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Jason Beresford
Jason Beresford

All About Jason Beresford

Jason Beresford is a primary school teacher because he believes in the power of education and it is absolutely not because it gives him a trapped audience of 8 year olds who have to laugh at his jokes or miss playtime. Before teaching, Jason spent 20 years trying to put the tee-hee into TV. As a news reporter he joined a Russian circus, abseiled off Durham Cathedral and interviewed a man who trained worms how to dance. As a TV producer, he reunited the last surviving Oompah Loompas, crossed Britain on a lawn mower with John Sergeant and filmed the party of the year at David Beckham’s house (but spent the whole night stuck in the kitchen).

Jason once toured Japan in a comedy show and has directed both Emmerdale and Coronation Street. He speaks Japanese with a Coventry accent and has two daughters. Although they both think he’s quite funny at the moment he knows this won’t last forever.

Jason Beresford’s debut children’s novel is “The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers” (Catnip, 2013) – the hilarious story of four ordinary kids, who are transformed by a grateful elf into four far from ordinary superheroes.

Before he became a children’s writer, Jason spent 20 years working in television, both in front of the camera and behind it. He began as a journalist reporting on stories as diverse as the war in Rwanda, the election of Nelson Mandela and “Who has got the best Christmas lights in Tyneside?” Later, he went on to direct documentaries for all the major British TV channels including “The 100 Greatest Albums” for Channel 4 and “The One Show” for the BBC. He even got the chance to reunite the cast of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and take them back to the studios in Germany where the film was made.

As well as documentaries, Jason has also directed drama for the stage and for television. For the stage, he has written and directed two comedy sketch shows, which toured Japan and he directed “Beauty and the Beast” with a cast of children at the People’s Theatre, Newcastle.

Jason lives in Leeds and has two young daughters.

Jason’s School Visits

The school day begins with a whole school assembly which includes Jason reading out a chapter from The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers. This is usually followed by writing workshops around the theme of superheroes. As an experienced primary school teacher Jason can tailor the workshops to suit a range of ages, supply worksheets and suggest follow up activities.

Alternatively, he can also offer a ‘Play in a Day’ format in which he works exclusively with one class of around 30 children and they perform a drama for the whole school or a non-fiction TV reporter’s workshop.

Children often have lots of questions about how authors become authors and are intrigued about Jason’s own career (the fact that he used to work in television). For this reason he often has a little ‘press conference’ at the end of the workshop. Jason also brings some old superhero comics from his childhood for the children to look at.

Jason has has worked with all ages from reception through to university students, but the superheroes workshops and the ‘Fishfingers’ books are typically best suited to KS2.

Jason’s Books

the fabulous four fish fingers

The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers

Gary, Ruby, Bel and Morris are a group of unlikely superheroes who are transformed whenever danger is about. The Chimp is an expert at swimming from rooftops, Kanga-Ruby has a magical pocket, Nightgale has an exceptionally loud voice and Slug Boy, well, he’s a slug…

Evil villains Jumper Jack Flash (a mixture of man, rabbit and pirate) and The Panteater have teamed up and are stealing all the sweets in Tumchester. Our four heroes are the only ones who can save the day – and the end-of-term disco…                           

Frozen Fish Fingers


When danger is near, best friends Gary, Ruby, Bel and Morris become superheroes. The Chimp can swing from the rooftops, KangaRuby has a magical pocket, Bel’s voice can shatter glass and Slug Boy . . . well he’s a bit sluggy. The gang are thrilled to win a school trip to Transyldovia. But amid all the skiing and snow-filled fun, something strange is afoot. It starts with a runaway toilet and rapidly snowballs into a wild and dangerous adventure. . . Flying pigs! Vampires! Beetroot! Will the Fish Fingers survive their most chilling ordeal yet?


Fish Fingers vs Nuggets

Zultar is a fearsome and dashing warrior from the Planet Nrrmmff (although to earthlings he looks exactly like a chicken nugget). He lands on earth to carry out a dastardly plan that will endanger all the world’s hamsters. But Zultar hasn’t counted on a gang of kids from Fish Street who are secret superheroes – the Fabulous Four Fish Fingers!

Can The Chimp, Nightingale, KangaRuby and Slug Boy foil the evil alien’s plan? It’s Fish Fingers vs Nuggets – and someone’s getting fried!

Reviews and Recommendations

The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers

‘This is an exciting novel especially if you like superheroes. I recommend this book aged 5 and up. If the author wrote any more books about The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers I would buy them all!’ – The Guardian

‘This is undoubtedly the perfect reading material for both boys and girls aged 7+ – plenty of humour, kids with superpowers (and we all know boys in particular wish they had superpowers) but most of all it has heart. The superpower characters really care for each other but together can they defeat the evil villains? Read it to find out. Perfect for fans of Andy Stanton, David Walliams and Roald Dahl and all those Wimpy Kid fans.’ Lovereading4kids

Frozen Four Fish Fingers

‘For mad-cap adventure that really is side-splittingly funny then go no further than this, the second in the Fish Fingers series featuring four superheroes. But, when they win a holiday to a far off place can their special talents save them when things begin to go wrong.’ – Lovereading4kids

“What an amazing day my class and I have had with Jason Beresford. A teacher and a childrens author (who used to be an actor and a director) spent the whole day with us pretending to be superheroes. With a final performance show to the whole school. The writing opportunities are going to be endless.” – Nicola Brady, Y4 teacher St Peter’s Primary School, Leeds

“Thank you so much for coming in on Friday. We thoroughly enjoyed the day. Assembly was amazing and all the staff and children said how much they enjoyed it. The class session were brilliant and engaging and the children are very much looking forward to finishing their superhero work. Thanks again and we will not hesitate to recommend you to others. We look forward to seeing you in school again soon.” – Laura Darley, KS2 Leader, Parklands Primary School, Leeds

“Jason arrived today and totally swept our pupils away. He is as his books: enthusiastic and completely committed to making the reading experience as enjoyable as possible. During our assembly he had them grinning from ear to ear as he re-enacted scenes from his book.” – Christine Brown, Headteacher Wheelwright Lane School, Coventry

“Jason is a god-send. He is an exceptionally flexible guest who was able to motivate year 8 and Sixth Form students alike during the course of one day. He provided material which helped them unleash their creativity, and showed them how they could make progress in their writing and planning. He also inspired students to think about the reason behind the craft, and how to target specific audiences with technique and language and theme. He is energetic, enthusiastic, engaging and clearly committed to finding creative ways of helping students access the curriculum.  He offers terrific value for money as a visiting author. And his books are fabulous.” – Robert Baldock, Head of English, Reading Grammar School

“Seeing your daughter in fits of giggles watching the The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers assembly arranged by Goodrich FOG after she wrote to him is a game changer, seeing all your daughter’s friends and teachers laugh their socks off at what can only be described as brilliant total entertainment is life affirming. If you haven’t seen Jason live you MUST, I was crying with laughter as were many others.” – Kevin McCarthy, ‘Friends of Goodrich’ PTA, Goodrich Primary School, East Dulwich, London

“The assembly was fantastic! Jason based the assembly on the four super heroes of his novel ‘The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers. For those children who had already read – or are in the middle of reading – the book, it helped them to visualise and engage with the characters further. For those who had not read it, their imaginations were fired up and they have requested more copies of the book for our school library! I would thoroughly recommend a visit from Jason, his Panteater and his ukulele!” – Ruth Whiteside Deputy head teacher, Hawthorn Primary School, Newcastle

“The children had a fabulous time and those that weren’t involved in the workshops greatly enjoyed the assembly. I had several teachers see me this morning and one of them said and I quote “Jason is the best author we have had in school”. – Helen Whiteley, Senior Librarian, Allerton C of E Primary School, Leeds

“Dear Jason, you were amazing, so much energy and whizz, it was great to see the faces of people watching what was going on. I really thank you for giving us your time, it is so important to make the link for people between the books that they see on the shelves and the amazing people that write them. You were inspirational and have shown young children in Coventry what it is possible for them to achieve.” – Sorrelle Clements, Service Development Manager, Libraries and Information Services, Coventry City Council

“Having an author visit school inspires children to enjoy reading and brings books to life. Jason enthused and inspired the children; they were on the edge of their seats in his assembly and were eager to respond and share their ideas during the workshops.” – Lucy Neal, Year 5/6 teacher, Stocks Lane Primary School, Bradford

“Jason arrived today and totally swept our pupils away. He is as his books: enthusiastic and completely committed to making the reading experience as enjoyable as possible. During our assembly he had them grinning from ear to ear as he re-enacted scenes from his book.”

Christine Brown, Headteacher Wheelwright Lane School, Coventry.

Student feedback…

‘He gave us loads of great tips.’

 ‘He was different to all the other visiting authors because he got us involved.’

 ‘His advice will help me create more convincing characters.’

 ‘I will use his ideas to help fire up my imagination.’

 ‘I will be able to plan my characters and storylines better.’

 ‘I liked the bits where we stepped in to the characters’ shoes.’

 ‘Everything we did can be used in any piece of creative writing we do from now on.’

 ‘It was very interactive and fun.’

 ‘I liked the fact that we all participated.’

 ‘Overall, he was cool.’

To Make a Booking

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