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Josh Lacey
Josh Lacey
"Josh Lacey's Misfitz adventures starring the extended Amis/Fitzroy clan, a tangled thicket of half-siblings and step-parents, read like a dream. They are at once traditional and modern, with Blytonesque youngsters thwarting crooks and thieves in the era of computers and mobile phones." James Lovegrove, The Financial Times

All About Josh Lacey

Josh Lacey is the author of almost twenty books for children, including Bearkeeper, the Misfitz Mysteries and the Grk series, (which are published under the name Joshua Doder). His latest book is The Island of Thieves (Andersen Press).

Josh Lacey’s School Visits

When Josh visits a school, he will vary the event for the age of the audience, the size of the group and the amount of time available. He can begin the day with a large school assembly presentation and then work with individual classes for the rest of the day, the presentation ends with a book signing. Josh can usually work with 3 individual classes a day to deliver creative writing workshops, these workshops are aimed at years 4, 5 and 6. Sessions usually last from forty minutes to an hour, including questions.

Josh introduces his books and always reads aloud from at least one of his books. He talks about his ideas and inspirations and why and very importantly how he writes. Josh’s presentations engage his audience and he always finds that encouraging questions from the audience stirs up interesting discussion topics. Josh’s background is in journalism and screen writing, he discusses his path through his career to writing books for children.

John Lacey’s Books


The Grk books are a series of fast-paced, exciting adventure novels which have been very successful, finding a readership particularly among boys. The books have been on the Booked Up Scheme and the Boys into Books list.


Bearkeeper is a historical novel set in 1601, the story of a boy who meets Shakespeare in the Globe and rescues a captive bear from the Bear Garden.

the misfitz

The Misfitz Mysteries are a series of mystery stories about a complicated family and their mixed-up adventures.

island of thieves

The Island of Thieves is an adventure story about a boy and his uncle hunting for a hidden treasure in South America.

Recommendations & Reviews

“I really enjoyed Josh Lacey’s visit. He taught me how to be creative and helped me expand my imagination.”

“The day was exciting. It was so cool to have an author in school. I bought his book and I can’t put it down, it’s great. I was really inspired by him.”

“When Josh Lacey came to our school, he was amazing. The way he put expression into his writing, it made me want to read his books.”

“Dear Mr Lacey, I would like to thank you very much for coming to our school. It was amazing experience to be able to see a real, live author. One thing you taught me which I shall never forget was that, if you like your work you’ve written and you’re confident that you’ve written the best you possbily can, you have no reason to not read out your work. In the end I did read out my work and everyone loved it!!! Thank you for teaching me such an important lesson, I will keep it with me for life.”

“I just wanted to, on behalf of B Junior School staff and pupils, thank you for a truly inspiring day. The children thoroughly enjoyed the book talk and the opportunity to work with you during the workshops. Teachers have also highlighted how engaged the pupils were and with the message that with perseverance and imagination anyone can write!”

‘The humour, narrative voice and absence of magic stuff are a delight.” The Times

“An infectious mix of thrills, spills and off-the-cuff humour” The Scotsman

“This entertaining series just gets better and better.” Funday Times Online

“A vivid, unusual portrait of boyhood in Shakespearean England.” The Daily Telegraph

“An enthralling introduction to 17th-century England.” Books for Keeps

“Bloody, brutal and bold, Bearkeeper informs as it entertains and intrigues as it enlightens.” The Financial Times.

“Like Blyton’s, the children are intellectual boys and plucky girls, but both story and characters have greater substance than hers. In addition to an exciting adventure readers are reassured that family break-up is not necessarily a disaster – indeed it is the strength of the Misfitz (a name derived from parts of their assorted surnames), who recognise the shortcomings of their parents, accept them, and find strength in the varied experience of the extended family of siblings. This is a series which provides good reading matter for all nine pluses, particularly for boys, but with much to offer girls as well.” Writeaway

To Make a Booking

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