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Jonathan Baker

All About Jonathan Baker

Jonathan is a world-class performance artist with 30 years’ experience as an theatre arts professional. He has taught circus and performing arts classes for The Prince of Wales Trust and was awarded a grant from the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Trust for coaching children with special needs. As a comic actor he created Donimo the silent clown and subsequently travelled the world delighting audiences old & young alike with his timeless humour which transcends age and cultural boundaries.

Captivating audiences without saying a word, Donimo’s award winning comedy has brought lightness to millions. He reminds us to laugh with ourselves at that most precious gift we try to hide from others, our vulnerability. Jonathan has been awarded Golden Clown awards in China, medals from The Cirque de Demain in Paris as well as in Monte Carlo. He has entertained the royal family of Monaco, for Prince Charles’ birthday, for the King of Morocco and for the Sultan of Brunei. Jonathan’s book is a diary account of his adventures that started as a childhood dream to become a clown and a Jester, it takes us on the funny and fascinating journey of learning tricks of the trade with adventurous travelling all round the world as he became a professional jester. Jonathan has a passion for positive psychology, humour, innovation and natural learning design. He is a certified creative life and wellbeing coach C.P.C. and member of the International Coach Federation. Jonathan integrates the theatre arts with coaching competencies to improve awareness, develop confidence and balance creativity with practicality. Jonathan is currently based in Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk.

Jonathan’s School Visits

What the day will entail

The day will involve Jonathan visiting the classrooms dressed as a jester/clown story telling character. He will introduce himself and demonstrate his juggling. Jonathan talks of his book about learning to be a jester/clown and how he got to travel around world performing tricks and making kings and queens and the people laugh. Jonathan will demonstrate some of his tricks throughout the day and the children will have the opportunity to try some for themselves. A juggling workshop with the children to improve eye hand co-ordination and build connections between the cerebral hemispheres. He shares his life experience and how, when he was a boy, he found difficulty in reading & writing because of dyslexia. Explaining how he had to run after words as they moved across the page like juggling balls. Jonathan will get the children juggling and linking words in a fun, interactive way getting them to write and create stories around what they have discovered from having a jester visit the classroom.

What the children will achieve

Children with learning disabilities will improve their reading and concentration. By exercising the brain directly through juggling, children will improve their learning skills making it easier to succeed in school and in life. Juggling will help the students increase focus, master motor skills and raise test scores. Through the juggling they will boosts reading & comprehension – regulate ADD/ADHD symptoms and Improve behaviour problems.

• Children will achieve greater confidence while having fun.
• Master new skills and fun learning principles.
• Learn skills that support any learning process especially writing.
• Improve their eye hand co-ordination.
• Discover new positive perspectives about failing “making the drops or mistakes count”.
• Learn to juggle words and link them in non-linear ways to create stories and narrative.
• Practice writing in new fun and creative ways.
• Apply what they have learned through imaginative writing techniques.
• Improve their listening and observation skills.
• Initiate their own self assessments.
• Learn to acknowledge and accept mistakes and use them as positive feedback to improve all learning.

Jonathan’s Juggling Model:

Jonathan’s Juggling model encompasses five simple elements.

1. Beginning with a model of excellence to activate the brains success mechanisms with tools like creative visualization.
2. Using simple positive psychology to transform the attitude towards mistakes and failure, seeing mistakes as feed back that guides learning, seeing mistakes with affection rather than fear.
3. Embracing the power of play and having fun while learning.
4. Learning relaxed concentration and to achieve more with less effort by cultivating relaxed concentration. Working harder can be counter productive.
5. Practising the art of coaching and develop coaching skills that bring out the best in others with a belief in their creative ability.

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