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Jane Prowse
Jane Prowse
Jane Prowse is a writer and director for television and theatre, as well as a children’s novelist. She has directed all kinds of dramas – both adult and children’s, one of the most fun being the BBC Christmas film a few years back - “The Greatest Store in the World”, starring Dervla Kirwan, Peter Capaldi and Ricky Tomlinson. Jane Prowse also directed the first episodes of “Living It” for CBBC, and ITV’s clone story “The Fugitives”, with Maureen Lipman.

All About Jane Prowse

Jane has written for Lynda La Plante on “Trial and Retribution” and “The Commander”, which she also directed. She has worked with Robson Green on “Rocket Man”, Brenda Blethyn, Alun Armstrong and Julie Graham on “Between the Sheets” and directed her own script, “Green-Eyed Monster”, for BBC 1, starring Fay Ripley, Emma Fielding and Hugo Speer.
Jane has worked in theatre in the UK, Ireland and America. Most recently, her adaptation of the true life story, “A Round-Heeled Woman”, by Jane Juska, transferred to the Aldwych Theatre in London’s West End starring Cagney and Lacey star, Sharon Gless.
Jane has recently completed her third teen novel – the latest in the Hattori Hachi series, Curse of the Diamond Daggers.

Jane’s School Visits

Jane offers a range of classes, drawing on her long career as a writer and director in television and theatre and as a novelist. She runs writing, creative thinking and visualisation classes for years 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 and has also taught screenwriting and TV production to A level Media and year 12 BTEC students.
Using ninja costumes to spark ideas, as well as working with students’ own subjects, Jane focuses on the planning and ideas needed for writing, leaving pupils and teachers with clear guidelines to get them through the tricky process of finishing a story. Her top writing tips can be applied to all kinds of school work. She encourages overview, depth of thought, focus and concentration – all in a fun, accessible way.
Jane is happy to work with writing groups of up to 30 students and also to do Q&A and book signing sessions for groups of up to 150.
The Hattori Hachi sessions run from 60 to 90 minutes and include an inspiration talk about the possibilities of careers in writing, television and theatre, readings from the books, the life of a writer and Q&A sessions, encouraging pupils to think about their own possible careers.
The writing classes can take place over a half or full day, adaptable to suit every school’s requirements. Pupils will be taught to plan and hone their ideas, to create great characters and powerful storylines and are also given concrete guidelines in how to complete their projects and share them with readers, learning from feedback.
Writing classes can be combined with larger group discussions, book signings and talks.

Jane’s Books

Hattori Hachi
The Hattori Hachi idea came to Jane several years ago, when she was working as a writer and director in television. Reading that ninjutsu skills were really the start of James Bond and all the other action adventure heroes, she became inspired to create a fifteen year-old female action hero, Hattori Hachi. There’s no magic to ninjutsu – people become great warriors through hard work, training, mental discipline and really smart thinking.
About the same time, Jane read about a poll of teenage school children asking what they wanted to be when they left school. Over half said they wanted to be famous – with no idea how or for what. From that moment, she was more determined than ever to write exciting, page-turning books that would engage and entertain, but that would also show readers how hard work and discipline are needed to achieve great results. Ninjutsu was created to keep the peace, not start wars and has a powerful Zen philosophy running underneath all the fighting, deception and disguise. It teaches students to be thoughtful, in tune with nature and to overcome their own psychological and physical barriers.

revenge of the praying mantis

Book 1 – Hattori Hachi: The Revenge of Praying Mantis
‘Run!’ Mad Dog shouted! ‘Run, Hattie – RUN!’ I turned and saw the impossible – shadowy figures were filling the room! The graffiti on the walls wasn’t graffiti at all – it was real people and they were peeling off the walls!
Hattie Jackson is just an ordinary fifteen-year-old – until her mother disappears and Hattie’s life is turned upside down. With the help of her friends Mad Dog and Neena, Hattie discovers the truth about her mother’s ‘other life’ and the role she must now take on to defeat a terrifying army of evil Ninjutsu warriors, led by Praying Mantis – the most deadly assassin known to man …

 stalking the enemy

Book 2 – Hattori Hachi: Stalking the Enemy
Hang-gliding above the vast forest, swooping down through the darkness towards the enemy camp, I felt powerful, free… Schoom! An arrow tore through one of my wings and suddenly I was plummeting down, fast and vertical. The ground was coming up to meet me as the air was forced from my lungs by the pressure of the wind. Only a miracle would save me now…
An abandoned castle in the heart of Kielder forest is not what it seems as Hattori Hachi encounters a new terrifying enemy. Why is the evil Raven planning to kill hundreds of people? What is his connection to her family? How can she avert catastrophe, while uncovering dark secrets and terrifying legends that cannot be allowed to come true?

diamond dagger

Book 3 – Hattori Hachi: Curse of the Diamond Daggers

I turned as a rat shadow fell across the floor – but the shadow got bigger and bigger, and split into two, then three, four, five, until there were at least twelve rats, all in a circle and seemingly joined by their tails! ‘Rat King!’ Neena yelled. ‘Hattie! We’re all going to die!’
Called to Japan with her family and friends, Hattie Jackson discovers her destiny is to resolve the cataclysmic rift in the Hattori family that began centuries before. To do it, she must reunite three deadly Diamond Daggers, while somehow surviving the dirty tricks and ruthless fighting skills of her most terrifying enemies. But more is at risk than she thinks. The daggers carry a mysterious power of their own – one that can corrupt the very heart of their bearer…

Recommendations and Reviews

“The children have told me how much fun they had which is great! I was really impressed with the ideas they came up with, and I love the way you allowed them to really explore their imaginations without the pressure of having to worry about technical skills. It really ‘freed’ them in the writing process and produced some beautiful work! One of the children started to edit her work afterwards which I was also impressed with. She was so proud of her writing and ideas that she wanted to keep checking it and perfecting it. Thank you for inspiring the children and for reigniting my own passion for the subject…” Stacey Freeman, Heathlands Primary School, Bournemouth.  

“We had a fantastic day. Jane was brilliant. My TA who hosts the groups said she is the best yet, which is some praise after all the super folk you have sent us! Many thanks and we look forward to the next one.” Tim Head Teacher The Chandler Cof E Junior

“It’s fantastic to see how visits from authors can have a powerful effect upon young people and how they think about books and stories. Once they have made a connection with a book and its writer there is obviously a greater enjoyment of their reading experience. Jane’s visit to Rotherham inspired her audience of youngsters, teachers and library staff to want to know about and read more of her books. Some children joined the library for the first time and others were keen to take away copies there and then so as not to miss out on the next stage of the adventure – please come back soon . . .!” Julie Hird, Reader Development Manager, Rotherham.

“Jane’s visit to us at Langley Park Boys’ School was an unqualified success. Our boys were inspired not only by readings from the excellent Hattori Hachi novel but by Jane’s passion for writing and creativity. The library was buzzing with excitement and English classes have been energised and enthused ever since the visit. The Sixth Form Creative Writing Club were immensely grateful for Jane’s practical advice and motivating words. I would recommend a visit to any school looking to enliven their English students.” Ian Dunn, Head of English, Langley Park School for Boys, Beckenham.

“Students were still buzzing with excitement days after the workshop. Jane uses the students’ own experiences and insights to engage them and her own expertise to move them on – she makes sure the workshop is about their writing, with her wisdom and expertise as a guiding light, rather than merely an opportunity to promote her work.  What she taught them was simple, clear and useful not only for writing fiction, but equally valid for exam and course-work essays. Jane also adapted each session to suit the students in front of her, quickly adapting to be most relevant to their needs and interests. We all enjoyed ourselves enormously, staff and students alike.” Edna Hobbs – Lytchett Minster School, Dorset.

“Thanks again for a really inspiring visit. My A level and BTEC Media Students were all particularly enthused by your passion for scriptwriting, and by your first hand experiences of the media industry.” Paul Kaspar, Head of Media – Lytchett Minster School, Dorset.

“Thank you for visiting Rookwood School. We all really enjoyed listening to you and it has inspired many of us to write stories as well. We loved dressing up as ninjas, and hearing about how you lost your claw gloves as they are considered terrorist weapons! Thank you for answering our questions and telling us about how you came up with the idea; it was really inspirational.” Gareth, year 7, Rookwood School.

“Your books are entertaining and inspirational to the female public, also showing anything can happen. I find Hattori Hachi an interesting character who is wise to secrets around her yet is open to new ideas. I see her world as a place where no-one is safe, yet Hattori still behaves like a normal teenager. I find this inspirational behaviour shows that even in darkest hours, you can still move forward. I hope to grow to be just like Hattori.” Georgina, year 7, Rookwood School.

“I hope you enjoyed the Book Festival yesterday. We were delighted with the way things went and the feedback from the schools has been very positive and happy. You will be interested to know that a couple of the older children called into their public libraries after school and asked to reserve copies of your books. Thank you so much for your contribution to the success of the week. Your hard work is very much appreciated and the schools and library colleagues have been singing your praises.” Chris Thomas, Southampton Children’s Book Festival.

To Make a Booking

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