunch-time, said he has given theme excellent advice for their writing processes and has inspired them to continue writing;

· Our Year 7s loved the musical participation at the end of his two sessions;

· One student has said that she feels he should use more of his comedic skill in his poetry, though I recommended she read more of his poems to appreciate this;

The only criticism that has really come is that one student was disappointed Karl was an Arsenal fan, but what can you do? Another student also said she would have liked to have heard a few more of Karl’s poems, but I said that that he had quite a bit to cover on his work, life and history and that she should definitely check out his videos and new book.

I would love to book Karl again in the near future so I will be in touch within the next year to see what we can organise. I know we are still discussing the author for World Book Week as well, so I’ll follow up with that in the next few weeks.”

Mr. J L Humphrey, College Librarian

St. Thomas More RC Language College


“Dear Karl,

We were totally blown away by your AMAZING Skype session. We don’t know where to begin to say thank you for all the love & energy & focus you just poured into that session. I could tell the students were REALLY moved by it and they were transfixed the WHOLE time. You created a better report with teens via Skype than most authors / artists do in person!! I really hope we can meet you eventually. We all LOVE your work. Thank you for letting some of the kids share their poetry with you. Thank you for answering each question so thoughtfully.

You are an incredible human being and an amazing artist.

With so much gratitude.”

Teacher-Librarian, The American International School of Lusaka


To Make a Booking

To make an enquiry about Karl Nova, or any of the other authors, poets & illustrators listed on this website, please phone Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at