Joshua Seigal
Joshua Seigal

All About Joshua Seigal

Joshua Seigal is a poet, performer and workshop leader who aims to inspire confidence and creativity in literacy and communication. After studying for his Masters in Philosophy at Oxford University, Joshua started to realise that he was much more interested in people than he was in merely abstract ideas. Joshua has performed his poetry at places such as the 2012 London Olympics and the London Festival of Education and has taken two highly successful children’s poetry shows to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe where he was described in one review as “Joshua Seigal is exactly the kind of person to interest children in poetry”.

Joshua’s School Visits

Based in Barnet, on the border of London and Hertfordshire. Joshua is willing to work in any area of the country with children of all ages and abilities. He specialises in working with primary and young secondary pupils. A typical day would begin with a performance followed by around four workshops for whole classes, each lasting around 50 minutes. Workshops focus on developing literacy skills and having fun with words in a creative, supportive and non-judgemental atmosphere. He is also able to work with specific groups of pupils, such as G&T or reluctant writers and being a young male author means that Joshua is ideally situated to enthuse boys about literacy.

Performances for KS1 and foundation stages typically last around 30 mins, whilst performances for KS2 and KS3 last around 45 mins. KS1 workshops typically last around 30 minutes and involve modelling a poem on the board. His aim in KS2 and KS3 workshops is for each pupil to have produced their own piece of work and to have had fun doing so!

Joshua prides himself on his flexibility and is happy to accommodate the individual requirements of each school. Previous school visits have resulted in pupils producing award-winning poetry!

Joshua’s Books

Joshua has had poems published in numerous magazines, journals and anthologies, notably the recent children’s anthology Off By Heart (Bloomsbury), edited by Roger Stevens.

Grandpa’s Beard 

My Grandpa's beard


Samples of Joshua’s Poetry

Let’s Hear It For Teachers by Joshua Seigal 

Let’s hear it for teachers,
A curious crew.
There isn’t a limit
To what they will do –

They mark all your work
And they do not despair
When you still cannot tell
Between ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’.

They tell you the same thing
Again and again
While you sit staring blankly
And chewing your pen.

Sometimes their job
Isn’t terribly fun,
With scary inspectors
And scarier mums,

And screaming young children
And meddling MPs
Picking holes in their work
Like a lump of Swiss cheese.

But listen to me
For I swear that it’s true:
The reason they teach is
They care about you.

The reason they get up
At stupid o’clock
Is to give you the key
That will open the lock.

They’re desperate to help you
To be at your best,
To be better people
(Not just pass a test),

To do well, to think well
And walk tall with pride,
Let’s hear it for teachers,
For there their thery’re on your side.

Reviews and Recommendations

“A young poet who I think has a great future in the world of children’s poetry” Brian Moses

“Joshua Seigal is exactly the kind of person to interest children in poetry” Three Weeks Edinburgh

“One can’t help but like Joshua Seigal. He is so full of bounce yet completely unflappable, both key qualities when working as a children’s entertainer” Broadway Baby

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