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Jamie Thomson
Jamie Thomson

All About Jamie Thomson

Jamie Thomson has been a writer of books and computer games for many years. He is now the minion and slave of the Dark Lord, Dirk Lloyd. He lives in the dungeons below his Master’s Iron Tower, chained to a desk, where he spends every day writing for his overlord. Or else.

The Dark Lord books are on sale in all good book shops, dungeons, dark towers and evil emporiums. It’s a comedic fantasy about a Dark Lord trapped in the body of a human boy here in modern day earth. Bit like my own life, really.

The first in the series, Dark Lord the Teenage Years won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, 2012 which is of course, awesome and also made the top 100 kids books of the last ten years in the Sunday Times – 100 Modern Children’s Classics

“I eke out an existence in the dungeons below my Master’s Iron Tower in East Sussex, where I spend every day writing for my evil overlord, Dirk Lloyd. I have also  got a series of comedy adventures in space, the Wrong Side of the Galaxy and A Galaxy Too Far. The books are about a about a fourteen year old boy called Harry who walked out of his house one day only to be abducted by aliens, in this case, The Greys. He wakes up on a strange spaceship to find all the aliens are dead and he’s left in charge with a broken super-computer and some freaky alien stowaways. He’s got to get back home to his Mum in Croydon in time for tea – except he’s on the Wrong Side of the Galaxy…

Occasionally, my Dark Master lets me out to visit various festivals and lots and lots of schools, like this one.”

Jamie’s School Visits

Festivals have included Hay-on-Wye, Wigtown, Cambridge literary festival and many more. I’ve got this thing called the ‘Dark Lord Travelling Road show’ which comes in various flavours, tailored to the needs of the school I’m visiting. It can be half an hour to an hour long and works for 10 kids up to 350 or more. It’s very interactive, very silly and great fun. Kids learn how to talk and laugh like a Dark Lord (350 kids all standing up and letting out their best ‘Mwah, hah, hah!’ is a sight to see and hear!) There’s plenty of creative interactivity too but mostly it’s about inspiring the kids to read.

I also have a creative writing workshop, with lots of fun interactivity and silliness, but with some real tips and lessons about how to come up with story ideas, how to construct narratives and plot, how to create believable characters and so on. Whilst the road show can be for anything up to 350+ the workshop starts to get a bit unwieldy when you’ve got more than about 20 kids.

Sometimes I’ll do an hour long road show session or two for a whole year (or several schools coming together from surrounding areas) or a couple of classes and then an hour long writing workshop with some of the best readers and writers afterwards who are interested.

Reviews and Recommendations

“We were thrilled to welcome Jamie Thomson, author of The Dark Lord, winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. Even  the snow outside didn’t distract the children, who were totally engaged throughout Jamie’s visit. Jamie was brilliant with the children; he talked about his inspiration for his book and gave them lessons in how to be a ‘Dark Lord’ – you have to have the right laugh (‘Mwahhhahhha’!). He also did writing workshops with years 5-8 in which he used their ideas to form a story – it didn’t matter how crazy the ideas were, Jamie was able to weave them into a brilliant plot. The workshop and talks were very noisy and loud; the children had a great time:

“I liked how he made everything we said into something with a dark twist!”  Ed, Year 5

“He was really funny, just like his books” Freddie, Year 5

“It was clever how he took all of our ideas and made them into a story” Olivia, Year 7

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jamie as a visiting author; he really inspires his audience and most importantly, reminds them how much fun reading can be.” Victoria Dilly Librarian & The Book Activist

2Thank you so much for your presence on Thursday and Friday it was very much appreciated by your followers. There were lots of positive comments from staff about the visits so thank you and well done.” Caroline Prince Advisory Librarian, Portsmouth School Library Service

“Jamie Thomson, the award winning author, visited Heron Way for a two day workshop. During the two days, Jamie discussed with the children and parents how he became a writer and what he did to create his stories. He kept the children highly entertained and helped them to develop their evil laugh (Mwah, hah, hah!).

Over the two days he helped the children create their stories, shape their ideas and work towards writing an outstanding story. No idea was dismissed and Jamie supported the children when they got stuck. By the end of his visit, the children were inspired by Jamie and had achieved something that they could be very proud of. I think Jamie was also inspired by the children and had has much fun as we did. After both days we sold Jamie’s books and he signed them for the children – by the end of the second day we had run out of stock and some of the boys who had struggled to find a book they could enjoy had bought all his books.

I had parents and children saying how much they had enjoyed the days and we will definitely be inviting him back again.”Tara Harmer, Deputy Head, Heron Way Primary School.

“Today pupils from our Year 5 classes went to Langstone Junior School for a talk by award-winning children’s book author, Jamie Thomson.  Both classes have been reading his books in preparation – Mrs Trinkwon’s class have been reading, ‘The Dark Lord: Eternal Detention’, and Miss Wells’ class have been reading, ‘The Wrong Side of the Galaxy’.  Additionally, the children researched information about the author and gave thought to questions they wanted to ask him.

Katie said, “I hadn’t heard of him before we started reading his books in class, but now I like him because he’s really funny.”  Larissa said, “I’ve read a lot of his books but the other day I read two pages of The Dark Lord: Eternal Detention, which is what the other Year 5 pupils are reading, and I really enjoyed it. I think because of that I’m going to buy that book today!”

Jamie Thomson started the presentation with an insight into his career and told the children how he had not intended to become an author!  He told the group he decided to become a writer later on in life, and that he had to practise every day to become good enough to write a book.

As the session was based on characterisation, Mr Thomson included a range of activities, encouraging the group to think about what qualities a character of evil nature (like the ones in his books) may possess.  Together they covered the vocabulary used and all the children had fun imitating the evil laugh.  They also considered what props such a character would have, as well as what sounds and music might play as they enter rooms.

Afterwards, pupils were able to purchase any of Mr Thomson’s available books, and some even had them signed! Once Miss Williams mentioned that Daniel was a big fan, Mr Thomson even agreed to be in an evil photograph with him – what a treat!

Thank you Jamie Thomson for a fantastic talk, our pupils really enjoyed themselves. Thank you to Langstone Junior School for holding the event.” Miss F Williams 

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